Ukraine/Russia: The victory over the imperialist colonialism is impossible without the proletarian revolution!

Statement of the Editors of the Bulletin "Movement to Socialism“, 5.3.2014, and


In response to the recent events in the Ukraine, the Russian Trotskyist bulletin "Movement to Socialism" states the following.


Russian Communist-Internationalists have always been consistent in their unconditional support for the struggle of the Ukrainian people against Russian imperialism. This absoluteness means that we do not make our support for this right conditional of the character and actions of the Ukraine authorities nor on the methods and forms of struggle of the Ukrainian people against Russian aggression.


As part of the aggressor state, we recognize the right of the Ukraine people to oppose Russian imperialism under any slogans, including under nationalist. This does not mean that we support nationalism in any form, but it does mean that the task of fighting Ukrainian nationalism is exclusively the task of the working class in the Ukraine.


Our task as Russian Communist-Internationalists is to fight against Great Russian chauvinism and imperial hegemony. Trotskyists are consistent supporters of proletarian internationalism, especially the Leninist principle of revolutionary defeatism, asserting that the main enemy of the working class is the bourgeoisie of its own country.


However proletarian internationalism is not reduced to mere defeatism. Another important principle of proletarian internationalism is the transformation of the imperialist war into a civil war, the leadership role of the working class and the revolutionary proletarian organization in the national liberation struggle and the necessity of the world proletarian revolution for the final destruction of imperialism.


The opposition of the Ukrainian people against Russian imperialist aggression will by itself not guarantee that the Ukraine becomes colonialized by Western European and North American imperialist predators. The national liberation struggle can not win if you do not turn it into an anti-imperialist revolution. The anti-imperialist revolution can not win if you do not turn it into a proletarian revolution. Proletarian revolution, which begins in a single country, will not win if it does not grow into a worldwide working-class revolution.


Workers of all countries, unite!

Long live the world socialist revolution!