Brazil: Speech from RCIT trade union activist at Teacher’s Congress


Speech from J.Evangelista (RCIT activist in Brazil, member of the leadership of a local trade union branch in São Paulo and delegate at the national congress of SINPEEM in Brazil)

Corrente Comunista Revolucionária (RCIT Brazil), 4.11.2013, and


Below we publish the speech of comrade J. Evangelista, a member of Corrente Comunista Revolucionária (RCIT Brazil) at the recent 24th national congress of the teacher’s trade union SINPEEM. Evangelista participated at the congress as an elected delegate.

He introduced an amendment for a resolution which denounced the bureaucracy for their role in selling out the recent teachers struggle. His amendment and the speech defending it received a lot of support amongst the 3.000 delegates present. Responding to this the union bureaucracy rallied all forces against his amendment and they managed to it. Nevertheless 30% of the delegates voted for his amendment which shows a considerable strength of a militant wing amongst the rank and file despite the huge power of the bureaucratic apparatus. We publish below also his speech as an audio file.


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My name is J. Evangelista. I will start with an evaluation of the situation at the beginning of February. Mayor Haddad (mayor of São Paulo and a member of the governing PT of Lula da Silva / Dilma Roussef, Ed.) did not implement the promises he made during his election campaign. In fact he cut the two references in our career plan.

Nevertheless our leadership trusted in the so-called “forum of negotiation” that is better call “Sistema de Enrolação Permanente” (system of permanently beating around the bush, Ed.).

But instead it was necessary to call all the rank-and-file teachers to mobilize for actions. However the leadership called for closed meetings on Saturdays and they continued to trust the “Sistema de Enrolação Permanente”.

As this process failed, the rank and file teachers pushed the leaders to call a strike. We – the rank and file – massively participated in the strike.

But in the end strike was finished when the union leaders and the mayor made promises which however were never fulfilled. And what was the base for this? The “Sistema de Enrolação Permanente”. The leaders also said that “we are not enemies of the government”. If the “Sistema de Enrolação Permanente” continues it will better be called “Sistema de Humilhação Permamente” (“system of permanent humiliation”)! And the leaders still continued to say “Let’s wait, let’s wait”. But the attacks have already happened! It is time to go to the streets! Let’s go to the struggle, companeros, and strike, strike, strike!


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