FLTI (Jan 2013):  Bashar Al-Assad bombed a bakery in Halfaya, murdering hundreds of women and children who were waiting for a loaf of bread! 


Bashar keeps killing the masses on behalf of imperialism, while USA and the European powers together with the Syrian “opposition” negotiated an “order transition” to expropriate the revolution!







A new and ferocious slaughter stained with blood the streets of Syria. Last December 23rd, Al-Assad slaughtered with planes Mig hundreds of women and children who queued at a bakery to get bread in the town of Halfaya in Hama Province. Hundreds and hundreds of exploited were wounded. Those who survived did everything they could to help their bloodied mates in the rubble, while a photographer who was there, captured everything that happened, exclaiming with rage: "Bombs with Mig. Look world, look, the slaughter of Halfaya".

These bloody bombings were not random: thousands of exploited ones, with hunger were waiting in that bakery to get a loaf of bread after days and days of flour and food shortages.


This is how the jackal Al-Assad answers to smash the revolution that the Syrian masses began to get the bread! This is why one of the favorite targets of the troops of the Syrian army are just the bakeries and stores, which attract thousands of exploited who attempt to get some bread in the middle of widespread hunger, enormous suffering and a genocide that has already taken the lives of more than 300,000 workers.


In this way, Al-Assad continues to do the "dirty work" on behalf of imperialism to slaughter the revolutionary masses, while the imperialist powers with that cave of bandits of UN, the Arab League, the pirates of the "National Coalition" and the generals of the Free Syrian Army, which did not a shot a single gunshot against Bashar’s army and did not have a single men dead, negotiate a replacement of the regime to impose the "peace of the graveyard" based on the terrible bloodshed of the working class which is clapped by the bosses worldwide.

This is the counterrevolutionary pact which is being developed in Syria led by Obama and all the imperialist powers, with which the expropriators seek to expropriate the revolution, restore Assad regime without Assad and support the fascist Zionist state of Israel. This is what all the imperialist pirates and their lackeys of the bourgeoisie in Syria negotiate at the back of the masses while the exploited ones keep putting their dead men in the battlefield!


It is necessary to smash Al-Assad and his occupation troops! It is necessary not to recognize all the agreements between Obama, the generals of Al-Assad, the FSA, the SNC and the "National Coalition" of the bourgeois "opposition"! We do not recognize any pact, agreement or government of exploiters! All the power to the Local Coordination Committees and Committees of rank and file soldiers! A single class, a single revolution across the region! For the success of the revolution across North Africa and the Middle East!


The capitalist barbarism continues showing its bloodiest side in front of the eyes of the exploited around the world. The worker neighborhoods reduced to rubble are the cruelest reflection of what the bosses can do to defend their business and property. The workers of the tormented Syria claimed for the support of their class brothers and sisters, while the scoundrels of the social-imperialist left, the union bureaucracy and all the reformist currents look to the other way while Al-Assad and his allies slaughter merciless.


Enough! We must stop the genocide of Al-Assad! It is necessary to send medicine and food to the Syrian resistance! Around the world, it is necessary to win the streets with all kinds of fighting actions with effective support to the Syrian exploited to break the siege and against the genocide in Syria! For International Brigades of all the worker organizations to help the masses of Syria!


The working class from U.S., Europe and other imperialist powers should paralyze the docks from which shipped weapons, ammunition and food are send to the murderous troops of Al-Assad, and send food, medicine and weapons to the great Syrian resistance!




This article has been published by the comrades of the “Fracción Leninista Trotskista Internacional” and the International Committee in Defense of the Syrian Masses. The RCIT is fighting in support of the Syrian Revolution and joined the International Committee in Defense of the Syrian Masses which has been initiated by the FLTI comrades. While we have several political differences with the comrades of the FLTI (e.g. on the united front tactic, the imperialist character of China, the slogan of the Fourth International), we see sufficient agreement for fraternal collaboration with the comrades. We will discuss with the comrades about our differences and hope to overcome them.