Austria: School Students protest against attack on education rights!

Report from the youth organization Red*REVOLUTION, 25.11.2013,


Austrian school students are facing a new attack on their education rights. The government has introduced a massive tightening of the final exams in all higher schools. It basically means that much more students will fail the final exams. In many classes 2/3 or 4/5 didn’t pass the homeworks in recent weeks.

This has caused a massive and wide-spread outrage amongst school students. The youth organization Red*REVOLUTION, affiliated with the RKOB (Austrian section of the RCIT) has been active in the last week and helped to organize a number of school student committees in various schools. Red*REVOLUTION also organized a conference of activists on 24.11. where a resolution was unanimously adopted.

In this resolution activists rejected the attack on education tights and called for a broad school student strike in the next weeks. They also expressed their solidarity with the protests of teachers against the government attacks on their rights. Finally the resolution called for joined resistance of workers and youth against the looming new austerity package which is currently discussed between the social democratic and conservative party as part of their negotiations to renew their coalition government after the recent national elections.

As a first action of our resistance we organized a media action in front of one of the schools where school students have formed a committee. More than 60 school students left the school – despite massive pressure of reactionary teachers – to hold a small rally in front of the school. Marc, a leader of the Red*REVOLUTION, addressed the crowd as did Katharina, one of the school students activists. Several representatives of the media were present and the rally was widely reported in the national media (see links below).

Red*REVOLUTION will continue the resistance together with the school student committees and work to organize a city-wide school student strike!


Reports, Videos and Photos:

ATV (the biggest private TV channel in Austria) reported in its news on 25.11.2013. It can be viewed at: (at minute 3.08).

In addition, the radio stations Ö3 and KRONEHIT reported in its news as well as the daily paper Kurier. (see Ute Brühl: „Schüler verhandeln mit dem bifie Verantwortliche wollen „Missverständnisse“ bei Notengebung ausräumen“, 25.11.2013,„Schülerprotest heute in Wien“, 25.11.2013,

Videos from the rally can be viewed at the YouTube Channel of the RKOB:

Speech from Marc:

Speech from Katharina:



For a more extensive report in German language go to the website of Red*REVOLUTION at: