Zimbabwe: Protests in Harare turn violent

Report (with Pictures) by the International Revolutionary Workers of Zimbabwe, 25.8.2016, www.thecommunists.net




Introductory Remarks of the Editorial Board: Below we publish a short report of the comrades of the International Revolutionary Workers of Zimbabwe with some pictures. It is clear that the events in the country are developing rapidly and could open a pre-revolutionary situation in the near future.


All this underlines the importance of the formation of mass action committees of the workers, unemployed, poor peasants and the radical youth. These popular action committees should prepare an indefinite general strike against the reactionary regime of Mugabe. Furthermore


It is highly important that militant workers and youth join forces in order to build a revolutionary workers party as part of a New World Party of Socialist Revolution, which will be the Fifth International.




* * * * *




Zimbabwe is on a knife edge, as protests in the city center of the country's capital Harare have turned violent. Protesters targeted vehicles belonging to the Police and the state broadcaster, Zimbabwe bBroadcasting Cooperation.


Police fire water cannons and teargas to disperse an anti-government protest.


It is symbolic that Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko’s shop has been looted.