The program of the Revolution (Part 1)


The RWO advocates the following action plan in response to the crisis of capitalism and the imperialist power politics. They propose this program for the common struggle of the workers and oppressed. They call on all organizations of the labour movement and the oppressed, to jointly enter for these demands the battlefield against the ruling class.

Our program is characterized by that the demands are not appeals to the capitalists or their government. We do not raise demands in the hope they can be realized through the means of parliamentary combinations or even a participation in a government of the bourgeois state. They are not proposals to improve or reform the capitalist system.

No, the slogans of the transitional program should help the working class, to develop and organize their combat power. Therefore, the path of struggle for the demands is not to hope for the benevolence of the rulers, but that the working class and the oppressed organize in grassroots committees in the factories, neighbourhoods, the schools and villages. In this way, the working class to develop their greatest militancy. Therefore the program of the RWO emphasizes that the methods of class struggle have a central place: the working class must fight for their demands with mass demonstrations, strikes, general strikes, occupations up to armed mass actions and uprisings.


Fight the imperialist “War on Terror”!

The so-called “War on Terror” is a pretext of the imperialist powers to conquer blackmail and squeeze the semi-colonial peoples. While the Afghan and Iraqi people suffered worst Pakistan suffered in various ways too. Since 2006 the country so far more than 35.000 civilian victims, destruction of infrastructure and the forced expulsion of millions of people – mainly Pashtuns – from FATA and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa provinces. Officially the direct and indirect costs for the economy have grown to $ 13.6 billion by 2009-10 and are estimated to rise to $ 17.8 billion in the current financial year (2010-11). The Federal Minister for Finance in late 2011 arrives to the conclusion: “During the last 10 years the direct and indirect cost of war on terror incurred by Pakistan amounted to $ 67.93 billion or Rs.5037 billion.

This is the price the country has to pay for the vassal role the ruling class and the military has played for US imperialism from the foundation of the state until today! This must stop!

Down with the reactionary war against local tribes in the FATA and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa provinces! In opposite to various left-liberal, reformist and centrist forces we are not neutral in this war between imperialism and the Pakistan army on one side and the oppressed people in the Northern West regions.

We need an anti-imperialist mass movement to expel the NATO imperialists from our country. No hopes in the empty promises of the Sharif’s, Khan’s etc. And no hopes in imperialist China!

* For mass mobilizations, strikes and general strikes and direct action to close down all NATO military basis in Pakistan!

* Immediately close down the air space for US military operations!

* Expel all NATO soldiers from Pakistan!

* Close down the US embassy like the Egyptians closed down the Israeli embassy in September!


We must force the Pakistani army to immediately cease all operations as part of the imperialist “War on terror”.

* Mass mobilisation for the withdrawal of the Pakistan army from FATA and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa but also from other territories where it serves as an oppressor army like Baluchistan! Support the resistance of the oppressed tribes and people against the army! For Workers and Peoples’ Militia to wage the armed struggle against oppression!


End imperialist debt regime! Expropriated the banks and speculators!

The country – already poor – is forced due to the imperialist regime to pay billions of dollar every year to the richest financial institution around the world. But the domestic financial sharks also squeeze out the country. Public debt to domestic financial institution is even higher (Rs5463 billion in 2011) than to foreign agencies!

Imperialist capital also profits from millions of migrants who are working as super-exploited cheap labour force abroad. At least seven million Pakistanis are working as migrants to support their families at home.

The RWO says:

* No further interest and debt repayment! Immediate and complete cancellation of all private and government debt!

* Cancel the debt both to domestic and foreign financial institution!

* Expropriation of all banks and financial institutions! Combination into a single central bank under workers' control! Full security of the bank deposits of small and medium savers!

* Nationalization of assets traded on the stock market and the abolition of the stock market! Compensation for small shareholders!

* Smash the IMF and the World Bank!

* Full support for Pakistani migrant workers abroad! For international trade union solidarity to fight against the discrimination of migrants!


Against wage cuts, job insecurity and unemployment!

A small minority of capitalists and land owners control the economy and therefore the basis for our life. They have the power to sack workers, raise prices, close factories and expel peasants from their land. At the same time they hardly pay any taxes. Officially nearly 3,5 million people are unemployed but in fact many more are looking for a job. We fight for:

* No to any pay cut! For massive wage increases and a minimum wage, which’s amount should be set by independent workers' committees!

