After the Fascist Pogrom in Odessa: Advance the Struggle against the Counterrevolution in the Ukraine!

Commemoration for the Fallen Fighters in the Struggle against the Counterrevolution! All Out for the International Day of Antifascist Solidarity on 8 May!

Statement of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), 6.5.2014,


1.            The recent massacre of forty antifascists in Odessa, killed in a trade union headquarters set ablaze by a fascist mob, is just another alarming development in the growing counterrevolutionary danger in the Ukraine. This fascist pogrom further demonstrates the desperate measures to which the right-wing regime in Kiev will resort to smash the spreading uprising of workers and youth in the eastern and southern Ukraine.

2.            The RCIT salutes the antifascists who died in Odessa as well as those who perished in the eastern Ukraine in the just struggle against the counterrevolutionary regime in Kiev. We send our sincerest condolences to the families and friends of the victims. The RCIT repeats that it is the duty of socialists in the Ukraine and internationally to support the uprising in the Ukraine against the right-wing regime, while at the same time giving no support to Russian imperialism.

3.            The antifascist pogrom in Odessa demonstrates once again the reactionary character of the Maidan movement. Naturally, we do not maintain that all those who participated in the protests at Maidan Square were fascists. But, from its beginning, this movement rallied around reactionary goals (joining the imperialist EU) and was controlled by right-wing parties, including the fascist Svoboda and Pravy Sector parties. As a result, when these forces successfully overthrew the Yanukovych government, the new right-wing regime immediately subordinated itself entirely to US and EU imperialism. In addition, the fascist forces, Svoboda and Pravy Sektor, hold eight out of the twenty-seven governmental portfolios, and account for four out of twenty-four regional governorships.

4.            All this illustrates just how scandalous was the support given by numerous centrist forces to the Maidan movement – support which paved the way for the strengthening of the fascist pogromists and which, therefore, makes the following centrist organizations complicit in a political crime: the Mandelite Fourth International, Peter Taffee’s CWI, the Cliffite SWP/IST, the ISO [USA], and the Morenoite LIT-FI. The UIT-FI even outdid the irresponsibility of the others by hailing the Maidan movement and its victory against the Yanukovych government as a “democratic movement” or even as a “democratic revolution.” The future revolutionary Workers’ International, which in our opinion will be the Fifth International, has to be build without the participation of and against such centrists who support the counterrevolution.

5.            These political crimes of centrism once again emphasize how illusionary was, is, and will continue to be, the building of a joint pluralistic Left Unity Party or even a “reconstructed Fourth International” which purports to unite those who support the counterrevolution with those who are waging a life and death struggle against such reaction. The new International must be built by authentic revolutionary forces which will fuse with fresh forces of the advanced and militant sectors of the working class and youth.

6.            The socialist Ukrainian organization Borotba, who lost comrades in the Odessa pogrom, has called for an international day of antifascist solidarity on 8 May. The RCIT fully supports this initiative and calls all socialist and democratic forces to join in antifascist actions on this day.

* Victory to the popular uprising in the eastern Ukraine! For full autonomy rights for the Russian-speaking regions!

* Build workers’ and popular councils and militias to defeat the reactionary regime and its armed forces!

* Down with the reactionary, pro-Western imperialist regime in Kiev which includes fascist forces!

* Down with US/EU imperialist expansion towards the East! No to Russian imperialism!

* Expropriate all oligarchs! For the nationalization of industry and the banks under workers’ control!

* Neither Brussels nor Moscow! For an independent workers’ republic in the Ukraine which guarantees full and equal rights to all national groups!


International Secretariat of the RCIT




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