Zimbabwe: Mugabe Regime threatens Social Media “Abusers”

Report by the International Revolutionary Workers of Zimbabwe, 13.8.2016, www.thecommunists.net




The Mugabe regime has fired another threat on social media “abusers” to be jailed a minimum of 5 years. Those abusing the social media to instigate “violence”, “banditry”, “sabotage” and “general instability in Zimbabwe” will soon be jailed in terms of new regulations being crafted by the Government.


These provisions contained in the draft Computer Crime and Cyber Crime Bill empowers police to intercept private communications and to search and seize electronic gadgets used for criminal activities.


The provisions also bring general use of phones, laptops and desktop computers under scrutiny while protecting law-abiding Internet users from harassment, fraudsters and bullies who now face at least five years’ imprisonment.


All violations and penalties stated in the Bill apply to Zimbabweans both at home and outside the country, and offenders can be extradited in terms of the Extradition Act (Chapter 9:08).


Information Communication Technology, Postal and Courier Services Minister Supa Mandiwanzira is gathering stakeholder views on the proposed law after which he will take it to Parliament.


This increasing repression shows that Mugabe is feeling the pressure from the masses.


When the struggle started way back, there was no Whatsapp or any social media to talk about. During the Smith era, our parents raised up against the Smith regime as it was treating our parents slaves the same as Mugabe is doing.


The Mugabe regime must be overthrown by the workers and peasants – not the great powers and their local agents! Direct colonial oppression will never come back to our country!


Nationalize all mines and foreign or big companies immediately – under control of the workers. Kick out all corrupt administrators, or managers – only we as workers can assure that the economy serves the people not imperialism!


The land should belong to those who work on it! Expropriate all big as well as foreign land owners immediately!


No compensation for evicted white landowners! For free state-loans for the small and middle peasants!


At the same timer, IRWZ defend Zimbabwe against all attacks from imperialism or from counterrevolutionary forces.


Only the unity of workers and the poor peasants against the rich can open the road to the liberation of the masses of the people!


For a national public emergency plan to end unemployment, inflation and combat diseases.


We need to give our people a future – this is why everyone who can work should get work.


As revolutionaries our highest priority is to serve the oppressed. As socialists we know that we can liberate the masses of the people only if the working class, aligned with all poor people, urban or rural, takes the power.


Forward with the workers struggle!