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Campaign of the RCIT: International Workers Aid for the Ukraine


[MANIFESTO] Ukraine War: A Turning Point of World Historic Significance

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Ukraine War: An Action Program for Authentic Socialists

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Ukraine War: Join the International Solidarity Campaign – Support the Sunflower Convoy!

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Website of the Sunflower Convoy


RCIT Declaration for Lviv Conference in Solidarity with the Ukrainian People (1.5.2022)

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[PAMPHLET] World Situation: In the Midst of a Global Political Tornado (April 2022)

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Joint Statement on the Ukraine War (UIT-CI, LIT-CI & RCIT)

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Only 6 out of 16 (The Finnish “Left Alliance” & the parliamentary vote about NATO membership)


Sweden and Finland Seek NATO Membership: Down with all Imperialist Powers!

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“Athens Declaration” on Ukraine War of the "Progressive Internationale": A Disorientation Smoke Grenade

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Against Pro-NATO Social-Imperialism in the Name of Solidarity with the Ukraine

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The Program of Great Russian Totalitarism (Patrushev Interview)


Ukraine War: RCIT Leaders Speak at a Public Online Event (19.3.2022)

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Interview with a Ukrainian Socialist serving at the Joint Force Operation (JFO)

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[VIDEO] Ukraine on MayDay 2022: Michael Pröbsting speaks at ILNSS Conference

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G-20: Inter-Imperialist Rivalry on the Diplomatic Terrain

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Russia’s Monopolies: An International Comparison

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Once Again on Russian Imperialism (Reply to Critics)

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Why Socialists Should Not Support Imperialist Sanctions or the United Nations

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Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov claims Hitler was a Jew


On the Breakdown of the Russian Army


Centrists, Learn to Think!


The ISA opposes delivery of weapons to Ukraine to fight Russian imperialism


Sinking the "Moscow" Cruiser: A Significant Blow to Russian Military Prestige

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Brazil: Debate about Ukraine War and Russian Imperialism (Video)


For the fraternization of Russian and Ukrainian soldiers!

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A Revealing Document of Great Russian Totalitarianism (RIA Novosti)

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LIT-CI “Would Undoubtedly Defend Russia"

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No to Workers Boycott against Russia but Yes to Boycotting the Ukraine? (Critique of PTS/FT)

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[VIDEO] War in Ukraine: Interview with Russian Socialist


[VIDEO] A Revolutionary Socialist from Russia Speaks Out in Solidarity with Ukraine


Racist Zionism and the Ukrainian refugees – Continuation

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On the attitude of revolutionary Marxists to Imperialist War

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A Servant of Imperialism Replaces the Master (CPUSA supports Washington against Russia)

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Japan: Stalinist JCP Supports Western Sanctions against Russia

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Rally on the 11th Anniversary of the Syrian Revolution 2011 (also in Solidarity with the Ukrainian People)

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[VIDEO] Support the Ukrainian People against Putin’s Invasion


Argentina: Rally in Support of the Ukrainian People (15.3.2022)

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Defend Ukraine! Defeat Russian & NATO Imperialism! (War Platform for Socialists in Russia & Ukraine)

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Down with Putin’s Imperialist War against the Ukraine!

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A new turning point in Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine

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The Ukraine War and the Second Sino-Japanese War: A Historical Analogy

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What do we know about Zelensky’s government?

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Ukraine: No Changes of the Labor Laws during the War!

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UK: Demonstration against the Russian Invasion of the Ukraine

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MTC (Costa Rica): Putin is a War Criminal!

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Ukraine War: Dockworkers Boycott Imperialist Russia

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Can Socialists Support Imperialist Sanctions?

