No to the Terror of the Bandera-Fascists! Stop the Repression against the Communists of Ukraine!

Statement by the editors of the bulletin "Movement to Socialism» (MAS), 22.12.2014,


During the present crisis of the Ukrainian bourgeois state various Nazi, fascist, pro-Bandera and other right-wing nationalist organizations have unleashed a wave of white terror against the Communist Party of Ukraine (CPU).


Fascist gangs are attacking the offices of the Communist Party, steal office equipment and party documents – including lists of party members. In several regions of Ukraine Communist Party is officially banned. Fascist vandals are destroying monuments of Lenin.


Trotskyists in Russia have always denounced the Communist Party not only as a Stalinist organization, but also as an accomplice of the colonial policy of Russian imperialism in Ukraine. However, faced with today's fascist terror, we express our full and unconditional solidarity with the Ukrainian Communists and call the world proletariat and all communists and socialists to support their comrades in Ukraine.


Fascism will not win! Workers of all countries, unite!