Zimbabwe: Mass Unrest against the Mugabe Regime!


Report from the International Revolutionary Workers of Zimbabwe, 6 July 2016, www.thecommunists.net




On 4 July, Harare turned into a battle zone between commuter omnibus operators and the Zimbabwe Republic Police force. Burning tyres were used as barricades to enforce the strike.


The people are demanding the reduction of police road blocks on all roads and suspension of all spot fines. Furthermore we demand the 2million jobs which were promised by the Mugabe regime during the 2013 elections. We are also demanding that the pensioners are paid in time.


In Epworth, one of the high densely populated suburbs in the East of Harare, witnessed the most fierce battles.


According to unconfirmed reports three police officers died during the battle. Gun shoots could also be head in one of eastern suburb Zimre Park albeit no reports of injuries or death were received.


In some parts of the country, a spontaneous general strike is taking place. Schools, clinics and shops are closed. Any commuter omnibus which is seen loading passengers is blocked by residents.  People are building barricades all over the country.


As usual, the government responds with brutal force and is massively mobilizing its police forces.


In addition the teachers are currently on strike in the whole country demanding their salaries. Furthermore the civil servants are demanding their salaries. There is wide outrage that about 15 billion are missing from the income of the diamond mining companies. It is therefore hardly surprising that the demand for Mugabe to step down is very popular amongst the workers, peasants and poor.


The International Revolutionary Workers of Zimbabwe fully support the popular struggle against the corrupt police force and the Mugabe regime. We say: “The people are our strength! The workers are the pillar of our economy!


Together with the people we chant on the streets: “Tajamuka! Tajamuka!” (We refuse! We refuse!) We call for the formation of popular action committees in all workplaces and neighborhoods to democratically organize the struggle.


The goal should be the organization of an indefinite general strike to defend our interests and to bring down the Mugabe regime! The only solution is the formation of a workers government in alliance with the poor peasants and the urban poor!


It is highly important that militant workers and youth join forces in order to build a revolutionary workers party as part of a new, Fifth International – the world party of socialist revolution.