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Interview with a Ukrainian left-wing activist in Kyiv

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The IMT and the Ukraine War: A Shameful Betrayal

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Dozens of Nazi groups support the invasion of Ukraine

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A statement by the ISL on the Russia-Ukraine War


Ukraine: The Capture of Berdyansk or the True Goals of the Kremlin's Military Company

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Interview with Kharkiv Socialist about the War in the Ukraine

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Racist Zionism and the Ukrainian refugees

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Neither NATO nor Russia! Down with all Imperialist Warmongers!

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The Current NATO-Russia Conflict and the Anti-Imperialist Tasks of Revolutionaries

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PAMPHLET: Putin’s Poodles (Pro-Russian Stalinists and their arguments in the current NATO-Russia Conflict)

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PAMPHLET: The Peculiar Features of Russian Imperialism

English   русский   Español   Português   Deutsch    한국어   Preface to the Russian Translation of the Pamphlet


The Ukraine and the looming Russian Invasion

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Putin’s Recognition of Donbass “Republics” – A Major Escalation in the Inter-Imperialist Conflict

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NATO-Russia Conflict: Platform of Socialists in Russia and the Ukraine

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Defeat the Russian invasion with popular militias independent from NATO

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Convergencia Socialista (Argentina) organizes Rally against Russian invasion in Front of Embassy (26.2.2022)

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NATO-Russia Conflict: Is this the Beginning of the War in the Ukraine?



NATO-Russia Conflict: Socialists Oppose Both Imperialist Camps! (Joint Statement of RCIT & RSL-Kenya)


A Progressive Step Towards Anti-Imperialism (KKE opposes both Great Powers in NATO-Russia conflict)



1914 or 1939?



Is Russia “Dependent on Western Imperialism”? (On the LIT-CI statement on the current NATO-Russia conflict)

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Bernie Sanders and the current NATO-Russia Conflict

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NATO-Russia Conflict: “Trotskyists” in the Camp of Russian Imperialism

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The Significance of the Putin-Xi Meeting

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NATO-Russia Conflict: The “Party of the European Left” as Government Adviser for EU Imperialism

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NATO-Russia Conflict: The Anglo-Saxon ‘Marxist’ Tendency


Заметка про ООН и позиции левых о миротворцах в Украине


[ESSAY] Michael Pröbsting: Russian Imperialism and Its Monopolies

New Politics   International Viewpoint   СПІЛЬНЕ/COMMONS (Ukraine)   Grenzeloos (Netherlands)   Preface for Ukrainian Translation


Anti-Imperialism in the Age of Great Power Rivalry [BOOK]


Theses on Revolutionary Defeatism in Imperialist States


Compilation of Articles on the Popular Uprising in Kazakhstan


Compilation of Articles on the U.S. Defeat in Afghanistan


Servants of Two Masters. Stalinism and the New Cold War between Imperialist Great Powers [PAMPHLET]



Convergencia Socialista at a rally against Russian invasion in Front of the Embassy

Solidarity for the Ukrainian people – against NATO and Russia!

Report (with Video) by Convergencia Socialista (Argentinian Section of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency, RCIT), 26 February 2022, and


Commentary by the Editorial Board of the RCIT: An important activity in Solidarity with the Ukrainian resistance against the invasion by imperialist Russia was organized by our comrades in Argentina. In the video, our comrade Juan Carlos speaks about the just struggle against the invasion. We as RCIT fully condemn the Russian imperialist attack. We fully reject any interference by Western imperialism in this conflict, namely NATO, the European Union and the United States. For an independent, free and socialist Ukraine!


Today, together with other organizations - Razón y Revolución and Comuna Socialista- we carry out a rally in front of the Russian embassy, repudiating the invasion of the army commanded by "Tsar" Putin, calling for the broadest unity of action to stand in solidarity with the Ukrainian people, fighting the troops of Russian imperialism.


Watch the video of the speech by Juan Carlos here:



Discurso de CS en acto contra invasión rusa frente a la embajada


Hoy realizamos, junto a otras organizaciones -Razón y Revolución y Comuna Socialista- un acto frente a la embajada rusa, repudiando la invasion del ejército comandado por el "Zar" Putin, convocando a la más amplia unidad de acción para solidarizarnos con el pueblo ucraniano que combate a las tropas del imperialismo ruso.

