Documents from the LOI/FLTI on the Hunger Uprisings in December 2012

Here we publish a number of documents from the LOI (Argentine section of the FLTI) on the Hunger Uprisings in December 2012.


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IEC of the FLTI, December 24, 2012



Together with this first report and conclusions we are writing, attached please find a declaration issued days before the hunger uprisings by the most destitute and desperate sectors among the Argentinean masses on December 20th and 21st. These events were followed by the world media. There we raised a program for unifying the worker ranks between employed and unemployed workers, a question that the union bureaucracies and the reformist left refuse to do day after day.

As the events showed, they – bureaucrats and reformist leaderships-are enemies to raise the demand for jobs for everybody, with a sliding scale of work hours and wages according to inflation with a basic wage that matches the cost of the basic goods for a family. The reformist left linked to the worker aristocracies and bureaucracies watches the most exploited and destitute layers of the working class, that is, the precarized (i.e., without stability or benefits) and outsourced workers, those that are unregistered, underemployed or unemployed –who are more than the 70% of the working class in Argentina, as alien to the same.

In Argentina only 30% of workers is unionized, registered and benefited by a collective contract, as the country has become a gigantic maquila with enslaved labor. That explains the role of the different union bureaucracies as well as of the left integrated to the bourgeois regime is that of dividing the working class ranks, ignoring the majority of enslaved proletarians. A majority that are not protected by collective contracts under the Labor law, have no collective bargaining, for whom the wages are not adjusted (even behind inflation) year after year; a majority that work ten or twelve hours a day without holidays or sickness leaves, when they are lucky to get a job, even a precarious one, that does not last long and has no social benefits attached; a majority that is dismissed without any severance compensation, that work amidst working conditions not deserved even by a beast. They are all abandoned to their fate by the labor aristocracy and union bureaucracies and the so-called left parties, which are totally integrated to the bourgeois regime.

The lower layers of the working class, those millions of pariah that survive thanks to miserable doles, state subsidies not amounting even a fifth of a minimum wage, consisting in miserable “working plans” totally precarized in the municipalities in exchange for dirty and physically burdensome jobs, for no more than USD 50-100 a month, are who irrupted in these hunger uprisings. Within this layer there are a million youth between 16-18 that does not study or work, and have no future at all.

So, you must know that what happened on December 20th and 21st were spontaneous hunger uprisings of the desperate and unemployed masses that are enduring unheard of conditions of misery, and as we said before they are left abandoned to their own luck by the unions (which refuse to organize them) and are sent to ask for charities to the municipalities and to the bourgeois politicians.

In Argentina no one bares any more the sufferings. Inflation turned unsupportable the situation of the most exploited sectors of our class and as is traditional in Argentina in times of crises, the lower layers of the working class start to fight by going to take the bread where it is, that is in the supermarkets.

These events were preceded by a general strike against Kirchner’s government on November 20th. This strike was imposed by the pressure of the unionized layers on the union bureaucracy. The bureaucracy took well care of not calling for more strikes, and on the contrary called for demonstrations in “opposition” rallies against the government. Where together with the left they put pressure on the government asking for the elimination of the profit tax applied to the wages of the unionized workers, which is a fare and felt demand but is separated from most of the workers.

Precisely this division of the working class ranks allows the government and the capitalists to attack all the sectors. The workers that earn more than USD800 per month are retained more than 35% of their wages in taxes. Those that earn more than USD600 lose their subsidy per child. What gains are got in the collective bargaining each year are lost due to the inflation that is now more than 25% annually Moreover, the bourgeoisie uses those more than 6 million workers that are unregistered and work enslaved in maquilas for sinking the wages of the unionized workers.

As the Third International stated, the only possibility of uniting the ranks of the workers is raising a program that looks after the necessities of the most exploited sector of the working class. Decent jobs for everybody, one shift more in all the factories allowing for the reduction of the working hours, a minimum wage of Pesos 10,000 (more or less USD 2,000) monthly for everybody, that slides upwards with inflation and especially with the cost of the basic staples. That is, the same program for which the Marikana (South Africa) workers fought.

For that, as in Marikana, it is necessary to confront all the traitorous union bureaucrats and the left, be it Stalinism or the renegades to Trotskyism that support the bureaucracies, as a docile “opposition” in the unions.

