Brazil: Mass Demonstration against the Coup with 100,000 Participants (Leaflet of the CCR)

The Revolutionary Communist Current (CCR) hereby reaffirms:


* The institutional coup that led to impeachment of President Dilma Roussef was not only a blow against the PT government. It was a blow against the entire working class.


* We did not support the Popular Front government of the PT, because it was allied with bourgeois parties like the PMDB, which led to the illusion that this kind of government could really lead the working class to power. Although it accomplished some socially progressive achievements, the reformist PT government ruled with and for the bourgeoisie.


* We reaffirm the need for unity to combat attacks that are currently being planned against the working class including an end to labor rights, pension rights, cuts in health and education funding, and the repression and criminalization of the social movements.


* For the launching of the General Strike to stop the attacks!


* For the restoration of all democratic rights which have been gradually eliminated!


* For the creation of Action Committees against the coup in the factories, neighborhoods, favelas, in the outlying areas, in the trade unions! email: