Austria: Successful School Student Strike on 6.December 2013!

Report with pictures and videos from the Red*REVOLUTION (Youth Organization affiliated with the Austrian Section of the RCIT), 6.12.2013,


Between 700-800 Viennese school students braved rain, snow and stormy wind as well as repression by the school administration and joined a demonstration organized by Red*REVOLUTION (Youth Organization affiliated with the Austrian Section of the RCIT). This successful demonstration is remarkable not only because of the awful weather conditions and the repression but also because the official school student “trade union” – dominated by the conservative party and the social democratic party – called the school students not to join our strike. (The centrists ignored it too but this had no relevance for the demonstration given their isolation from the youth).

The demonstration was the high point of a school student strike which we called for that day. We chanted militant slogans against cuts in education, against social cuts and against the government as well as for joint struggle of workers and school students. The banners of Red*REVOLUTION made clear why we are on the streets: “Zentralmatura (the name of the new attack on education, Ed.) is unjust – SCHOOLSTRIKE against education cuts!”, “STRIKE!” and “Cuts in Education, Unemployment, Racism – CAPITALISM DESTROYS OUR FUTURE!” (See links to pictures and videos below)

After the demonstration Red*REVOLUTION hold a successful meeting in our centre with 50 activists to discuss the next steps in our struggle against the cuts in education. Tomorrow we will have another meeting.

Marc Hangler, spokesperson of Red*REVOLUTION, also gave a number of interview to radio and TV stations in which explained our viewpoints.

The central task now is to build more committees of action to organize the militant school students in order to advance the struggle against the government plans. They are equally important to bring together young revolutionary activists. Furthermore they can also create the conditions to link the youth struggle with the struggle against the coming austerity package which is currently discussed in the negotiations for the new government.

Various media reported about the demonstration albeit the tried to play down it size. (See links below)

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Reports, Videos and Photos:

W24 (a private TV channel) invited Marc Hangler for a live interview on 6.12.2013. You can view the interview at the following link (go to minute 14.00):

The school student strike organized by Red*REVOLUTION has been mentioned by most daily papers as well as the central state broadcasting ORF:

HEUTE: "Red Revolution" plant Schülerstreik zu Nikolaus, 5.12.2013,,963076

ORF: Zentralmatura: 150 Teilnehmer bei Demo, 2013-12-06,

ÖSTERREICH: 150 Schüler demonstrieren gegen Zentralmatura. "Eins, zwei, drei, vier, die Zentralmatura stoppen wir" hieß es am Stephansplatz, 06. Dezember 2013

DER STANDARD: Zentralmatura: Rote Revolutionäre streikten fast alleine, 6. Dezember 2013,

APA: Zentralmatura: Rote Revolutionäre streikten fast alleine, 06.12.2013,

NEWS: Zentralmatura: Schüler wollen über Streik entscheiden. Sozialistische Splittergruppe plant schon am Nikolotag Protest am Stephansplatz, 5.12.2013,

WIENER ZEITUNG: Lehrerdienstrecht. Lehrer bringen Rute mit, 5.12.2013,


Videos and photos from the school strike demonstration can be viewed at the Red*REVOLUION website:


We plan to publish more videos in the next days.


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