Open Letter: Belarusian Working-Class Protestors Need Your Support!


An open letter of revolutionary and progressive activists around the world




For last weeks Belorussia experienced mass protests and calls for a general strike – a development not seen in Eastern Europe for long. The Belarusian people join mass demonstrations and call for the downfall of the dictatorship of Lukashenko. Some of these activists are promoting working-class interests for more democracy, against neoliberal reforms, and for social rights for laborers.


As progressive activists, we cannot ignore such developments! We are calling for unconditional support for the pro-democracy struggle of the protestors and their initiative to organize a general strike.


Unfortunately, left-wing protesters are not represented in media, and their voices are not heard among right-wing and neoliberal opposition. While any fight for democracy is legitimate for any socialist, progressive, and pro-working class activist, we must support and promote our class position and demand such democracy. Our democracy shall go beyond the streets to the workplace and should give voice to the oppressed to express their demands.


We are calling everyone to support this letter and to spread propaganda for pro-workers democracy and for on preparing a general strike. We invite all activists to support protests and resist any attempt of hijacking them by anti-working class or pro-imperialist forces.


Victory for the Belarusian working class! Victory for the progressive forces in Belorussia and around the world!


If you support message in this letter, please sign and spread it in your media




Supported by:


Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (Brazil, Mexico, Pakistan, Kashmir, Sri Lanka, South Korea, Israel/Occupied Palestine, Yemen, Nigeria, Kenya, Russia, Britain, Germany and Austria)


Socialist Tendency (Group in Russia, associated with the International Socialist Tendency)