RCIT Venezuela: Statement of Solidarity with the Revolutionary Uprising in Brazil

Statement of Solidarity from the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency in Venezuela with the Revolutionary Uprising in Brazil

A contribution to the RCIT Statement “Brazil: Solidarity with the Popular Uprising!”, 20.6.2013



1.            The chain of spontaneous uprisings (which now has reached Brazil) shows the decline of capitalism and its efforts to prevent its ultimate downfall. The capitalist class tries and can only try to maintain its rule through policies that directly attack the masses and make them pay for their crisis. The deepening of social and political contradictions mark the current revolutionary world-historic period which opened in 2008. The RCIT Venezuela supports the revolutionary struggles in Brazil and in any other country, as the only way for working class to take the power.


2.            The increase of the public transportation fares in Brazil by 6% may appear for ruling class as something minimal, but for working class and poor people it means a direct attack on wages, which are already very low. The reaction of the ruling class against revolutionary uprising of the masses, through its repressive state apparatus, was inevitable and almost immediate. However, as it happens regularly in revolutionary events, the reaction of ruling class did not stop the developments and the mass demonstrations were extended to several cities in Brazil.


3.            Dilma Rousseff's regime (like Lula Da Silva did in past) rules in the interest of the elites and the multinational corporations. It tries to hide the massive social contradictions which exist in Brazil. Nevertheless, the masses don’t hide their deep contempt for the corrupt elites, the predatory capitalists and their friends in the PT government.


4.            The policies applied by Rousseff's government (which represents a continuity of Lula Da Silva) show that the PT’s reformist bureaucracy is a lackey of the capitalist class. The organizing of several occasions of the reformist World Social Forum has not done any good for Brazil. The PT dominates most trade unions and by this it guarantees its service to ruling class. It betrays genuine workers' struggles and subjects them to the interest’s of the labor aristocracy. It's time for Brazilian working class to break with the reformist PT and to organize independently with peasants and poor people on the basis of a revolutionary program.


5.            This new political revolutionary era in Brazil should be utilized as good as possible. However, the current crisis of revolutionary leadership threatens to abort a revolutionary outcome of these struggles.


6.            To overcome these weaknesses, we support the formation of people's assemblies which must be extended to companies (including transportation sector), neighborhoods and favelas. These assemblies must create action committees as revolutionary organs. Furthermore, these committees should elect delegates to build a national coordination to effectively lead the struggle.


7.            Action committees must call trade unions, organizations and revolutionary groups to join this struggle. Only an independent organization of working class can ensure success.


8.            The main task is to overthrow capitalism and build socialism worldwide. This will only be possible through a genuine revolutionary international leadership with a Marxist revolutionary program against capitalism.


9.            The Brazilian revolutionary working class must fight against treacherous leaders, reformists, renegades of Trotskyism and denounce them openly. It is urgent for the Brazilian working class to adopt a revolutionary action program (nationally and internationally) which may lead to create a committee or foundation nucleus for a new independent Bolshevik Party. In order to assist in this imperative task, we must establish closer contact with organizations, militants, activists and revolutionaries in Brazil.


10.          We must move forward in timely construction of an independent Bolshevik Workers' Party in Brazil as part of the new Fifth Workers International. The RCIT Venezuela is also committed to this task.


No future without socialism!

No socialism without a revolution!

No revolution without a revolutionary party!


Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT) – Venezuela

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