The entire media in Argentina and internationally, while these spurts of spontaneous fighting of desperate masses were taking place, spoke about “well organized assaults on the supermarkets”. Organized? By whom? THAT’S A LIE! The truth is that a sector of the most starved pariahs in the Argentinean working class escaped from their control.

That explains the uncontrollable outrage and at the same time the limits of that action which deserves to elevate itself to setting up Unemployed Committees, committees of unregistered workers, committees of supplies and price control, against the rampant cost of living, to fight alongside the unionized workers against the taxing of the wages… but precisely that would signify going some stairs up in the fight, and combating like in the times when the political general strikes, unemployed movements staging pickets and roadblocks, and the workers attacking the property of Capital, dragging a sector of the ruined middle classes behind them… gave birth to the revolution in 2001.

The cynicism of the bourgeoisie, imperialism and their governments knows no end. All the renegades to Trotskyism and the union bureaucracy ran nervously to declare: “we have nothing to do with that!” “We didn’t organize that!” Surely, IT WAS STARVATION WHAT ORGANIZED thousands and thousands of starving people that want to eat. Over 40 cities all over the country (Rosario-Santa Fé, San Fernando, Campana, Zárate, Martínez, Grand Burg en Buenos Aires, San Miguel-Tucumán, Bariloche-Río Negro, etc.).

This is an open confession: they, union bureaucrats and reformists, refuse to organize with a sole demand all the sectors of decent jobs and salaries for everybody, for the different sectors of the working class against the government and the capitalists that plunder the nation.

Proof of this is that on December 19th, a day before the spontaneous uprisings a rally took place, the fraction of the CGT and CTA bureaucracy (“opponent” to the government) held a demonstration which was supported by reformism and it was not for accident that this rally was headed by the bosses parties that are “opposition” to the government as the reactionary PRO (the party of right-wing Buenos Aires City mayor, Mauricio Macri, NT) and the Union Civica Radical (UCR, the party of former presidents Alfonsin and De la Rua, NT).

The union bureaucracy together with the left carry a sector of the highest layers of the working class to a politics of poular front and class collaboration, while the Stalinist and Bolivarian currents carry strips of the working class and the unemployed to support the government of the Kirchners.

The government speaks all the time about its “model of social inclusion”. The starving masses are the proof that the “market socialism” of the Bolivarians is so anti worker and makes people starve so much as the governments of Menem and De la Rua.

The left integrated to the regime of the Constitution of 1853/1994, as the FIT (Left and Workers Front) is a courtesan that serves the different courts besides serving the queen. Yesterday it called to vote Kirchner for president but to “vote workers” for putting “socialist deputies”; today it marches together with the murderers of the UCR and the Alianza (the partners of De la Rua, NT) who were expelled by the revolutionary masses on December 20th 2001 and during those combats they killed over 40 exploited martyrs.

Up to yesterday the FIT said they “confronted” the union bureaucrats in the union elections, and today it submits to them, refusing to call to set up the picketers movements to unify again workers ranks, who were divided by the bureaucracy and the reformist left. That would mean taking back the path of Mosconi and Cutral Co – where the revolutionary unemployed workers in the late ´90s and early 2000 who anticipated the revolution. They fought for decent jobs by blocking roads and attacking oil imperialist companies and they had new martyrs to the world working class like Teresa Rodríguez, Aníbal Verón, Víctor Choque, and many others.

It seemed that the bourgeoisie was controlling everything. But the conditions of the world economic crisis are beginning to touch the Mercosur and Argentina in particular creating tendencies to recession, which are deepening, and a very accelerated inflation that does not leave alone any sector of the working class and even some sectors of the middle classes.

Recession is putting a brake on the Mercosur; Argentina is in fact in al common market with Brazil, a country that has already entered a recessive phase.

The repayment to the external debt with the IMF, the repayment of the bonuses with which the external debt was re financed in 2001/2002 means that the state has to put into the creditors pockets around USD 18 billions this year, (almost the 50% of the value of the country exports) plus the payments for utilities, patents and royalties of the MNCs. Besides, the expansive cycle of the economy multiplied the necessity for importing machine-tools (obviously they are not produced in the semi colonial countries), the looting and the money draining by the transnationals, are drying the reserves of the nation.

