FLTI: Recuadro de Egipto, Egypt small article issued in the Bulletin #5 on Jan 2012




The result of the tramp of the referendum on the constitution in Egypt


A fraud against the working class and the exploited ones

The old constitution, now reformed, keeps intact:


• The interest of the transnational companies which plunder Egypt

• The business of the Mubarak generals

• The Agreement of David Camp to watch out the borders of Zionism

• And all the agreements with imperialism


Long live the revolution to conquer bread and freedom!

It is necessary to set up in Tahrir Sq. the power of the exploited ones to expropriate the expropriators!


The results presented by the bourgeoisie itself expresses: 32% of the electoral roll voted, this means 17 million out of the 52 millions of Egyptian calling to vote. Mursi and the Muslim Brotherhood claimed their “success” saying that “64% of the votes were for the New Constitution”, this is the absolute minority. However, and despite the opposition who claimed there was fraud, the tramp played its role as it could take the masses from the squares and streets where they threat to defeat the despicable Mursi.

However the Bonapartist referendum was rejected by the working class and the exploited ones who did not go to vote. The tragedy was that the rage and forces was placed in a strait-jacket by the leaderships who prevented the revolutionary boycott to the referendum which tried to legitimate the reform of the constitution who keep intact the interest of the transnational companies and the Mubarak officers.


The spokespeople of imperialism, conscience of this frail situation, called to “guarantee the national unity for democracy”, as it is alive the new revolutionary uprising of the exploited ones.


If this uprising did not develop is due to the leadership of the working class who have prevented systematically the centralization of the working class and the youth forces, setting the worker and peasant alliance in the street in order to defeat Mursi, with an insurrectional strike of the masses with their armed pickets to smash the murderous officer of the army. The leadership of the unions and the left in Europe keep surrender the masses of North of Africa and Middle East so the revolution does not move forward and even goes over the Mediterranean so it can win within the imperialist Europe. So far if there is no bread, the question is unresolved.


Down with the pro-imperialist new Constitution! Out with Mursi and Muslims Brotherhood!


The single power the exploited should recognize is the one that must gather in Tahrir Square with delegates from all the factories and universities, from the unemployed workers and the ruined peasants to centralize the fight for bread and freedom expropriating the bourgeoisie and imperialism!




This article has been published by the comrades of the “Fracción Leninista Trotskista Internacional” and the International Committee in Defense of the Syrian Masses. The RCIT is fighting in support of the Syrian Revolution and joined the International Committee in Defense of the Syrian Masses which has been initiated by the FLTI comrades. While we have several political differences with the comrades of the FLTI (e.g. on the united front tactic, the imperialist character of China, the slogan of the Fourth International), we see sufficient agreement for fraternal collaboration with the comrades. We will discuss with the comrades about our differences and hope to overcome them.