Аргентина: Митинг в поддержку украинского народа

Демонтсрация аргентинской секции РКИТ напротив посольства России в Аргентине.

Комментарий редакции: это важная акция солидарности с украинским сопротивлением против вторжения империалистической России была организована нашими товарищами в Аргентине. В видео Хуан Карлос говорит о справедливой борьбе украинцев против вторжения путинских оккупантов. Мы, РКИТ, полностью осуждаем нападение путинских империалистов. Мы также полностью выступаем против любого вмешательства в этот конфликт западного империализма, а именно НАТО, Европейского Союза и Соединенных Штатов. За независимую, свободную и социалистическую Украину!
Сегодня вместе с другими организациями, а именно Razón y Revolución и Comuna Socialista, мы проводим митинг перед посольством России, осуждая вторжение армии «царя» Путина, призывая к широчайшему единству всех социалистов, чтобы быть солдиарными с украинским народом, сражающимся с войсками русского империализма.
Видео с выступлением Хуана Карлоса смотрите здесь: 

Defeat the Russian invasion with popular militias independent from NATO

Article by Damián Quevedo (Convergencia Socialista – Argentina),


Despite the enormous Russian military superiority, the invasion of Ukraine does not seem to be a breeze, not because of the opposing forces, both the Ukrainian government and the Ukrainian army, but because of the emergence of a process of popular resistance that is spreading day by day.


No imperialist power, which Russia is, was able to sustain - in recent years - an occupation without a very high military and political cost. From Vietnam to today, going through the defeat of Israel in Lebanon or those of U.S. and Russia in Afghanistan, or even the Zionist occupation of Palestine, it is practically impossible for the rulers of the world to deploy troops in cities without suffering substantial casualties.


It is for this reason that, for years, imperialist invasions or attacks have limited themselves to bombing the civilian population, destroying everything possible (what is not of interest to the capitalists) before thinking about ground troops. The current invasion of Ukraine does not seem to be the exception, since Putin's army seems to be advancing steadily and at an accelerated pace, but has not yet been able to take major cities or to held Kiev.


In recent days, popular militias have begun to organize themselves, made up of workers, small businessmen, men and women with no military experience who are organizing themselves to stop the Russian invasion. These irregular formations, although they were promoted by the government and trained by the army, constitute a double-edged sword for the regime and a problem for the imperialists.


The democratic characteristics of these threaten a basic principle of the bourgeois state, which is the control of weapons by uniformed men who respond with discipline to their commands, the officers educated in the schools of capitalism. Beyond the intentions of the government, by putting guns in the hands of the working class and the people, it is creating conditions for the masses to experience the exercise of power, self-organized resistance and, in fact, taking away the monopoly of the force from the state.


This situation can open a process with a dynamic that lead objectively to the formation of organizations of workers' and popular power, a reality that not only pushes the war, but also the development of a situation, which tends to become revolutionary, something similar to what happened during World War II. This, despite its inter-imperialist character, gave rise to the creation of national guerrillas, such as in Yugoslavia, Greece, France or Italy, which fought against the Nazis out of their own interests.


We revolutionaries must decisively support the people in the struggle against the invasion and, within this framework, encourage the formation of militias to resist the invasion, but fighting so that they are independent of the government and of any of the imperialist factions. For that, they will have to be endowed with a socialist leadership and program, this being the only guarantee to achieve true self-determination in Ukraine and for all peoples.




Derrotar la invasión rusa con milicias populares independientes de la OTAN

Por Damián Quevedo (Convergencia Socialista),

A pesar de la enorme superioridad militar rusa, la invasión de Ucrania no parece ser un paseo, no por la fuerza que puedan oponer, tanto el gobierno como el ejército ucranianos, sino por el surgimiento de un proceso de resistencia popular que se extiende día a día.  