The government is abusing of the “creative expansion” putting the money-printing machine to work extra hours, issuing currency without a backing. It is spending “in advance”, looting the retirement funds, the health funds of the unions and taxing the salaries and wages at an unheard level (with the ingenuous maneuver of not updating since 2002 the level of what was considered a “high” income, in an environment of several years of 25% of inflation per year, NT), in order to cover the emptying of the state treasury. With a VAT (taxes to the consume of manufactured products) of 21% and the taxing of the salaries and wages of the workers, they are looting the workers pockets.

Slowly but surely in Argentina, great producer of commodities, the world economic crisis begins to enter. What has been exposed once more by these hunger uprisings is that in a country that is one of the main producers of wheat, soybeans, corn and meat in the world, millions of exploited starve and have nothing to eat.

Moreover, the bourgeoisie is full of rage and fills the prisons with detainees who it calls “thieves, criminals”. Over 600 young men and women were imprisoned and 3 of them (2 in Rosario and one in Tucuman) were killed in the last 2 days of hunger revolts.

The cynicism of the exploiters knows no limits. The cereal companies steal the 50% of the agrarian rent associated to the native oligarchy. The mining companies are destroying the Andes Cordillera, emptying it from lithium, copper, gold, etc. (and poisoning the underground waters by the way, NT), without paying a peso in taxes.

The Banks, which in 2001 stole the savings of the wide majority of the middle classes and the workers, are collecting repayments in dollars through the bonuses that the state issued to benefit the external creditors, which today are repaid religiously to benefit the bankers.

The capitalists evade their benefits and send them out of the country without paying taxes or fees; the MNCs are looting us. They are the thieves and criminals, the looters of the nation!

These uprisings of today have escaped the control of the different fractions of the bourgeoisie and the union bureaucracies and the left.

The hound dogs of Capital and the government call to order, they say it is necessary to repress the “savages and the vandals”; but here the question is crystal clear. There are some layers of the working class that can still eat, albeit each day less, and miserably; some other layer cannot eat any more. Some of them pressure for eating, some other pressure for having tomorrow something to eat, for better wage conditions. The ranks of the working class are desynchronized due to the treason of their leaderships; this is what is now happening.

What symbolized this desynchronization is that on November 20 there was a pressure strike, against the taxing of the wages and the high cost of living held by the unionized workers; and a month later on December 20th there were the hunger uprisings that we are mentioning and the actors were those who have nothing. Though, in spite of the treason by their leaderships, the time of the fighting is being synchronized BY THE LASH OF CAPITAL, and that is what terrorizes the bourgeoisie and its hound dogs.

This is the reason why the government is on guard, to prevent this situation to pass over, with the police guarding all the supermarkets of the country.

Up to now the middle classes have taken the streets with slogans against the government, which are reactionary, because they are not allowed to buy dollars (which is the savings currency of the Argentinean middle classes against the inflationary peaks of the last decades), while the big bourgeoisie and the transnationals are taking dollars unrestricted and sending them abroad. But this middle classes that today cannot buy dollars, tomorrow will be dispossessed of their savings. This is the law of big capital, first it uses the middle classes against the workers and then it attacks the middle classes and ruins them.

Seeing these elements and contradictions, we can say that the situation in Argentina begins to become a preparatory one. The big TNCs in the Mercosur begin to suffer the fall in their rate of profit. Recession, caused by world capitalist economy crisis, everywhere has closed the markets for them. The states have started to feel their treasury empty due to the “financing” of the MNCs investments. It looks like an economic and political cycle of dominance is wearying out in Mercosur and Latin America.

Up to now, the price of the staple commodities in this region that is a main producer of food has been acting as a counter-tendency to the crisis, but at the same time it is what generates all the contradictions, because nobody accepts to starve where food is more than abundant. How can people accept starve to death in Argentina when it produces food to supply over 400 million people?

That’s why the assault to the supermarkets is a spontaneous, incipient, limited method of fighting, however with it the lower layers of the working class are starting to express the beginning of a crisis, as in the ’89, 2000-2001 and it seems to be the case now.

The elements of crisis in the economic plan of the government, the fact that the “blanket does not cover all the classes and the sectors of the classes”, are starting to mark a time in which the “social peace” wears up and elements of civil war start to appear in the fringes, again in Argentina.