• Fight the insecure employment! Conversion of unprotected, informal and temporary contracts into permanent contracts, with alignment of the employment protection provisions and wages. The adherence of these should be regulated by collective tariff agreements and controlled by trade unions and workforce representatives!

* Fight all layoffs and plant closures!

* For workers inquiry committees for comprehensive detection of corruption between companies and between companies and government agencies!

* For the control and the veto right of the workers against all decisions of the management! Against any participation of workers representatives in management positions!

* For a public employment program to improve infrastructure (energy supply, public transport, education and child care, etc.), to take action against climate change, etc. This program must not be subject to state control of bureaucrats, but must be planned and controlled by the workers and oppressed people. It is to be paid out of profits and the assets of the super rich.

* Cut the working hours now! We support any reduction in working hours. The aim must be the division of labour on all hands. This means that everyone should have a job and work with less hours at unchanged wages!

* High taxation of the rich!

* Open the books so that people can control the accounts of the capitalists and land owners and see their huge wealth!

* Workers control in the enterprises so that workers can veto the management!

* Expropriation of the capitalists and land owners and nationalisation of their property under control of the producers, i.e. the workers and peasants!


Fight inflation! For the adjustment of wages to inflation! For price control committees!

Prises are rising dramatically. Officially inflation was at 9.5% in 2011 but the poor were affected even worse: food prices rose by 18.4%! The capitalists must be stopped to raise prices.

* Fight inflation! For automatic adjustment of wages and all social benefits and pensions to price increases!

* For the control of prices through price monitoring committee, elected by the workers, housewives as well as consumers! The basis should be a cost of living index, which is determined by representatives of the working class, the peasants and small traders.


For a decent of public services, pension system and health care! Fight the privatization!

A decent social and health system hardly exist for the broad mass of people. While the government spent in 2010 Rs 442 billion ($5.2 billion) for the army and Rs 873 billion ($10.27 billion) to the foreign and domestic financial capitalists to service old domestic and foreign loans it spend only a combined total of Rs 31.3 billion ($368 million) under the Public Sector Development Program (2010)!

Privatization of important public infrastructure brought profits for a few millionaires but misery for the people. The regular power cuts are an unmistaken expression of this absurdity.

Here, too, we fight for our rights and wrest the control over the economy from the capitalists and take over ourselves.

* All essential services such as water, electricity, health care, education, etc., must be publicly owned and controlled by the workers and the users! Free access to basic services for all!

* The pension system must be entirely in public ownership! Increase of pensions and reduction of the retirement age to a level agreed by the workers’ movement and the pensioners' associations!

* For a decent minimum pension for all!

* No to the privatization of public property - neither to domestic nor to foreign capitalists!

* Nationalization of all media under the control of employees, the labour movement and the consumers! Democratic participation of all sections of society to the media!

* Re-nationalization of privatized and outsourced companies under workers' control and without compensation!


An end to the "business secret"! For workers' control! For a public employment program! Expropriate the super rich!

The ruling class and its state apparatus are totally corrupt. This cannot be stopped by laws since who controls them? The officials who get the money stuffed in their pockets by the rich and super-rich! No, we fight for an end of the "business secret", because what happens to the products of our work must not be kept secret from us. And we fight for the full control and election of all state officials by the workers and peasants in their community respectively by action councils representing the masses.

The tax system must be radically altered. The indirect taxes – which discriminate those with little money against the rich – must be abolished. At the same time the rich must pay high taxes since they have appropriated the wealth.

At the same time we fight for the expropriation of the richest families and the whole, thin layer of landlords and big capitalists who control the whole economy and by this our lives. For the sake of our future and those of our children we cannot afford the existence of the rich one day longer!

* Abolition of all indirect taxes such as for example the VAT!

* Massive reduction in taxes on wages! Drastic increase in taxes on profits and speculation! Elimination of tax loopholes for entrepreneurs! Immediate recovery of outstanding tax debts of the companies!

* Open the books – bookkeeping, bank accounts, tax returns, etc.! Inspection by accountants who enjoy the trust of the workers!

* For workers inquiry committees for comprehensive detection of corruption between companies and between companies and government agencies!

* For the control and the veto right of the workers against all decisions of the management!

* For the confiscation of property of the powerful and influential families and their utilization in the context of a national economic plan! For the expropriation of the richest families!

* Nationalization of banks, large corporations and in wholesale trade and transport, social, health, education and communication area, without compensation under workers' control!

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