Solidarity with the Syrian Revolution! International Committee in Defense of the Syrian Masses

Victory to the Revolution! Down with the dog Assad!

All Power to the Workers and Peasants!

For the Socialist Revolution in Maghreb and Mashreq!

The Revolutionary Communist International Tendency supports the Revolution of the Workers and Peasants in Syria. We stand for:


* Down with the dictatorship of the dog Assad and the rich elite!

* For the formation of action councils and armed militias of the workers and peasants which should coordinate nation-wide!

* For a workers government allied with the peasants and urban poor and based on local councils and militias!

* No trust in the bourgeois leaders of the official opposition! They are connected with the governments of the USA, EU, Saudi-Arabia, Turkey and Qatar and have many former members of the Assad regime in their ranks! Workers and Peasants: Trust only in your own strength, your own organizations and your own militias!

* No to any imperialist intervention in Syria! NATO troops - Out of Afghanistan and Mali! Solidarity with the anti-imperialist resistance!

* For joint struggle of the Workers, Peasants and Poor in Maghreb and Mashreq! Spread the Revolution! For a Socialist Federation of Workers- and Peasants-Republics in Maghreb and Mashreq!

* International Solidarity with the Struggle of the Syrian masses! For an international solidarity campaign by the workers movement!

* Build a revolutionary combat party of the workers! For the Fifth Workers International based on a revolutionary program!


The Revolutionary Communist International Tendency is an international combat organization for the liberation of the working class and the oppressed. It has national sections in various countries. The RCIT is based on the theory and practice of the revolutionary workers movement which is associated with the names of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Trotsky. Join us!


For these goals the RCIT fights together with the comrades from the Fracción Leninista Trotskista Internacional (FLTI) and from the Brigade Sevian al-Laith (Brigade León Sedov) in Syria in the International Committee in Defense of the Syrian Masses.


No future without socialism!

No socialism without a revolution!

No revolution without a revolutionary party!



Articles of the RCIT on Syria (English language):


Victory to the Syrian Revolution! by Yossi Schwartz (ISL, Israel/Occupied Palestine)


Speech of Michael Pröbsting (with English language sub-titles) at a Demonstration in Austria on 15.3.2013


Report and Pictures&Videos of a Solidarity Demonstration in Austria on 15.3.2013


Articles of the RCIT on Syria (Turkish language):


Suriye'de Zafer için Devrim

(Translation of RCIT Statement "Solidarity with the Syrian Revolution!"


Articles of the RCIT on Syria (German language):


Hands off Syria! Hände weg von Syrien!

(Johannes Wiener)

Syria: How to win the fight for freedom? Wie siegen?

(Marc Hangler, Maja Borisavljevic)

For the revolution in Syria! Für die Revolution in Syrien!

(Marc Hangler)

Forward to the armed uprising! Für den siegreichen bewaffneten Aufstand!

(Emina Avdic)

For the Revolution and against NATO! Für die Revolution-gegen die NATO!

(Johannes Wiener)

Against Assad, against a NATO-intervention! Gegen Assad, gegen NATO!

(Nina Gunic)


International Committee in Defense of the Syrian Masses


The RCIT is fighting in support of the Syrian Revolution and joined the International Committee in Defense of the Syrian Masses which has been initiated by the FLTI (“Fracción Leninista Trotskista Internacional”) comrades. While we have several political differences with the comrades of the FLTI (e.g. on the united front tactic, the imperialist character of China, the slogan of the Fourth International), we see sufficient agreement for fraternal collaboration with the comrades. We will discuss with the comrades about our differences and hope to overcome them.


FLTI: Recuadro de Egipto, Egypt small article issued in the Bulletin #5 on Jan 2012


FLTI: Sevian al-Laith Brigade (Leon Sedov) and the Internationalist Volunteer Worker Committee


FLTI: Bashar Al-Assad bombed a bakery in Halfaya




FLTI: Long live the heroic uprising of the Palestinian masses in Yarmouk camp