Austria: Report (with Pictures and Videos) from Rally in Solidarity with the Bosnian Revolution on 15.2.2014

Solidarity with the Resistance of the Workers and Youth of Bosnia!

Report (with Pictures and Videos) from the Rally on February 15 2014 in Vienna

RKOB (Austrian Section of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency, RCIT) and youth organization RED*REVOLUTION, 15.2.2014,


On Saturday, February 15, 2014 more than hundred people – mostly Bosnian migrants – demonstrated in Vienna to show their solidarity with the uprising of the workers and youth of Bosnia. We marched to the Bosnian embassy. During our very vocal protest we raised slogans like "Long live the International Solidarity!" and "Freedom for Bosnia!". Particularly popular slogan was our slogan "Bosna, Bosna - Revolucija!".

The RKOB and the youth organization RED*REVOLUTION joined this protest as we did already on February 11. (See our report at Our newspaper "LIBERATION" (with its special issue on the Bosnian Revolution "OSLOBOĐENJE") was completely sold out within a short time. Our contingent played an important role to express the militant mood of the Bosnian activists.

There were several speeches by Bosnian activists. Michael Pröbsting, International Secretary of RCIT, addressed the demonstration too. His speech was interrupted several times by applause and cheers. He said: "The people of Bosnia are fighting for the right to life. This is denied them by the corrupt politicians, by the capitalists and the police officers who all think only of their money." Comrade Pröbsting was also interrupted by applause when he said: "What is necessary is a revolution, a Revolucija! What is a Revolucija? Revolucija means that no longer rule the politicians over the people. It means that the workers, the youth and the peasants themselves take power into their own hands and decide on the economy and politics!"

The recent protests in Vienna were an important symbol of solidarity, as well as the next rally which is planned for next Saturday February 22. However, this is not certainly enough. The Bosnian Revolution needs international support in as many countries as possible. This is not only in the interests of Bosnian workers, the youth and farmers. It is also in the interest of all the oppressed in Europe and beyond.


For the Liberation of Bosnia! Victory to the Bosnian Revolution!

Jedna Solucija - Revolucija!


You find pictures and videos of the demonstration as well as the speech from Michael Pröbsting at