Brazil: Unify the Struggles!

Statement of the Movimento Unificado de Oposição Classista (CCR, LC & PCO)


Note of the Editor: This is the translation of a MUOC leaflet, the left opposition inside the teacher's trade union in Sao Paolo. MUOC is an alliance of CCR, LC & PCO. CCR is the RCIT group in Brazil.


20.000 workers in the education sector of Sinpeem (1) gave a resounding NO to Sao Paolo’s Mayor Haddad (PT). They resolved to continue the strike that entered its third week for better working conditions and real wage increases in the face of the escalating inflation.

It was beautiful to see these mass of workers occupying the Avenue Paulista (Sao Paulo’s main commercial street). On 15 May we will be bigger and more determined to fight for our demands when we join many other workers of the public education and transport sector who are also on strike in Rio de Janeiro, the conductors in the ABC region, the struggle of the homeless against evictions, the set of popular movements against police repression and the right of public manifestations. On 16 May, we will have at our side our brothers and sisters, the teachers of the State of São Paulo in APEOESP (2), who will may be on strike against Alckmin (governor of the State-PSDB) and who must overcome the leaders of the trade union that just have been reelected only by a large electoral fraud.

Our class is taking a step forward by accumulating struggles, experiences and lessons of recent years, including the strike wave of 2012 and the days of struggle of 2013. In 2014 the organized sectors of the working class have pushed for the mass struggles and put the union bureaucracies against the wall. But the spontaneous and trade union struggle is not enough to achieve our goals. We need to coordinate and unify all the struggles , providing them both with a revolutionary political program of the working class, building a general strike as well as a working-class and revolutionary opposition against the bourgeois opposition (PSDB, DEM, PSDB, Rede, PSOL) and which helps the workers to overcome the illusions in the PT government.

In Sinpeem we do not forget the treachery in 2012, when the president of the Trade Union, Claudio Fonseca & Co, had to be escorted by riot police after they decided to openly betray the decisions of the ranks and file assembly. Neither do we forget the defeated strike in 2013. Despite the chaos in the education sector, both trade union bureaucracies (Sinpeem and Apoesp) use all the scams and tricks to avoid a strike in education. In particular they try to avoid the unification of strikes because they don’t want too much pressure on the governments with whom these bureaucracies closely collaborate. We will not allow the repetition of these scams! We need to defeat them and to take our struggle towards victory as did the street sweepers and as the conductors in Rio de Janeiro are doing now!

In this regard we call on all educators to come to join forces to build an INDEFINITE STRIKE until victory, to defeat the government of Haddad and to win our demands. We have to build a general strike together with the workers in other sectors. And we have to build the OPPOSITION OF TRUTH – Slate 06 in the Sinpeem elections which is pushed by the Movimento Unificado de Oposição Classista (CCR, LC & PCO).

We fight for:

* Equal Pay for Equal Work. No to wage inequality. Down with the bonus policy, different adjustments etc;

* For a basic wage that meets the needs of the teachers and their family;

* For educational, political and administrative school autonomy. Put the schools under the control of the school community (teachers, parents and students);

* Against the pseudo-pedagogical projects and governmental assessments;

* Reopening of all closed schools and classrooms;

* End of outsourcing and partnerships with NGOs, PPPs etc.;

* Not to force the schools to join partnership with capitalist groups;

* For better working conditions and an end to the bullying;

* Not the "big brother" system of the SGP;

* Not to performance evaluations;

* For a school of the XXI century: we need all equipment which we have in the society to ensure high quality education schools;

* Reduction to 15 students per class in elementary I and 20 in Elementary II;

* End of the processes of political and legal persecution of the treacherous Sinpeem bureaucracy and governments of Kassab and Haddad against fellow teachers Adriano Gomes (EMEF lamb - Dre São Miguel) and Professor of History and Geography Ildefonso Hipólito Hairstyle (EMEF Mailson Delane - Dre. Guianazes) , and the immediate and unconditional reinstatement of Ildefonso!

* Build inter-union meetings and the General Strike!

* For the revolutionary socialist and workers' struggle!



(1) Sinpeem: Trade Union of the city of São Paulo Teachers

(2) Apeoesp: Trade Union State of São Paulo Teachers