Changes in RCIT Publication Policy


Announcement by the Editorial Board of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), 25 August 2021,




Dear readers,


The substantial growth of the RCIT in the past period has resulted in a massive increase of the documents which we publish every day. Most importantly, we could extremely increase the number of Spanish-language articles as the comrades of Convergencia Socialista (our new section in Argentina) publishes about two articles every day. However, we could also substantially increase the number of English-language articles.


Naturally, this is a very good thing in itself and we are glad to see such growth. It enables us to follow all important world political events and to respond to them with serious analysis and revolutionary programmatic answers. In addition, we are able to produce deeper studies on key issues of world politics and Marxist theory.


However, it also makes certain changes necessary in our policy concerning the RCIT’s printed journals. If we would continue to print all material which we publish in English language, we would have to publish four or more journals (with 20-24 pages) every month! Obviously, this is too much for an organization which is still relatively small, and which has only modest resources.


We will therefore no longer put all documents which we publish on our website also in the journals. Instead, we will print only a selection of this material in “Revolutionary Liberation” resp. “Revolutionary Communism” (our theoretical magazine). Naturally, all statements and articles remain accessible as they will continue to be published on our website.


As always, we appreciate comments, criticism and feedback from our readers!