ISL-Leaflet: Victory to the Revolution in Syria!

Leaflet of the International Socialist League (RCIT-Section in Occupied Palestine/Israel), and


The Syrian revolution is part of the Arab revolution

In opposition to the slander that the Syrian revolution is an imperialist plot,by those who call to accept the American-Russian imperialist "peace " plan, the Syrian revolution is part of the Arab revolution that began in Tunisia and reached Syria on March 15, 2011, when a group of schoolchildren used a can of spray paint to write: "Down with the regime". Syria’s Ba’ath administration reacted with cruel panics. The boys were arrested and disappeared. The residents of Deraa took to the streets to protest the torture of students who had put up the anti-government graffiti. The government responded with force, and demonstrations quickly spread across much of the country. Against the brutal force of the army, the revolution was forced to defend itself. We support the Syrian people’s resistance, whether peaceful or non-peaceful.


Lack of independent working class leadership of the rebel movement

Various imperialists and local states are intervening in the civil war. Some to support Assad regime while others are trying to divert and subordinate the revolution to the interests of the imperialists. Those who claim that the imperialists are behind the rebels try to make us blind to the fact that the Russian and Chinese are behind Assad.

The ability of the Bashar al-Assad regime to survive is not only result of the support he gets from Russia, China Iran and Hezbollah, but due to the lack of working class independent mobilization as a class at the head of the opposition. There are many workers who participate in the struggle against the regime but as individuals. There are many local committees that could become workers' councils and which are continuing to provide services. But they lack coordination and a revolutionary strategy. Equally, the resistance is still made up of countless formations of loosely connected armed militants, with no credible unified revolutionary command. The fractured character of this armed resistance is a result not only of the social segmentation and isolation policies enforced for decades by Damascus but also because of the class nature of the opposition's leadership at the moment.

The seculars blame the Islamists while the Islamist are blaming the secularists. The simple truth is that the middle class organizations – whether they are secularists or Islamists – do not have the program, strategy or tactics to mobilize the masses workers and peasants to overthrow the bloody regime. If the leaders of the opposition hate Assad they are at the same time afraid of working class revolution. If there is a clear lesson to learn it is that without the working class women and men leading the masses including the lower middle class and without a revolutionary leadership of the working class the stalemate and the bleeding can continue for a longer period.


The Islamophobia of the left

Various left groups refuse to defend the revolution because many of the fighters against Assad are Islamists that are getting weapons from Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Jordan and claim either that the revolution is an imperialist plot (The Communist Party), or that the revolutionary struggle is over and it is now only a military conflict between equally two reactionary sides (CWI). We reject these claims. In 1936-39 the Palestinian revolutionary struggle against the British and the Zionists took place. At the head of the revolutionary workers and peasants stood an upper class reactionary leadership led by Haj Amin al-Husseini, the Mufti of Jerusalem. Only pro British imperialists and pro Zionists could claim that because of the reactionary nature of the leadership, the masses did not fight a revolutionary struggle. What was necessary was to be with the masses to form a military united front with the leadership of the struggle without giving the upper class reactionary leadership any political support and warn against their inevitable betrayal of the struggle. The same applies today in Syria.


Down with the imperialist "peace" Plans or military intervention-For a socialist revolution

We, who call for Free Red Palestine from the River to the Sea, agree with the statement of the group “From occupied Palestine … Here is the Syrian Revolution” that says: "We firmly reject all forms of foreign intervention in Syria: Whether by the Arab regimes that didn’t fall in the revolutions, especially the Gulf states, which sought to derail the Syrians revolution, make it fail and control it; Or Iran and Russia, which promote their geopolitical interests in the region at the expense of the blood of the people and their rights; And the NATO countries, chattering a lot about support for the Syrian people, while standing by watching the collapse of the Syrian country and state, to ensure their interests and the interest of Israel".

To win the demands – freedom bread and democracy – we need a socialist revolution led by the working class and supported by the masses. Only a revolutionary working class leadership will be able to unite the masses regardless of their religious background and put an end to the sectarianism that characterizes the struggle today. There are supporters of the revolutions who are skeptical about the working class to them we say:

Any Government in power will try to force the working people to pay the cost of Assad's criminal war which will bring higher and clearer forms of class struggle but in that situation the working class will be armed and use the lessons that the workers learn today as individuals. For this reason we advance the socialist revolutionary perspective and the demands:


* For expropriation without compensation of the main factories and the banks under workers control!

* Organization of workers armed units to defend the workers and the masses!

* Land to the peasants!

* For the right of self determination of the Kurds!

* Oppose the sectarian poison!

* Total opposition to the imperialist intervention in Syria!

* For a general strike to bring down the bloody regime!

* For Soviets of workers and peasants!