Women’s Oppression in Israel: Studs? Rather we need more Amazons and real heroes!


Interview with Hila Slutsky by the Youth Organization RED*REVOLUTION, 7 September 2014, www.redrevolution.at


As women, we often experience disgusting examples of oppression. The interview was held shortly after the last Gaza war from 8th July to 26th August. As a result, women in Israel are suppressed more and more – especially if they take a stand against the Gaza war. We are therefore proud to publish an interview with Hila Slutsky, a member of the International Socialist League (ISL), about her most recent experiences with women’s oppression.


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RED*REVOLUTION: Dear comrade Hila, please start with a short introduction of yourself. Tell us, what it was like to be in Israel during the recent months.

HILA: I am an Israeli and 17 years old. I attend a regular high school. In addition I study psychology at the university. The last weeks were really difficult for us women. Sexual violence rose in Israel. Facebook groups started, which called women to send naked pictures to the Israel Defence Force (Israel’s Army, editor’s note). Women, who supported Palestine, were accused of prostitution, judged by their appearance, and some Israelis wished us to be raped by Arabs.


RED*REVOLUTION: You wrote in a statement that you were raped twice. In your personal life, how would you say is it possible to deal with such issues? Are there people who try to use this issue against you?

HILA: Of course, life is restricted after such an incident. However I am happy that I found a way to deal with it. Recently I founded a page against the discrimination of women on Facebook. מפסיקותלשתוק-נלחמותלמעןהחופשוהשוויון is the name. Its aim is to create a strong awareness amongst girls and young women who are discriminated in school. You know, the best thing to fight against the problems in our everyday life, is to fight against it together with other women! Although we might be afraid of being alone, we are not. We can organize ourselves; this will have a positive impact on our problems.

In the last days, I heard that my ex-boyfriend tells lies about me. At first, I could not believe it. But when I spoke to him, he did not deny it.


RED*REVOLUTION: Could you give an example of which lies he told about you?

HILA: We had a good relationship, or at least this is what I thought. There was no violence between us. But he told his friends, after we broke the relationship off, that I would want to hit him. The reason, why I was supposed to do this, is that he cheated on me. Unfortunately it is not the only lie. For example he also says that I want to have sex with many men, because I was raped in the past.

These accusations are very disgusting. I think no woman should experience such a humiliation. We all know that: There are nasty rumors about some of us – and you get to know them on Facebook!

I think our private life should stay private. These accusations lead to sexist comments about women. This can seriously harm our lives! Some women are shocked by such an insulting behavior of men and face great difficulties to overcome such a breach of trust.


RED*REVOLUTION: How do you feel after these accusations? What should women do, when stuff like this happens?

HILA: Such lies shouldn’t bother us… Think about it, what is the reason for this sexist behavior? It is the fact that men in this capitalist world have to be the “superior sex”. We, as women, are educated to be pretty, peaceful, pure and chaste. In the movies and magazines men act like studs. But this is not the reality. The life of some men is a big lie. Some think they need to lie to themselves and to women. But no one needs the studs. We should care for ourselves, without dependence on others. We need Amazons and real heroes!

Only a revolutionary movement of women, who are consistently active against their discrimination, can be successful. Men, who want to fight against sexism, should be part of it as well… we are not feminists. But women have to liberate themselves; this is not the task of old-fashioned superheroes.

As communists we should create a culture of respect and solidarity. We women are strong fighters for our future. Men show their strength in acknowledging this. I will cope with lies of my ex-boyfriend, because in the ISL, and internationally in the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), we know that such nonsense is a product of the capitalist society.

In the end, the revolution of the workers will solve the problem of women’s oppression. Just like it will solve many other social problems that confront us as women today.


RED*REVOLUTION: Thank you for the interview, comrade Hila!



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