The situation tends to become preparatory, unstable…

There is to group the forces and cadres to prepare the second Argentinean revolution of the 21th C. The reformist left is already at the skirt of the bureaucracy and the bourgeois state. The bourgeoisie is feeling this situation; therefore, they armor their regime and start to attack the revolutionary wing of the vanguard.

We can´t do the blind eye to the fact that this mass action as such treacherous left does because it is a “brutal” and “unseasonable” action as well as “strange to the working class’ methods”; they only recognize the union fights to pressure. This isn’t new. They did the same with the youth of Tottenham when they set on fire imperialist England, and trade unions bureaucracies and reformists let them freed to their own faith. We, Trotskyists, say that the hunger masses have the right to rebel for bread and this is inalienable and unconditional.

When they plunder and rob the nation, that is, the monopolies, oligarchy, bankers and capitalists. They must be jailed, they are the vandals and seditious. We have to face them as in Marikana (South Africa) with the miners of Asturias from Spain, as in Foxxcom (China), because they are the same TNCs, same monopolies and imperialist parasites who plunder and starve the masses of the world.

If we have something to say on this spontaneous mass fight is justly its spontaneity and lack of perspective. And this is not for responsibility of those in struggle but it is responsibility of the leaderships betraying them. Since through looting we can eat today but tomorrow…what?

Thus, it is necessary to set up again the picketer movement of unemployed workers that emerged in the 2001 revolution with their demands of decent job for all, reduction of the daily labour hours.

The shameless agents of the bourgeois regime, the Argentinean reformist left, instead of attacking the un-controlling spontaneity of the hungers, why don’t they call on workers to set up committees of unemployed workers together with the factory internal bodies they lead by hundreds in Argentina to demand one more labor shift in every factory and to fight together for salary and dignity?

They beg for the government to do a plan of public construction…and the Money from where it comes? From the tax on salaries they take from the unionized workers? Please! We must attack the capitalists’ interests. This is an anti-worker and pro-imperialist left similar to the union bureaucracy.

The problem of hunger in Argentina is resolved immediately, in two minutes, it would be enough either to expropriate all the lands of more than 1000 hectares, this would be sufficient for all the working class and children to eat for free all along their life.

Or charge the same profit tax through which they rob the salary, but on the bankers and TNCs and stop paying the fake bonuses with which they rob the people in 2001; it would be enough to build 10 millions of housing for all the Argentinean people.

We must tell the truth: it is no longer possible to fight with these trade union’s leaderships and this left of the bourgeois regime that divide the workers’ ranks.

Expel the bureaucracy of the trade unions, expel the picketer bureaucracy. It is necessary to convene a national congress of all the worker organizations taken from the bureaucracy and set up again the picketer movement like yesterday in Mosconi and Cutral-có. Set up self-defense committees against the reactionary middle class and against the police that repress brutally those who rebel.

We must not allow any single prisoner in the jails of this vile regime, starting from fighting for the freedom for the more than 600 youth in detention. We must destroy the caste of corrupt judges of capitalists and dissolve the repressive force.

There is to say the truth: today we are in the same situation or worse than in 2001 in Argentina because we did not take power, because the bolivarians and reformist expropriate it from us, not only in Argentina but also in the entire Latin America.

There is to start to prepare the second revolution in Argentina and for that a revolutionary and internationalist party of the working class must be set up to unify his fights and demands with those of the Mercosur and Latin American working class. To conquer this leadership that the working class deserves for the victory, it is a task of all the revolutionary worker organizations of the world. For that reason, we will be doing reports and sending them so that all the revolutionaries can have this tool to contribute in the collective elaboration of the revolutionary program.

To conquer these lessons and such organization becomes necessary so that the working class gets prepared before BEING TOO LATE, so we can fight like in Syria, Libya, and like the Marikana workers fought against Lonmin and Anglo American.

We must fight against the hypocrisy and lie of the “market socialism” of the reformists and fight like in Tonghua and Lingzou.

The ousts and hungers in Argentina have the same right of the Asturias workers and their women to raise the slogan “if our children starve, yours will bleed

The respond of the bourgeoisie is and will be more and more that the hungers come back to their Bantustans and concentration camps, miserable neighborhoods where they are grouped like cannon flesh to be exploited in the sweat shop of warm beds.

