Austria: Red*REVOLUTION calls for a second School Student Strike on December 12!

Report from Red*REVOLUTION (Youth Organization affiliated with the Austrian Section of the RCIT), 10.12.2013,


The struggle against cuts in education continues after the successful first school student strike on December 6 in Vienna which was organized by Red*REVOLUTION (Youth Organization affiliated with the Austrian Section of the RCIT). (1)

On Monday, December 9, the official leadership of the school students announced that is has reached a compromise with the government. This however turned out to be a complete capitulation. In reality nothing has changed for the school students. As a result Red*REVOLUTION decided – after consultations with school student committees in many schools – to call for a second school student strike on December 12 in order to continue the struggle against the education cuts.

The pressure from the school students and our organized and dynamic campaign, which we have conducted successfully in the past weeks, have pushed the left reformists and centrists to jump the bandwagon. The school student organization of the social democratic party in Vienna as well as several centrist groups have now agreed to join our second school student strike.

The campaign has led to a massive increase in political interest amongst the vanguard of the school students and many ask to join Red*REVOLUTION. In parallel, school student committees are built in a growing number of schools. Without doubt, this struggle is an excellent political school for many youth – much more fruitful than the bourgeois education system!

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(1) See our reports in English language: Austria: School Students protest against attack on education rights! 25.11.2013,; Austria: School Students go on strike for their education rights! 5.12.2013,; Austria: Successful School Student Strike on 6.December 2013! 6.12.2013,; For more reports in German language go to the website of Red*REVOLUTION at: