Zambia at 53: Still Not Free – Aluta Continua!!!


By Mainda Simataa | Lusaka, Zambia, 10.10.2017,




Aluta Continua! The Freedom Struggle Continues!


In a fortnights time; on the 24th of October 2017 to be precise, Zambia will mark 53 years of limited self-rule (NOT REAL INDEPENDENCE!) by an indigenous black self-serving political class of certified fools – the worst and most corrupt kind being the  post 1991 class of Chiluba’s Movement for Mass Destruction’ MMD, up until the present ‘People’s Fault’ PF.


53 Years of Economic Domination by Colonial Powers!


And so it is that after 53 years of self-rule, or should we say self-destruction by a self-serving political elite that maintains, and keeps changing and exchanging positions of power and privilege within its ranks, the overwhelming vast majority of Zambians have had nothing good to show for so called Independence, except abject poverty, political oppression, and of course, mass exploitation of labour! Zambians have thus been reduced to slavery and destitution at the hands of foreign multinationals and local exploiters!


The old white master is still in the driving seat of our economy, though operating in the shadows from where he continues to pull the puppet strings of his chosen political retainers. In this open scam of indirect-rule, our foolish, corrupt and ignorant political leaders have further opened the door wide open to the entry of the Chinese, Indian and Lebanese exploiters. Today, Zambians are singing and dancing to a foreign tune!!! 


The Liberation War Must Continue!


Therefore, the Liberation war – the war to end poverty and free Zambia from foreign and local exploiters must continue uninterrupted until this capitalist class is rooted out wholly, completely, and resolutely! The Liberation struggle must continue until complete and true freedom is won: not just political freedom only – which in any case we have lost, since our leaders are nothing but spineless puppets and appointees of foreign powers with a vested interest in our resources and cheap labour. But more importantly, we must strive to win Economic Freedom. Economic freedom means the right to profit from our own resources, jobs for all with living wages, free quality healthcare and education, and ultimately, a better life for all regardless of status in society.


The Duty to Struggle is Ours, No One Else’s!


Let it be borne in the mind of every freedom loving Zambian that no country can claim to be free as long as its resources are mined and extracted for the benefit of a few foreign investors and self-serving local collaborators and traitors of the land! Traitors must one day be nailed against the wall!


The issues we face today are well known and too many to enumerate, and the social-economic injustices and gross inequalities we suffer at the hands of foreign exploiters and a corrupt government are too shocking to comprehend. Change must come, and change will come, but change doesn’t just happen by itself! Change begins with us. The revolutionary ball is in our hands, so let us not drop it.


Neither should we repeat the mistake of entrusting the responsibility of saving our poverty-stricken nation in the hands of men without a moral conscience or Political party’s without an ideological compass that point to progress and justice for all. We all know from experience – the consequences of entrusting cadre-idiots with political power have been disastrous, and the MMD-PF political alliance to rob the nation is living proof of that danger. The UPND is no better; it simply a buffer awaiting to absorb the entry of political rejects and opportunists waiting for their turn to loot!


The Untried, Untainted, Incorruptible and Ideologically Trained, Must Lead!


Let us therefore turn to, and trust to ourselves, let us the youth take the duty of Zambia’s liberation upon the shoulders of our generation, not the tired wings of the old generation, or the unseen future generations. Above all, let us believe in ourselves, let us be agents of change, let us be the change we wish to see in our motherland – Zambia! Freedom is coming tomorrow!


* Prepare for Struggle! Win no easy victories! Progress cannot be stopped!


* Aluta Continua! Victory is Certain!