The Programme of the Revolution (Part 4)

Combat the sexual oppression by religious institution and the state!

We stand for the separation of state and religion. For massive building of public education institutions with free food so that the poor don’t have to send their children to the religious madrasses.We oppose the justification of oppression – particularly of women, youth and homosexuals – in daily life (education, clothes, sexual orientation etc) in the name of religion. Abolish all laws repressing homosexuality!

Everyone must have the right to choose voluntarily if and which religion and religious practice he/she wants to follow. We defend atheists and religious minorities (like the Shiites, Hindus, Christens) against discrimination and physical attacks.


An end to the oppression of young people!

The youth form a huge segment in the rapidly growing population of Pakistan. But they are severely discriminated in the patriachical society. Arranged marriages are still a common practice. Poverty increases the oppression. Therefore the use of child labour is common in the informal sector estimation of the actual total number of working children vary between 2 and 19 millions.

But the youth have shown in the history of Pakistan that they can play a leading role in the struggle for liberation. Remember the role of the youth in the 1968-69 Revolution, in the lawyers’ movement in 2007 or in the repeated uprising including the present one of the Baloch nation.

The RWO says:

* Freedom for the youth!

* Abolish child labour so that all children can access public education.

* Full democratic rights for young people: Those who can work must have the right to vote too – for the right to at the age of 15.

* For self governed youth centres free of charge where young people can spend their time beside the patriarchal family control.

* For a revolutionary youth movement!


For a workers' government, based on the poor peasants and the urban poor

Wherever the workers and oppressed are fighting for their rights, they must organise and equip to fight against the government and private thugs of the reaction. Demonstrations, where clashes with the police can be expected, the protection of meetings and party headquarters etc., require the formation of security groups equipped with batons etc.. Strikes and occupations - whether of plants, of land or of educational institutions – make the creation of pickets for defence necessary. Such security groups and pickets can lay the foundation for building a workers' and people's militia. For without such an armed militia the proletariat and the oppressed will never successfully struggle for power. Because the power can only be conquered by the armed insurrection and it can be defended only by the successful civil war against the capitalist class.

The goal of the struggle is the creation of a workers' government, based on the poor peasants and the urban poor. The task of such a government is to make the decisive break with the bourgeoisie:

* Nationalization of banks and fusion into a single central bank, nationalization of large companies, large wholesale trade and transport, social, health, education and communication sector without compensation and under workers' control! Introduction of a foreign trade monopoly!

* Expropriation of the capitalist class and especially the banks, corporations and speculators!

* For a workers' government, based on the poor peasants and the urban poor, on the basis of councils in the enterprises and neighbourhoods as well as armed militias; Their representatives are under the direct election and recall ability by the workers and receive not more than an average skilled workers salary!


Only with a revolutionary party fighting as its leadership can the working class win. The construction of such a party and the conduct of a successful revolution as it were demonstrated by the Bolsheviks under Lenin and Trotsky in Russia are a model for the revolutionary parties and revolutions also in the 21st Century.

For the building of militant international movements of the trade unions, of women, youth, migrants etc. on a revolutionary basis! For a new, revolutionary workers' party! For a 5th Workers International on a revolutionary basis!

This is what we in the RWO are fighting for together with our international comrades in the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT). If you agree with us – join us!

No future without socialism! No socialism without a revolution! No revolution without a revolutionary party!





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