Venezuela: Only the Working Class under the Leadership of a Leninist Combat Party can achieve a Revolutionary Socialist Solution of the Crisis!

Only the Working Class Struggle can inflict a lasting Defeat to the Right-Wing Provocateurs! Only the Working Class Struggle can defend us against the new Attacks of the Bolibourgeoisie, the Maduro Government and the bourgeoisie of FEDECÁMARAS and Imperialism!

Joint Statement of Corriente Socialista Revolucionaria – El Topo Obrero (Venezuela) and the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), 16.3.2014, and


1.             Venezuela has recently seen a wave of violent provocations which were organized by the right-wing extremist sector of the bourgeois opposition led by Maria Machado, Antonio Ledezma, and Leopoldo Lopez. These provocations have led to a number of dead and injured that already exceeds twenty. It is beyond doubt that US imperialism, in one way or another, is involved in these provocations because for years it has been financing and advising the bourgeois opposition to Chavez.

2.             In such a situation the main task is to defeat the semi-fascist provocations which are attempting to destroy the living conditions of the people. The RCIT and CSR state that socialists have to call for mass mobilizations of workers and popular organizations to smash the right-wing extremists. It is of utmost urgency to form armed workers and popular self-defense brigades which are under the control of the working class to fight back against the semi-fascists and to establish order. We call on all workers and popular organizations – including those which are under the influence of the PSUV and the Patriotic Pole – to form a united front of struggle against the right-wing provocations and against the violation of democratic rights such as freedom of speech as well as of assembly for the genuine democratic and revolutionary sectors. At the same time socialists warns against any illusions in the Maduro government which has shown its allegiance to the capitalist masters – Fedecámaras, Consecomercio, Fedeindustria, and Fedenaga. We also reject any reformist orientation to delegate the task of defeating the fascist to the Bolivarian police and army.

3.             The RCIT and CSR state that the Bolivarian government – first led by the late Hugo Chavez and now of Nicolás Maduro – has never been a genuinely socialist government. It has defended and defends the profits and the property of the capitalist class. It has been in power since 1998 because of the mass support and repeated mobilizations of the workers and popular masses. These mass mobilizations even defeated the coup d’état on 11.4.2002 as well as the lockout in the oil sector, which were financed and guided by U.S. imperialism. It is because of these mass mobilizations and pressure that the Bolivarian government was forced to make certain concessions like the Bolivarian Missions. The Chavez government, with strong mass support behind, negotiated with imperialism a new deal with for the administration of the oil industry. While it used an anti-imperialist and anti-capitalist rhetoric, it never went beyond the framework of capitalism. Instead of promoting any action of the revolutionary people, it defends the sacred right of private ownership of the means of production. This has been also proven in the new national Constitution which was elaborated by the Constitutional Assembly.

4.             The bourgeois character of the Bolivarian government has proven time and again. According to data released by the Central Bank of Venezuela, the private sector’s share of the economy grew at the expense of the public sector from 64.7% to 70.9% between 1998 and 2008. Nearly 70% of public sector workers are reported to earn only the minimum wage. The Bolivarian government has sent repeatedly the police and army to attack popular mobilizations like the struggles of the workers of Mitsubishi, of SOUTO, of SIDOR or of Transporte Camila, Brahma, IOSA, the protests of the Indians at the Sierra de Perija or of the peasants of Yaracuy.

5.             An important background to the political crisis in Venezuela is the increasing rivalry between the capitalist powers USA, EU, China and Russia. The Bolivarian government could withstand the pressure of the US in the past years because it had not only the immense support of the Venezuelan people but also the political and economic backing of China and Russia. This – as do the recent events in the Ukraine and Syria – proves that we are living in a period where the essential features of imperialism – crisis, revolution and counter-revolution as well as inter-capitalist rivalry between imperialist blocs and countries and emerging capitalist powers fighting for a re-division of the world market – are massively sharpening.

6.             The RCIT and CSR state that the central task in Venezuela is to achieve the political and organizational independence of the working class from all factions of the bourgeoisie including Bolivarism. The workers vanguard must agitate for the formation of a Workers Party which is independent of all factions of the bourgeoisie and which is based on a revolutionary program. Such a program should be based on the method of Trotsky’s Transitional Program from 1938 which has to be applied to the conditions of the present historic revolutionary period. Such a revolutionary Workers Party has to be built hand in hand with the struggle for a World Party of Socialist Revolution. That International must be built anew in the heat of the workers, peasants and popular struggles that are occurring against the background of the crisis of capitalism due to the fact that the Fourth International collapsed politically and organizationally in the late 1940s and early 1950s.

7.             Such a program of the socialist revolution has to include, among other things:

* Defeat the semi-fascist provocations through armed people organized in self-defense brigades!

* Neither illusion nor political support for the bourgeois government of Nicolás Maduro!

* Defend Venezuela against imperialist interference!

* Organize the working class for the expropriation of the industry and banks under workers control – both of the anti-Chavista bourgeoisie as well as the Bolibourgeoisie! For a Foreign Trade Monopoly! Cancel the External Debt!

* Put the murderers and jailers of the workers and popular militants of Mitsubishi, Toyota, Únete Aragua as well as the instigators drivers of riots into prison! Put the murderers and their instigators of Sabino Romero and other militants fighting for the land rights of the indigenous people!

*For a minimum wage that covers the basic costs of living, for a sliding scale of wages and hours of work! For a right to health and education and that they are controlled and managed by the organizations of workers in these sectors!

* For a workers’ government based on workers’ and popular councils and armed militias, which will expropriate the bourgeoisie, smash its state, and open the road to socialism!

* For the formation of a Leninist Combat Party as a leader of the workers' and popular struggles,as a section of a World Party of Socialist Revolution.


RCTI International Secretariat and the Executive Committee of the Revolutionary Socialist Current