The hungers live like the miserable masses from Gaza (Palestine) or the hungers that rebel in Libya and Syria.

If the crisis enters in Argentina and Mercosur, it also enters and will enter the millstones of the revolutionary fight the masses at worldwide level are conquering, it is and it will be the tasks of the Trotskyists.

Rebellion or uprising, “revolt for bread”, what does this mean? The difference between revolt and revolution is that revolution concentrates the forces that fight directly against power. The revolt is different. What we are seeing are revolts, i.e. riots, in this case for bread. That means the desperate uprising, as Lenin said, that expresses elemental forces of the class, motivated by rage and desperation, but it announces the break of social peace between classes.

All our political fight and program is to take the fight a step forward towards insurrection, to defeat the government and the regime; i.e. for the beginning of the revolution.

Before moving on, we pose a clarification: this revolt was preceded by a general strike 30 days ago which was much more powerful than what the bureaucracy expected to be. This means that the working class wanted to give a political blow against the government, but not to defeat it yet.

That is why we aren’t living a pre-revolutionary situation yet. The dispute on high among different bourgeois factions, monopolies and TNCs who are fighting for who is going to rule the business in the next 10 years, since Kirchnerism can’t keep in the government due to constitutional times, are gaps throw where masses passed by.

This crisis on highs and the two actions of November 20th and December 20-21st are pre-revolutionary elements of the situation. There the world crisis is starting to enter.

Middle classes are in a reactionary place, who want to maintain the consume cycle, is deeply rightwing. They have divided in two fractions: pro-clarin (oppositor newspaper) and pro-government. They and treacherous leaderships of the working class who divide their ranks are the reactionary elements in the current situation which we could define as transitory, with reactionary and pre-revolutionary elements.

Our program starts then in developing the pre-revolutionary elements and the key for it means to unify workers’ ranks so they hit as a single fit and define the situation in their favor. The fight is concentrated then, against the treacherous leaderships who prevent them from doing so.

This fight will define our location in the next objective processes that will merge from the masses due to this new opened situation.

A transitional and action program in this period is necessary but, mainly, a block of massive agitation slogans can make our organization well known in wide sectors of the vanguard. The fight for the cadres becomes decisive.

The tasks of propaganda and organization become decisive. We have to explain what is happening. We have to give a Marxist point of view of the events. Advanced workers and vanguard need to know what is happening against confusion, poison and quackery of the reformist left.

The shortest way to the vanguard is this deep explanation, which by itself together with the program separate reform from revolution.

The agitation with a block of slogans, which will merge from the different moments that will come, will be subordinated to clarify who speaks on behalf of revolution and who betrays it.

This preparatory stage to regroup cadres is decisive and the fact that the program reaches wide layers of the vanguard it also is.

The plunder (assault on supermarkets) was organized by starvation, the TNCs’ plunder, the extreme sufferings and slavery.

The Argentinean Maquila (sweat-shopt) has exploded! These are the first steps in the uprising of the working class that must unify its ranks and stand up!

The war cry must be: Decent jobs for everybody! Another labor shift in all the factories and workplaces! $10.000 minimum-basic-indexed wage for all!

We must not recognize the debt with the bankers and imperialism!

We need to expropriate the oligarchy and transnational companies!

Bread, work and dignity for all!

Enough of trade union and picketer bureaucracy!

The internal commissions and delegates bodies taken from the union bureaucracy call for organizing: unemployed worker committees, factory committees and for the 3rd National Picketer Assembly of employed and unemployed workers!

Like in 2001: let’s cry again “Everyone out, nobody left!”

We must fight like in South Africa, in Foxxcon, like in Libya and like in Syria!

We must fight alongside our brothers and sisters of Latin America. We must fight against the right wing pro-imperialist governments of Kirchner, Morales’ price hikes, Chavez’s high cost of living and the delivery of Cuba to imperialism and Obama.

We must re-found the 4th International! For a new revolutionary and internationalist party of the Argentinean working class!

The slave masters cannot even feed their slaves! The capitalist system and its lackeys deserve to die!

Long live to the Socialist Revolution!


