Greece: Down with the Trial against Savas Michael-Matsas!


Statement of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency, 23.7.2013,




We have been informed that comrade Savas Michael-Matsas will have stand in court on 3rd September. Savas Michael-Matsas is the General Secretary of the Greek EEK (Revolutionary Workers Party, Section of the Coordinating Committee for the Refoundation of the Fourth International). He is accused by the fascist party Golden Dawn of “defamation” because of the EEK’s “condemnation of the criminal violent activities of this group against the immigrants. The slogan “smash fascism” is considered as ”incitement to violence”, and the call for participation to the demonstration as  ”disturbing the civil peace”.” (quoted from an interview with Savas Michael-Matsas in the German daily newspaper Junge Welt)


Naturally this is a disgusting provocation by the Nazi scum of Golden Dawn who regularly beat up or even kill migrants and working class activists. The RCIT condemns the fascist provocation and expresses its full solidarity with comrade Savas Michael-Matsas and the EEK. We call the international workers movement to raise its voice for international solidarity against fascism!


Fascism must be beaten by working class mobilizations including armed self-defense units to fight back the Nazi hooligans as well as to eradicate the roots of fascism – the capitalist system with its inherent crisis and misery!


Down with the Trial against Savas Michael-Matsas! Drop all charges against him!




Below we reprint a model statement which the EEK/CRFI comrades are circulating. We call organizations and activists to sign and send it to the EEK (




Petition before the courts of the Greek State to stop the trail of Savas Michael-Matsas


The Nazi organization “Golden Dawn” has launched a lawsuit against Savas Michael-Matsas, in his position  as Secretary-General of the EEK, accusing him of “defamation” and “incitement to physical attacks”. At the same time, the Nazis circulate online photos of Savas Michael with the fierce anti-Semitic appeal “Hit the Jewish vermin”. The Greek State authorities have accepted the demand for defamation and prosecution of Savas Michael will take place in the courts of Athens on September 3, 2013.


We strongly denounce this witch hunt launched by the Nazis, with the connivance of the Greek authorities, and demand an end to the persecution of Savas Michael and all anti-fascists.