Zimbabwe: Stop the Police Brutality!

Report from the International Revolutionary Workers of Zimbabwe, 30.8.2016, www.thecommunists.net




IRWZ condemn in strongest terms the victims of police brutality and unlawful arrests by law enforcement agents following peaceful demonstrations that are violently thwarted by members of the Zimbabwe republic police.


Over 100 youths were either arrested and have since been denied bail or abducted and others are still missing. Zimbabwe’s current economic crisis has seen massive retrenchments which have driven millions into the informal sector. Lately, there has been a crippling cash shortage while government has also increasingly failed to pay civil servants on time.


The deteriorating situation has ignited protests among citizens who feel government was responsible for the rot.


It's about time that the masses unite and show Mugabe regime government that they will have to arrest the whole nation because all of us have that heart. We have to defend Zimbabwe against all attacks from imperialism or from counterrevolutionary forces. The Mugabe regime must be overthrown by the workers and peasants – not the great powers and their local agents. We are the people, and we are the numbers! As revolutionaries our highest priority is to serve the oppressed!