* * * * *


Documents from LOI/FLTI on Hunger Uprising in Argentina, December 2012


Editor Board of “Democracia Obrera” (“Worker’s Democracy” newspaper), December 22nd, 2012


In the country where it is produced food for over 400 million habitants per year, the masses have nothing to eat.




By its geography and nature Argentina, historically, has the characteristic of having huge wealth in the food production. The Wet Pampa (Pampa Húmeda) is a zone of fertile lands that alongside the regional economies produce food for over 400 million habitants per year. The soy, the grain, the milk, the meat, the fruits, vegetables and drinks has never been scarce in Argentina. The imperialist monopolies know very well this Argentinean characteristics, and that’s why cereal companies like Cargil or food ones like Kraft, to name some of them, install their company plants here to take profit of the “comparative advantages” through which they make their fortunes.

Nevertheless, for the working class, that produces such wealth, to have access to food has a high cost. In the country where cheap food could be guaranteed for the entire population, even free food, the inflation made unbearable the situation of the most exploited layers of the working class who -as the tradition in the Argentinean crisis- went to seek food where it is: in the supermarkets and the big shops of commercialization. The unemployed, under-employed, the ones that get a miserable subsidy by the state, the fired ones, and the workers of the slaver cooperatives of the Argentina Works’ Plan can’t even hold a minimum level of consume for their subsistence and reproduction. The inflation also devours the salaries of the unionized and employed sectors.

The working class witnesses the sea of abundance in which the boss swims, living in luxurious private neighborhoods, and being able to consume everything the capitalist system denies to the exploited. No more! The working class has the inalienable right to rise up for bread!

Expropriation without payment and under worker control of the Cargil, Monsanto, Kraft and every single food imperialist monopoly! The workers want the Sancor, the Serenisima, the milk farms and the lands of the oligarchy, and of all the owners of more than 1000 hectares, under worker control to guarantee the access to food for every single exploited with an Emergency Food Plan!

From the trade unions and worker organizations we must raise Price and supply Committees , to finish off with the starvation, inflation and eliminating all the chain of intermediaries of the commercialization (distributors, hypermarkets and supermarkets), confiscating all the stores of products and distributing them among the workers and poor people.


* * * * *


Editor board of “Democracia Obrera”, December 22, 2012 







The Kirchner government, the anti worker “opposition” and the entire union bureaucracy have condemned the actions of the exploited in Bariloche, Rosario, Campana, Zárate, San Fernando and dozens cities around the country. They accuse the starving workers of “vandals and thieves” while they militarize the worker neighborhoods with the police, gendarmerie, infantry, and Halcón group. The brutal repressions in Bariloche, Rosario and San Fernando left hundreds of injured (many of them handcuffed in the hospital’s beds), and the working class has three more martyrs: Silvia Barnachea and Luciano Carrizo in Rosario, and Ramón Acosta in Tucumán.

More than 450 youth are in detention for this fight, while all the security forces have occupied the worker neighborhoods fencing all the entrances of the big supermarket’s chains to frighten and discipline workers. This is the government of Kirchner! This is the boss “democracy”!

As they did in the Indoamerican Park in Villa Soldati, in Ledesma in Jujuy or in Formosa against the QOM peasants: kill and repress those who ask for bread but they knell down every day before the pirates that rob the country! CYNICS! THEY ARE ALL MURDEROUS!

That’s enough! What are the union branches waiting for? What are the militant internal commissions, the human rights’ organizations independent from the State, the left political parties and worker parties waiting for? To immediately get coordinated and go to all the police stations and jails to fight for the freedom for all the youth in detention. The future working class’ vanguard is in the claws of this boss justice, murderous police, this government and devil state. There is no more time to lose. No even any single minute.




* * * * *


Dec 22, 2012, Editing Committee of the “Democracia Obrera” journal


It is urgent to unite the worker ranks to prepare and organize the struggle for bread and against the looting to the Nation

On last November 20, in Argentina, employed and unionized labor took advantage of the national strike called by the “opposition” CGT and CTA to stage a Political General Strike of pressure over the government o CFKirchner, the lady servant of Bankers and imperialist MNCs.

