Defend the Rights of Workers in Iraqi-Kurdistan!


We, the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), fully support the statement below defending the rights of workers in Southern Kurdistan. It is important that revolutionaries in Kurdistan and Iraq fight together in defending the basic rights of the masses of the people and that they are united against the imperialist attacks which are being executed under the pretext of fighting Daesh and Terrorism. The RCIT stands for a multinational, non-sectarian revolutionary movement of the workers and poor which condemns sectarian violence and which fights independently against all the Great Powers, their dictators, kings and the rich and powerful!


This is the only road in which we can also fight for an independent, united and red Kurdistan, as part of a federation of workers and fellahin republics in the Middle East. The struggle for such a revolutionary Kurdistan must be strongly directed against the Barzani-clique of rich Kurds and landowners, which is deeply corrupt and kissing the feet of the imperialist USA and EU.


International Secretariat of the RCIT




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Workers representative’s jobs forcibly moved because they continue to strike




In Sulaimaniya Iraqi Kurdistan, 850 workers from Tax collection offices have been striking alongside thousands worker all over the governor for 2 months because the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) refused to pay Government workers wages for several months.


At the last meeting between the representatives of workers and the office managers.  The Managers threatened the workers by calling the security forces and detained the worker’s representatives for 3 hours.


The representatives proposed, going back to work on the condition that the managers pay the workers’ wages from the collected tax incomes and send the rest to the Tax office, otherwise the strike will continue. This proposal was interpreted as a threat by the KRG from the striking workers, so the Tax office managers decided to move 6 to 14 of the workers’ representatives from Sulaimaniya to the Dohok governor. The decision has been confirmed verbally and the known names of workers who going to be moved are (Ali Mahmud, Hazha Salar and Dilshad Omer).


This KRG Tax office decision is a brutal punishment against the rights of workers to strike and to demand their unpaid wages.  We request your solidarity and that you appeal against this anti worker's right decision; calling on the KRG Tax office and Trade and Economy ministry to abolish this decision and pay the worker’s wages; recognize


 the right to strike; move the 6 workers representatives back to the Sulaimaniya office.


No Sweat


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 International Federation of Iraq Refugees




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