Zimbabwe: New Upsurge of Mass Protests

Report (with Pictures) by the International Revolutionary Workers of Zimbabwe, Fraternal Organization of the RCIT, 3.8.2016, www.thecommunists.net




Three years after Zanu PF mada promise to provide 2,2 million jobs, over 30 000 workers were fired from employment after a Supreme Court on July 17 last year made a landmark ruling allowing employers to fire workers on three months’ notice.


Thousands of people including university graduates have turned to vending as the economy and employment sector continue to shrink.


The Zanu PF 2013 election manifesto promised to provide every Zimbabwean with a high quality life in terms of “access to decent work or employment, reliable transport, quality education, good health, decent housing or shelter, water and sanitation”, as well as to build 1,25 million houses to clear the national housing backlog.


Hundreds of demonstrators have thronged the ministry of legal affairs offices to submit a petition against bond notes. Next, they moved to parliament building to submit a petition on unemployment. But on their way police, armed with teargas, water cannons, baton sticks and guns, descended on the peaceful protesters, throwing teargas and causing chaos in the city centre in a bid to stop marchers from advancing to Parliament building.


The demonstrators protested against


* Zanu PF government’s failure to provide the 2,2 million job it promised in its 2013 election campaign and,


* Government’s intention to introduce bond notes.


Today’s protests in Zimbabwe come at a time when civil frustration is rising over government’s mismanagement of the economy, corruption, among many other failures of the ruling Zanu PF admnistration.


Although claiming to be anti-imperialist, the Mugabe government is collaborating with the Great Powers (China, USA, EU, etc.).


The International Revolutionary Workers of Zimbabwe (IRWZ), fraternal oorganization of the RCIT, says:


No to the popular front regime of Mugabe which is preserving the capitalist system and which exploits us workers and keeps the masses of the people in poverty!


Furthermore IRWZ defends Zimbabwe against all attacks from imperialism or from counterrevolutionary forces.


The Mugabe regime must be overthrown by the workers and peasants, not the great powers and their local agents!


Direct colonial oppression will never come back to our country!


Kick out all corrupt administrators or managers – only we as workers can assure that the economy serves the people not imperialism!


Only the unity of workers and the poor peasants against the rich can open the road to the liberation of the masses of the people!


For a national public emergency plan to end unemployment, inflation and combat diseases!


For a Socialist Federation of all people in Africa!


Down with imperialism, capitalism and oppression!


Forward with the African Revolution!


Forward with the workers struggle!