This General Strike was far more potent than expected by the bureaucracy of Moyano (“opposition” CGT) and Micheli (“opposition” CTA), that is why they stopped calling for new strikes or other actions of struggle; the opted for calling to “opposition” rallies together with the FIT and the other currents of the reformist left, which mobilized to May Square last December 19 -eleven years after the popular combats for “that every one of them (bosses, politicians, exploiters in general, NT) goes away! No one of them should come again!”-, together with the reactionary and anti-worker UCR, PS and PRO, the same murderers that in 2001 massacred more than 40 workers throughout the country!

Between last December 20 and 22 appeared and took the center of the stage the most exploited layers of the working class, going to the supermarkets to seek for food and the other products that the capitalists do not let them consume. These “poor devils”, the children of the outsourced, part-time, sacked, unemployed, immigrant, unregistered, precarized workers have been sent to oblivion by the unions. Moreover, for the left currents these youth allegedly “do not fight with the methods of the working class”, as if staging a revolt and attacking the private property of the capitalists, confronting police repression to conquer their bread, were not methods of the working class! Are they kidding? The reality is that they are parties that the only method they propose to the workers is to vote in the union elections that everybody knows are completely fraudulent; they also use to call the workers to “cut the ballot sheet” in the presidentials, voting Cristina Kirchner for president and their “socialist candidates” for the Parliament; they also are fond of carrying the striking workers to surround the building of the pro slaveholding Labor Ministry to pressure the Minister, to force him to dictate his obligatory conciliations; or to surround the courts to pressure the Labor judges and the rest of the institutions of this infamous regime.

These different layers of the working class that on November 20 staged a General Strike and on December 20 irrupted into the supermarkets, attacking them, are each one in its turn struggling against the looting of the Nation, against the starvation and the misery; in their actions both layers tend to converge and unite; but the union bureaucracy of the CGTs and the CTAs, “official” as well as “opposition” ones, and the reformist leaderships of the working class desynchronize and divide the different sectors of our class, limiting the worker demands only to those that express the necessities of the unionized and within them, the best paid workers.

Against this politics that the working class is paying very expensively with its ranks disbanded, it is necessary to raise a program and develop the organizations for uniting the worker ranks, in order to hit in the chest of the government with a good blow, and also to shake the whole regime of the constitution of 1853-1994, which only serves to the transnationals, the bankers, the slaveholding bosses and the Argentinean oligarchy.

Enough is enough! It is urgent to group and weld the worker ranks! To unite the unemployed, underemployed, outsourced, temporary contracted, immigrants, worker youth, with the registered and unionized workers it is necessary to set up -from the union locals conquered from the hands of the bureaucracy, from the combative bodies of factory delegates-, the factory committees to fight for one more shift in all the factories and that all the available working hands enter the factories to occupy a place in the production. The body of delegates of the metropolitan subway should set up again the Movement for the 6 hours of work, together with the movements of unemployed, to unite the worker ranks and attack and expel the looters of the Nation.

We have to impose the breaking of all the worker organizations with the Ministry of Welfare of Alicia Kirchner that distributes miserable charities among the unemployed and destitute to cover the reality; and with the Ministry of labor of the slaveholder manager Carlos Tomada! It is urgent to stop the attack on the workers of the government of CFKirchner, the lady servant of Obama, Wall Street, the MNCs, the bankers and the slaveholding bosses!

For no more unemployed, not even one! Stop the unregistered work! For a decent jobs under collective bargaining for all! For the reduction of the working hours without reduction of the wages! For the sharing of the working hours among all the able hands! Down with the fraudulent collective bargaining of labor contracts conducted by the bureaucrats in connivance with bosses and government officials! For a minimum wage of Pesos 10,000 per month for everybody, for a sliding scale of wages adjusted month to month according to the cost of living and the inflation! For universal family subsidies, including subsidies for birth, for studying and for disabled children! Elimination of the VAT! Stop taxing the worker wages!

To conquer our bread and for stopping the looting of the Nation, it is necessary to unite the Strike with the Picket and roadblocks and to march to smash the MNCs! Gringos go home! Not even a singe dollar, not even a single peso fro repaying the fraudulent external debt! Nationalization without compensation and under worker control of the MNCs and of any factory that shuts its gates; suspends personnel or lays them off!

Neither with Cristina, the president-viceroy, lady servant of the imperialist vultures, nor with the oligarchy of the agrarian Federation, The Partido Justicialista Federal and the anti-workers of the Socialist Party and the Union Civica Radical!

