FLTI: The Stalinist of the Popular Front for Palestine’s liberation (General Staff) plays its full role as a fifth-column against the exploited Palestinian refugees in Syria!

Long live the heroic uprising of the Palestinian masses in Yarmouk camp against Stalinism, servant of Al-Assad!






Since early December, in the Palestinian refugee camp of Yarmouk, sectors of the Palestinian masses began to confront by shooting the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine - General Staff (PFLP-GC). This Stalinist party has played its full role as a fifth-column trying to smash from inside the Palestinian people’s awake, starting in Jordan and continuing into the West Bank and Gaza, now it extends throughout the Palestinian Diaspora. With that purpose, the PFLP-GC counted on the help of the tanks and aircraft of Jackal Al-Assad to kill Palestinian refugees in Syria who have risen, asking for bread, against Bashar’s regime.

After two weeks of fighting and thanks to the heroic combat, the indomitable exploited Palestinians took control of the Yarmouk camp, after most of Stalinist militants deserted. The Palestinian masses even made flee, as a rat, the PFLP-GC leader Ahmed Jibril, a former captain of Syrian army, while the other PFLP members retreated to the northern end of Yarmouk to join their true allies: the genocidal troops Al-Assad’s Army. Long live the struggle of the Palestinian masses of Yarmouk! That’s the fight against the Stalinist fifth-column, servant of Al-Assad and Zionism!

The heroic Palestinian masses in Syria have clearly identified their main enemy within their ranks: Stalinism that throughout the region is responsible for acting as a true fifth-column for openly supporting the genocide of dog Bashar on behalf of imperialism and taking care of the borders of the Zionist-fascist state of Israel.


The PFLP-GC plays the same role as the Kurdish Communist Party. Some months ago came to “ceasefire” agreement with Al-Assad and Kurdish bourgeoisie in the Syrian provinces of Kurdish origin. So the Stalinist scoundrel divided from inside the ranks of Syrian masses’ resistance, subordinating Kurds exploited people to the feet of the butcher Al-Assad.

These are the same scoundrels of the PFLP-GC in 2011, during the anniversary of the Nakba, sent hundreds of disarmed Palestinian youths walking across two crossing borders in the Golan Heights, on the borders with the Zionist occupier. The Israel State's troops attacked them, killing 23 Palestinians and leaving more than 350 wounded. In response for organizing this action, sending disarmed youths to die at the hands of Zionist butchers, exploited Palestinians with righteous anger and sure class instinct, attacked and burned a local of the PFLP-GC.


This time, it is no coincidence the bourgeoisie has sent its Stalinist agent to try to slaughter from inside the uprising in Yarmouk, where about 500,000 Palestinian refugees live. This camp is geographically located on the outskirts of Damascus. The aim of the Syrian bourgeoisie and imperialism is to avoid Palestinian masses refugees in Syria can get the arms and join their class brothers in Syria and the entire region, leading the combat to overthrow the exploiters’ power, to destroy the Zionist state of Israel and the triumph of the revolution in North Africa and Middle East.


This would frustrate the plan of imperialism for Syria: an orderly transition without Al-Assad, like the one they are planning with the bandits of the SNC and Al- Assad’s former generals of the ESL, after Bashar imposed its terrible genocide against the people killing hundreds of thousands of martyrs.


But, the revolution is still alive in the martyred Syria as demonstrate the Palestinian masses and all the big Syrian Resistance which are fighting among the ruins.


If Stalinism can now develop such counterrevolutionary actions is thanks to ex-Trotskyist currents which for decades were devoted to support on its left side, the Communist Parties in all the world and before the revolution in Syria they have imposed a huge siege against the revolutionary masses which are being massacred.


But Yarmouk Palestinian masses demonstrate to all the masses how to deal with the fifth-column of Stalinism in Syria and throughout the region. This is the path the exploited people of Kurdish origin must follow to defeat together with the Syrian mass resistance, the infamous pact of the Kurdish CP with Al-Assad!


A single battle in Damascus and Jerusalem, a single revolution in North Africa and the Middle East! The Palestinian flag must wave again in its capital Jerusalem! For the destruction of the Zionist-fascist state of Israel!






This article has been published by the comrades of the “Fracción Leninista Trotskista Internacional” and the International Committee in Defense of the Syrian Masses. The RCIT is fighting in support of the Syrian Revolution and joined the International Committee in Defense of the Syrian Masses which has been initiated by the FLTI comrades. While we have several political differences with the comrades of the FLTI (e.g. on the united front tactic, the imperialist character of China, the slogan of the Fourth International), we see sufficient agreement for fraternal collaboration with the comrades. We will discuss with the comrades about our differences and hope to overcome them.