Russia continues its Repression against Migrants

By the Editors of the Bulletin "Movement to Socialism“ (MAS), 22.3.2014,; The RCIT collaborates with the MAS,


While the Russian government is busy "protecting" the rights of Russians in the Ukraine, the imperial secret police in Russia itself continues to repeatedly round up migrants.


Such, for example, did the police, the riot police and the secret service FSB conduct another "preventive raid" in the central market of Kaliningrad on March 22. They arrested 243 foreign citizens. However, according to the police department, only one (!) citizen of Uzbekistan of those arrested was identified as hiding from the investigation.


You can imagine what a howl would have raised by the Russian Foreign Ministry, if , for example, the Security Service of Ukraine together with the fascist “Pravy Sector” or the “National Guard” would have acted in such a way! What would they have said if they would have arrested 240 Russian citizens in Kiev as a "preventive measure".


However, such a policy of typical of Ukraine fascism has been the norm in Russia since a long time. Lawlessness and repression, especially against migrants, have become an integral part of the policy of the Russian regime.


This is a translation of an article which appeared originally in Russian language on the MAS website at