National Workers’ Congress of the fighting organizations with mandated delegates of the rank and file of the employed, unemployed, unregistered, temporary, outsourced, immigrant workers!

That the factory internal claiming commissions and bodies of delegates that claim to be classist (pro-worker, NT) and combative convene and organize that congress immediately!


* * * * *


12/22/2012, Editor Board of “Democracia Obrera”


Who “organized” the fight for bread of the most relegated sector of the working class?...


Provoked by the plunder of the TNCs, the slaver boss, and Argentinean oligarchy!


The anti worker and lackey government of Kirchner, the anti worker “opposition” of the boss parties, the governors and mayors, and union bureaucracy blame each other for “organizing” the uprisings of the deprived masses in Bariloche, Rosario, Campana, San Fernando, Tucumán, etc., that since Thursday 12/20 till Saturday 12/12 went to look for bread and all the goods capitalism prevents them from consuming where they are: in the supermarkets.

The entering to the stage of the most deprived working class ´sectors awakened the deep hatred on the part of the bourgeoisie and all the yellow press that accused workers and worker youth of “vandals”, “criminals” and “looters”.

In the news programs and newspapers it was talked about “organized assaults on supermarkets”. Organized? What propelled the fight of thousands of exploited led by the worker youth was the starvation and desperation imposed by the huge plunder of the nation on the part of TNCs, the slaver boss and Argentinean oligarchy that make fortune super by exploiting the working class.

The big organizers of these actions of thousands of exploited all around the country were the same TNCs, the slaver boss and Argentinean oligarchy that imposed slavery conditions and outraged sufferings on the working class and deprived masses of the nation.

More than the 70% of the working class is out from any labor agreement and without labor rights working under contracts, outsourced, unregistered, in the slaver cooperatives that belong to the Plan Argentina Works receiving State miserable subsidies, sub occupied or unemployed.

What caused the uprising of masses is the terrible rob to the workers’ pockets, that is, the worker salary. All the bourgeoisie and his loud mouth-journalists cry for the attack against the private property on the part of exploited; they accused exploited of being “organized thieves” when the boss, his state and government are the only thieves since every day they rob almost 35% of the total salary mass through VAT, the loot of the pension with which they finance the companies and the taxing on the salary of workers. They cry because the exploited attack the private property when they saved all the bankers that robbed the savings of the middle class and workers in 2001. Besides that, they continue paying such bankers for the bonuses of the debt and only this year have collected u$s 19 billion. They complain and cry because masses “take LCD televisions” when the parasitic boss and their politicians have allowed that during the last years the imperialist TNCs, and bankers drain from the country near u$s50 billion dollars each 12 months that go to the pockets of the Wall Street’s parasites. What Shameless and cynical they are! Long live the right of workers and exploited to rebel for bread!

The lie of Kirchner’ and bolivarian bourgeoisie is over. The lie they sustained was that during these years “the wealth have been distributed” and masses have got “concessions” and “improvements” in their living standard. Kirchner said that they had closed the “hell door of 2001” and all the union bureaucracy and picketer bureaucracy supported the maquila (sweat shop) Argentina of enslaved workers.

Today the “hell doors” get open again because during these years, the Kirchner and bolivarian revolution- as anti worker and starver as Menem and De la Rúa- focused on saving the bankers, imposing new and superior sufferings on the working class, refusing to give bread to the slaves.

They sustain the speech of their masters like Bush, Obama and Pentagon that say to be the “civilization” against the “barbarian” masses of Middle East. Thus, the Kirchners, those servants of Wall Street, present themselves as “the civilization” facing the “barbarism of the vandals and criminals”. Cynics and crooks!

The only barbarism is the one provoked by the true thieves and looters of the nation: imperialist monopolies, slaver boss, Argentinean oligarchy, the anti worker Kirchner government, the anti worker “opposition” that condemn exploited to unemployment and live in the misery!

The action of the most relegated sectors of the deprived and masses fighting for their most immediate needs unmasked the Argentina maquila. These are the first steps of an uprising of the working class that must unify their ranks and stand up to respond to the attack and for the crisis to be paid by capitalists. Either them or us! As the Asturias miners (in the Spanish State) set up very correctly: “if it is not solved, war, war, war!”