Yemen – Thirsty, Sick and War-Ridden!

Commentary by Almedina Gunić, Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), 02.10.2017,




It is not difficult to explain the injustice of today's class system. Half of the world population lives on less than 2,5 dollar per day while one quarter of the worldwide population is so poor that it must be characterized as living in extreme (life threatening) poverty. The eight richest billionaires control as much wealth as the poorest half of humanity! The class system we live in, capitalism in its final stage (called “imperialism” by Marxists), is not only exploiting and oppressing huge parts of the world. In this world we also observe a ridiculous gap between the reality of life in the rich and the poor countries.


The Guinness Book of Records names the biggest looping driven by a car, the largest collection of items looking like a hamburger and similar “thrilling” records. It is somehow bizarre to read about these and to know that in the same time the “largest humanitarian crisis in the world” is taking place in Yemen. Overwhelming decadence is so visible today that even the blind can see it.


Our brothers and sisters in Yemen are suffering of a brutal war led by the Saudi aggressors since March 2015. In addition to this a huge epidemic, outbreak of Cholera is currently tormenting or brother and sisters. This disease is painful as it leads very fast to complete dehydration. It is spread via contaminated water and therefore it is mainly a phenomenon in poor countries with a lack of water resources. Mainly little children, older and sick people as well as people in very poor areas are threatened to die because of the rapid dehydration. Vaccinations exist since 1884 (!) and it would be very easy to free not only our brothers and sisters in Yemen but rather humanity as such from this threat. In addition it is not so difficult to cure people who are infected with Cholera as they just need to receive infusions.


The above mentioned biggest looping was driven by a Jaguar car. One of these models was developed as part of an additional 4.8 billion budget of the Jaguar Land Rover Corporation for 2016. With the same amount of money the vaccination against Cholera of every living person in Yemen could have been done four times! How is it possible that posh cars are built in order to be able to drive a 19 meter loop but there is no money for the health care of our poorest brothers and sisters?


Talking about decadence one has also to mention that in average 44 liters of drinking water are wasted just for using the toilet per person, per day in Germany! A person who drinks the minimum amount of 1.5 liters water per day to stay healthy needs the equal amount of water in a month that is flushed by a single person using the toilet in a day! So there is enough clean drinking water to run the toilets with it in imperialist countries but not enough to give it to the thirsty people in Yemen or elsewhere?


In 2003 the main parts of Yemen didn't have a sufficient infrastructure to enable the minimum water supply for the population. While the minimum amount to be above the absolute poverty line is defined by 1000 cubic meters water per person annually, the average amount of the people in Yemen was 140 cubic meters. And this was the situation before the war started. One can imagine how the situation developed to the worst during the last two years. No wonder that Cholera is spread so widely as the people will drink whatever they get in order to survive.


It is highly urgent that the international workers movement organizes a solidarity campaign for the people in Yemen in order to support them with fresh drinking water, medicine and other daily goods.


In addition, such a campaign must be combined with the unconditional support of the Yemeni resistance. This includes the support for the victory of the Yemeni resistance against the alliance of dictatorships under Saudi leadership. However, such an unconditional support of the military struggle doesn't mean a support of the political leadership of the Houthis. Only the combined struggle for national liberation and a socialist society can solve the current crisis in Yemen.


Aside of this ultimate goal it is the duty of every authentic revolutionary to support the Yemeni people in their current resistance against the alliance of the Saudi monarchy and the dictatorship of Sisi, which are backed by the imperialists of the USA and the EU. It is the task of authentic revolutionaries to demand a broad humanitarian campaign organized by the international workers movement in order to end the “largest humanitarian crisis in the world”. It is the task of authentic revolutionaries to fight against the decadence developed under the rule of the bourgeois class, which is a consequence of the imperialist oppression and exploitation of billions of people in the world. History gives us this test. Will you stand on the side of those who are spending money and resources on Jaguar cars in loops or rather on the side of these people organizing themselves in heroic resistance against dictatorships, imperialist occupation, oppression and exploitation?