Austria: Report from Rally in Solidarity with the Bosnian Revolution on 11.2.2014

Revolutionary Communist Organization LIBERATION (Austrian Section of the RCIT), 12.2.2014,


About 150 Bosnian migrants participated at a rally in Vienna on 11.2.2014 to show their solidarity with the uprising of the Bosnian workers and youth.

The rally was organized by a Facebook group and the organization “Srebrenica Platform in Vienna/Austria”. The migrants expressed their hatred for corrupt politicians, their rejection of the imperialist Dayton accord and their solidarity with the revolution on various placards.


Activists of the RKOB joined the rally. We distributed the extensive statement of our international organization, the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency ( We also had the chance to discuss with many brothers and sisters about the perspective of the uprising and about joint activities.


Michael Pröbsting, international secretary of the RCIT, hold a speech in which he expressed his solidarity with the uprising in Bosnia, the necessity for the workers to take power and against any imperialist intervention by the EU and Austria. His speech was well received by the Bosnian migrants.

The next rally will take place on Saturday in front of the Bosnian embassy.


Pictures of the Rally:


Video from Michael Pröbsting’s speech: