FLTI (December 18th, 2012):  Shaken by the militant solidarity and internationalism and with thousands of anti imperialist fighters - Sevian al-Laith Brigade (Leon Sedov) and the Internationalist Volunteer Worker Committee went to fight with the slaughter Syrian masses.





Thousands of anti-imperialist workers and exploited, mainly youth, from the entire region went to fight against the genocide of the dog Bashar Al-Assad, the fighters of the Brigade Sevian al-Laith and the Internationalist Volunteer Worker Committee went to fight to Syria. They got into the fight shoulder by shoulder with their class brothers who fight against Bashar Al Assad and its genocide army. When they reached the place the genocide against the masses was developing.

The view was shocked: the restless bombs and the murderous troops of the army have already destroyed hundreds of worker neighborhoods and full cities. Hundreds of thousands of exploited were put under the terrible conditions of sufferings and misery.


The jackal Al Assad does the “dirty work” on behalf of the imperialist powers. The planes and helicopters fully armed were their precious weapon. The resistance and the mass organizations in the Coordination Committees had not a single ground-to-air missile when the uprising started.

Here in the battle field was clear that they fight with knifes, rifles and with the weapons from the soldiers who broke with the army of Al Assad to fight with their class brothers, the exploited of the entire Syria.

The comrades reached the bloody Syria, the one of the millions of uprising workers and exploited who were left alone by the Union bureaucracies and the social imperialist parties who pose to be for the revolution in order to betray it every day.

However, from the same rubble spread by the blood of thousands of martyrs, the masses continued and continue fighting, this time in a resistance phase. The isolation of their fight and the thousands of treasons prevent that the international uprising process in Syria ends up in success, which could make to roll Al Assad’s head as it was done before with Qadafy.

An example of that was the treason as the Communist Party who agreed in the provinces who rules with the murderous Al Assad. As we saw then and we could check in the battle field, it is clearer for the fighter vanguard the terrible role of the “opposition” bourgeoisie and the FSA and its coward generals, who try to destroy the mass self organization bodies, as it is the Coordination Committee, to control militarily the armed masses and used them to negotiate an order way out of the genocide regime of Al Assad. All this was done to expose and left isolated, so it can be slaughter, the best of the Syrian revolutionary vanguard and the anti imperialist fighters who went to fight.


Fighting shoulder by shoulder with this heroic resistance of the exploited, the comrades of the Brigade Sevian al-Laith gave and are giving their lives to defeat the tyrant Bashar and its allies, the imperialist vultures, to end with this genocide and for the success of the Socialist revolution so there are bread, work, freedom and dignity for all the exploited ones.


In order to carry on this revolutionary aim, the fighters of the Brigade Sevian al-Laith reached Syria with a clear program: “to win the war against Al Assad and the murderous troops of the army and for the success of the revolution, it is necessary to expropriate without payment all the factories and the assets of imperialism and their junior partner of the Syrian bourgeoisie, and place them under worker control to conquer bread and hit the bosses where it most hurts: in their pocket and private property”.


The internationalist fighters got into fighting for the self organization of the workers, soldiers and poor peasants so they decide on the war and the fight. The ones who die in the battle field can decide. Thus, they launched mass self-organization and self-determination bodies in war, so there are no place for the generals and officer of the FSA passed at last moment to control from inside the mass civil war.


They arrived at the uprising Syria with great courage, as a result of their convictions, knowing what thousands of workers and exploited from the entire region go to fight against the dog Bashar, knowing that we are in the presence of a single and only revolution in the entire North of Africa and Middle East. This revolution will win with the Palestinian flag waving in Jerusalem, over the destruction of the Zionist State of Israel.


This is what the entire reformist left currents wants to cover and on behalf of “socialism” decided to siege the great Syrian revolution. It was these leaderships, servants of the bourgeoisie, the ones that slander the revolutionary masses accusing them to be “ground-troops of imperialism” or looked to the other side while Al Assad slaughter mercilessly, killing thousands of exploited.


For that reason, the Brigade Sevian al-Laith from first day stood up, as revolutionary slogan to lead the fight to break this siege that all the treacherous leaderships put at world level, supporting the murderous arm of Bashar. The comrades are the advanced ones of the movement that was set up passing huge obstacles, in dozens of countries with the aim to destroy the terrible siege imposed by these leaderships who have their hands with blood stain.

They are part of the International Committee in support of the Syrian masses which is flesh and blood of the thousands of workers that despite and against all the union bureaucracies and the reformist left won the streets in the entire world against the genocide Al Assad.


The Sevian al-Laith Brigade enters the combat in the battlefield


On how the generals of the Free Syrian Army gets travestied to disorganized the internationalist combatants

Defending these fighting banners from the core of the revolutionary Syrian masses, comrades of the Brigade Sevian al-Laith knew perfectly with whom not to be in the battlefront to confront truly the murder Al-Assad, and in which barricade not to be placed, that is, in the barricade of the ex-assadists of the Free Syrian Army (FSL) that have been playing a role in favor of the masses ´enemies.


The combatants of the Brigade Sevian al-Laith knew that all those generals were with Bashar and were obliged to break with that genocide army and pretend they passed on the revolution side because the base soldiers disobeyed any order and unified with their weapons to the insurgent Syrian masses.


They only “pretended” to be “revolutionary” but they only tried- and even try- to control, isolate and mislead the revolutionary masses for them not to defeat the repressive apparatus of Bashar and thus, they could pact from behind masses’ backs an ordered way-out, that is, of Al Assad and a transitional government to expropriate the revolution and masses ´blood.


These generals are loyal servants of the Syrian National Council (SNC), these gathering of coward bosses hidden in five-star hotels with a lot of time for cameras and television of the international press, openly servants of imperialism and its political regimes and socio-economic systems.


The thousands of fighters that arrived in Syria did not trust, and don’t have any illusion in the SNC and its speech of “democracy” and “freedom”. Their objective was crystal clear: defeat the dog Al-Assad and take again the revolutionary offensive road of Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt…and for their fight not to be expropriated by the generals who have a lot of “stars” on their lapels but they don’t fire any bullet against the true occupation troop on account of imperialism, that is, the murderous Al-Assad army.


Having it clear, the internationalist fighters could quickly know those with more experience in the place, in the war against Bashar. But they realized that those brave fighters did not have a clear view on “who was who” in the battlefront.

One of these groups invited the Brigades’ comrades to fight together with them. But something sounded wrong: this brigade seemed to be of the FSA due to his name. Facing this, the Brigade Sevian al-Laith asked the commandant of the group if they were of the FSA and he responded determinedly: “NOOO!!! We are religious fighters”.

Religious fighters!!?? Justly, that was and is the banner under which they chose to fight the thousands of internationalist fighters that reached Syria and did not trust the SNC.


But, what does “religious fighter” really mean?...quickly the internationalist fighters could prove it taking part of the battle with the group previously mentioned. This experience made in the same battlefield showed the huge traps and deceits where the heroic Syrian masses permanently were led. It is showed how the boss politicians, the sold out Stalinist leaderships, etc. made the impossible for the resistance not to win yet.


The first operation was a disaster. The road was eternal. The comings and goings were infinite. The attack to the enemy was totally non-coordinate and the moment of the withdrawal never was announced. Thus, the Brigade Sevian al-Laith together with a handful of fighters were left alone for two hours under the risk of being trapped like hostages or executed in a sudden assault of the enemy. The worst thing was that when the Syrian fighters were asked to which group they belong they responded and swore they were soldiers of the FSA.


But how? Their commandant had said the contrary! Why would he lie? Very grateful for being alive since they were left abandoned on their own, the comrades went to the meeting point where they expected to settle account with the commandant.

Once there, excuse after excuse, the shameless commandant tried to hide the lie. At that moment it was clear why he acted in that way: he was one of the ex-assadist generals of the FSA. But they had to masked themselves as “religious fighters” before the eyes of the internationalist fighters that massively were arriving at Syria to fight for the revolution and did not want to fight under the orders of the FSA’ s generals since internationally it was known very well who they were and his past together with Bashar.


Thus, these generals masked themselves as “jihadistas” naming some brigades with Islamic names to be able to content and gather under their command the internationalist combatants arriving to the battlefield, mostly Muslims.

The experience of the Brigade Sevian al-Laith with the true jihadist groups in the battlefront.

The coward FSA’s generals continue their counterrevolutionary action against the militant vanguard.


In the battlefront, in this civil war, the true jihadist groups were also fighting, most of them gather anti-imperialist fighters. The purpose of these groups ´leaderships is to install an “Islamic government”. According to them, this government will bring the solution to the Syrian People’s sufferings and thus the revolution’s demands will be solved. Moreover, they vindicate firmly anti-U.S., his culture and policy and raise the banners of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Palestine like symbols of resistance to the Yanquee kingdom and remembering the battles carried out at the “beginning of Islam”.

The combatants of the Brigade Sevian al-Laith knew to understand such contradiction in the exploited´s conscience. The most anti-imperialist and relentlessly vanguard leading a just war was on the road to surpass these limits but on their own experience.


As correspondent, I have seen the internationalist fighters fight side by side masses against the murder Al-Assad but also explain patiently that the only government that really can resolve the masses’ demands will be a government of the workers, exploited and their fighting organizations of the North of Africa and Middle East able to guarantee bread, work expropriating bosses and the imperialism all around the region.

But this can only be propelled from the struggle, from the same barricades and trenches of the anti-imperialist fighters and exploited Syrian masses.


Thus, to accompany this experience of struggle and mass self-organization, they decided to join the combat of such anti-imperialist group. Inside it there are full of brave and ferocious fighters for the victory of the revolution and for solving the masses’ demands. This is the contradictory conscience of the fighting vanguard in Syria…they fight for bread, hate imperialism and as regards their struggle, conscience and action they are million times more ahead- “these backward masses” as the reformists like to say- than all the general staffs of the left lackey of imperialism in the planet.

Thus, Brigade Sevian al-Laith returned to the battlefront. But every worker that gave their life fighting against the dog Bashar found the main obstacle that the resistance encountered to advance to reach the victory: the FSA’s generals that were focused on follow each brigade where they went trying to send them to suicidal missions.


Thus, that´s the second reason why the Syrian revolution hasn’t won yet together with the isolation the treacherous leaders imposed on them, that is, the “Trojan Horse” of the FSA’s generals inside it. Many may wonder why these FSA’s generals are acquiring weight in such fight now in his phase of resistance. This is because none organization of the European working class sent brigades to fight in the class war in Syria.


None worker brigades from the French, English, Greek trade unions have come as they did so during the Spain Civil war in the 30s… today it would have changed radically the situation of the Syrian working class and exploited and prevented the manipulation of the exploited’s civil war against Al-Assad on the part of the bourgeoisie.


Surely this left lackey of imperialism will be sorry for the “backward conscience” of the masses fighting Al-Assad that according to them it would be the cause that allow the FSA manipulates. But the cause of it is their treason dividing the European and international working class from those who fight a heroic war against the exploiters in Syria. Many of these currents like the English SWP and his international current the IST lead or have influence on the Egyptian trade unions. We have seen masses demonstrating from Tharir square to the Syrian embassies at the war cry: “Al-Assad guards the borders of Zionism” but we haven’t seen the leaders and unions led by them sending combatants, food, money, medicine, etc. to dispute the war leadership to the bourgeoisie in the civil war against Al-Assad.


Thus, these FSA generals know very well how to try to break the fighting moral of the militia-men. One of the so many lies is to say “we need you with us to fight in a city that is nearly liberated, in a 60%, 70% o maybe 80%”. This filled of joy the different brigades after a year and a half of genocide, tiredness and massacre with the Al-Assad army armed to the teeth. But the FSA generals encouraged them to go to the battle while ordering the withdrawal to their own soldiers.

Therefore, the brave brigades stayed alone, isolated in the battlefront as cannon flesh to be massacred by the kalb Al-Assad army. And if even under such conditions the brigades achieved any victory, the coward rats of the FSA took all the credit for the victory and the military booty and supplies handled only by the generals and they don’t let any soldier touch it.

As generals of the “opponent” bourgeoisie, they fear much more that masses get armed and self-organized like in Libya than the own Al-Assad with whom they seek a pact of transition towards “democracy” and to prevent that the exploiters’ state can be dislocated by the revolutionary victory.


One of the so many traps they tried to impose on Brigade Sevian al-Laith was to tell them: “we besieged a small town of basharist soldiers; we have a great quantity of weapons, artillery, and infantry, we need a group like yours to assault, it is clear, after using all our potential”. Believing that the dog’s army was out of supplies, eroded and decreased, the brigade was ready to assault. But at the moment of action it was witnessed how the FSA generals put away all their armament and since their deployment resulted less harmful than a rain, while they gave the order “now, enter now” they left them alone again in the vanguard before basharist forces not decreased at all. Understanding this play, the comrades decided not to advance till the FSA ends up using all his armament.


But their plan was carefully thought: instead of using all the artillery, these coward men “sent” their troops to make believe combatants they would carry out the assault. They advanced 100 meters and the group of combatants unified them. But at the 200 meters, the group was alone again since all the FSA troops refolded and abandoned the battlefield because the order given by the generals was to retreat. When the group reached the battle front saw that the dog Bashar army instead of being eroded without supply was very well armed, strengthened. For these Al-Assad generals’ responsibility disguised as FSA, two new martyrs shed their blood and four were injured.

After this event, the jihadist group’s leader gave the preventive order that if in any future operation the same could happen again, they must shoot any member of the FSA who contradict the battle plan agreed previously since it was already clear that the plan was always changed to leave fighters at the mercy of the basharist army. In fact, the leader added “your enemy now is the FSA”. However, the comrades of the Brigade Sevian al-Laith could know that this question was not welcome among all the leadership of the group. Few days after, the leaders was accused falsely of misappropriation of funds. With this excuse he was removed from their post. It was proved the collaborationism between the jihadist groups’ leaders and the high command of the FSA.


The current fight of the Brigade Sevian al-Laith so that the revolution against imperialism and al their lackeys win.

The Brigade Sevian al-Laith as all the fighters of the uprising working class and exploited needed to overpass all type of traps from the generals of the FSA (today they are disguised with other names) in order to fight against the murderous army of Bashar. These are the generals who are preparing to expropriate the revolution.


For that reason the fighters of the Brigade Sevian al-Laith fight decisively these generals and the pirates of the SNC who have the support of the governments of the imperialist powers, from the Arab countries and other nations that call themselves “friends of Syria”. They are the same governments that supported Al Assad so he can smash the revolution. So far the revolution, after using Bashar so he can make the “dirty work”, he is being left aside and has agreed an order plan to take him out of power. For that reason all this bandits declared that “Bashar opposition is the one that has to rule the legitimate government of Syria”.


Having this aim, the fighters of the Brigade Sevian al-Laith denounced: the generals of the FSA are in a hurry to get territory specially fighting “easy” fights. This is because when the army of the dog was strong, it was not the generals of the FSA the ones that fought them against. It was the Syrian masses and the internationalist fighters who did it. When the FSA saw that the exploited were going to success, quickly they send their troops to fight under their command, so that they could expropriate the success of the armed masses and in this way make them believe that it was thank to them.

Thus, while the resistance gave their lives in the battle field, where the blood of thousands of workers and internationalist martyrs was spread, without any help from the generals of the FSA, they claimed from the beginning that they had ground-to-air missile SAM7 preparing to smash Bashar’s plane. With this, they tried to hack mail the Brigade Sevian al-Laith and all the militant groups so they stayed with them, as they have heavy weapons that they said they received it from Libya. But these were never used against Bashar planes which fully bombed the entire Syria leaving in ruins everything.

When they could not hide anymore that they have those missiles, these generals gave excuses of all kind why they were not used saying that “we kept them for Palestine or when the situation get worse and they would be more necessary”.

It was when they were giving the ok from their imperialist chief, they start showing the weapons to move forward in the plan to defeat the revolution.


In this way, the generals of the FSA were moving and wining territory, getting more international acknowledge while they declared they have already prepared the transition.

Even in this situation in Syria there are many workers and youth fighting for the real revolution, without being under the control of the generals of the FSA. This is the case of the Brigade Sevian al-Laith and thousands of internationalist fighters.

For that reason from Obama to the generals of the FSA, going through all the representatives of the “Syria friends” declared openly the presence of “terrorist organizations enemies of the freedom” in Syria. They referred to the brigades. With this slanders seek to isolate the masses and prepare the conditions as soon as they take the legacy of Bashar, they would be shooting against the fighters as Al Assad used to do it and continues doing it.


If this does not success, NATO is settled in Turkey in the borders with Syria with high tech weapons to be used against the masses when it is necessary.


The ones that pose as “friends of the revolution”, champions of the freedom and democracy” are in reality the grave digger of the revolutions. They came to steal the fight of the Syrian masses and the internationalist who were fighting. They also come to smash the ones that Bashar could not kill. This is possible so far because, due to the actions of the union bureaucracies and the worker aristocracy of the world and their social-imperialist parties. They have fenced the Syrian revolution. They support the expropriator governments, posed as “democratic” and their fake anti democratic “Constituent Assembly”, in order to take away from the masses their fight for bread and against imperialism, this is the fight for the worker revolution which started in Tunisia and today has reached Gaza.


The uprising process which split the Syrian army, that set up the Coordination Committees with workers, peasants and soldiers some months ago have moved back. So far there are exploited who fight against the hunger and the genocide in Syria and the entire Middle East the resistance is alive.


For that reason the fighters of the Brigade Sevian al-Laith keep fighting today more than ever, with it organization, with the best of the vanguard and the Syrian masses. Knowing that in order to fight against and defeat Al Assad it is necessary to fight for the masses break with the generals of the FSA, the SNC and all their friends. Their fight is for all the honest revolutionary fighters, from Syria or other countries, who are fighting for the success of the revolution, do not keep under the commands of the generals of the FSA, break with them and unified their forces against Bashar and take in their hands the fight for the success of the revolution in the entire North of Africa and Middle East.






This article has been published by the comrades of the “Fracción Leninista Trotskista Internacional” and the International Committee in Defense of the Syrian Masses. The RCIT is fighting in support of the Syrian Revolution and joined the International Committee in Defense of the Syrian Masses which has been initiated by the FLTI comrades. While we have several political differences with the comrades of the FLTI (e.g. on the united front tactic, the imperialist character of China, the slogan of the Fourth International), we see sufficient agreement for fraternal collaboration with the comrades. We will discuss with the comrades about our differences and hope to overcome them.