FLTI: Bulletin Commitee for Syria, omingo, 4 de noviembre de 2012






During the combats this week we have lost 5 comrades in the battlefront. They are martyrs of the world working class who fought side by side the brigade León Sedov against the killer Al Assad. They are the workers who fougt for bread and expropriating the transnationals to win the war. Together we fought to rebel the prletariat of the whole Middle East and in particular the tormented Palestine people against the fascist zionist state of Israel. Together we fought for the European proletariat to rebel against their imperialist governments and aid their massacred brothers by the genocide Al Assad. They are the internationalist combatants who confronted the treason of those who wanted to make them appear like enemies of the world working class.


With the brigade León Sedov we have fought together with them. They were workers like the builder workers armed with their brick trower , carpenters with their hammer, metallurgic with the steal bars or rail workers with their key “stilson” that started, fought and gave their lives for the fight against Al Assad and the imperialism. They are workers who died fighting like in Marikana massacred by the murderous police and counterrevolutionary COSATU bureaucracy; or like the combatant workers of Foxconn China brutally attacked and killed by the slaver transnationals. Their fight is not and will not be in vain. They are martyrs of the class war at international level. Thus, as we, the internationalist revolutionaries, affirm: the blood is fight and banner in combat against the exploiters and their lackeys and paid killers.


They are youth, the most self-sacrificing advance of the working class of the North of Africa and Middle East till the tormented Palestine that gives life fighting against the exploiters and zionism. OPEN THE ROAD TO THE WORKER YOUTH! Down with the labour aristocracias and bureaucracies, agents of capital! They who get tied to the bourgeois parliaments or boss´desks are indifferent or applaud the massacre against the exploited or shoot from behind, or fight in the barricade and trench of the Al Assad’s murderous troops applauded by Chavez, Castro and all the renegades of marxism.


We swear for their blood that we will fight for the working class and fighting organizations to make bourgeosie, imperialism and lackeys to pay for each of the workers and exploited killed for fighting for bread, jobs, dignity, and freedom. We swear in their honour that before the world exploited’ organizations we will put in the dock the traitors who gave their backs to the heroic fight of the Syrian people, who degrade them and slander and who sustained Obama and all the imperialist butchers. The heroic revolutionary masses don`t deserve the treacherous leaderships they have at the head. We will fight tirelessly for the exploited to have the revolutionary leadership that allow them to conquer victory.


We dedicate this bulletin to the comrades who gave their life for the revolution and to pay tribute to them instead of Publishing the photos of their corpses, we will publish the Photo showing them fighting against the tyrant Al Assad



Abu Mwawyah Al-Massry - Abu Mussa Al-Jazaery - Abu Al-Qayss – Hesham Abu Salamah - Sanad Abu Jatab




Brigade Sevian al-Laith (Brigada León Sedov), adherent to the FLTI





This article has been published by the comrades of the “Fracción Leninista Trotskista Internacional” and the International Committee in Defense of the Syrian Masses. The RCIT is fighting in support of the Syrian Revolution and joined the International Committee in Defense of the Syrian Masses which has been initiated by the FLTI comrades. While we have several political differences with the comrades of the FLTI (e.g. on the united front tactic, the imperialist character of China, the slogan of the Fourth International), we see sufficient agreement for fraternal collaboration with the comrades. We will discuss with the comrades about our differences and hope to overcome them.