Ninguna potencia imperialista, como lo es Rusia, pudo sostener -en los últimos años- una ocupación sin un altísimo costo, militar y político. Desde Vietnam hasta hoy, pasando por la derrota de Israel en el Líbano o las de EEUU y Rusia en Afganistán, incluso contemplando la ocupación sionista de Palestina, es prácticamente imposible para los dueños del mundo desplegar tropas en ciudades sin sufrir bajas sustanciales.  

Es por esta razón, desde hace años, las invasiones o los ataques imperialistas se limitan a bombardear a la población civil, arrasando todo lo posible (lo que no es de interés para los capitalistas) antes de pensar en el desembarco de tropas. La actual invasión de Ucrania no parece ser la excepción, ya que si bien, el ejército de Putin da la impresión de avanzar sin pausa y a un ritmo acelerado, aún no ha podido tomar ciudades importantes y tampoco entrar a Kiev.  

En estos últimos días, comenzaron a organizarse milicias populares, formadas por trabajadores, pequeños comerciantes, hombres y mujeres sin experiencia militar que se organizan para frenar la invasión rusa. Estas formaciones irregulares, si bien fueron promovidas por el gobierno y formadas por el ejército, constituyen un arma de doble filo para el régimen y un problema para los imperialistas.  

Las características democráticas de estas, atentan contra un principio básico del Estado burgués, que es el control de las armas por parte de uniformados que responden disciplinadamente a sus mandos, la oficialidad educada en las escuelas del Capitalismo. Más allá de las intenciones del gobierno, al poner fusiles en manos de la clase obrera y el pueblo, está creando condiciones para que las masas experimenten el ejercicio del poder, auto-organizado la resistencia y, en los hechos, quitándole el monopolio de la fuerza al Estado.  

Esta situación puede abrir un proceso, cuya dinámica lo lleve a conformar, objetivamente, organismos de poder obrero y popular, una realidad que no solo empuja la guerra, sino el desarrollo de la situación, que tiende a convertirse en revolucionaria, algo parecido a lo que sucedió durante la Segunda guerra. Esta, a pesar de su carácter inter imperialista, dio lugar a la creación de guerrillas nacionales, como en Yugoeslavia, Grecia, Francia o Italia, que peleaban contra los nazis por sus propios intereses.

Los revolucionarios debemos apoyar decididamente al pueblo en lucha contra la invasión y, en ese marco, alentar la conformación de milicias para resistir la invasión, pero luchando para que estas sean independientes del gobierno y de cualquiera de las fracciones imperialistas. Para eso habrá que dotarlas de una dirección y un programa socialistas, siendo esta la única garantía para que se conquiste una verdadera autodeterminación en Ucrania y todos los pueblos.


Report by the Agrupación de Lucha Socialista (ALS), Section of RCIT in Mexico, 28 February 2022, and


On Saturday, 26th February, various left organizations rallied in front of the Russian embassy in Mexico to oppose the military invasion orchestrated by the Russian oligarchy (represented by Vladimir Putin) against the Ukrainian people. Dozens of Mexican activists and militants join the massive protests that have spread throughout the world, particularly in Europe, against the war and in support of the working people of Ukraine. They are already suffering with thousands of victims due to the interests of the different imperialist powers that are disputing not only the Eurasian region but the entire world. All of this while we face the deepening of the current world economic crisis that is accelerating the decomposition of the capitalist system on a planetary scale.


We as Agrupación de Lucha Socialista (ALS) will continue to act in rejection of the war and raise our voices against all aggressions and interventions (from every imperialist power) whether in Ukraine or in any other nation that is dragged into barbarism. We stand for the freedom and independence of the Ukrainian people and the need for general armament to expel both the Russian military troops and to overthrow the current government of President Zelensky. Fascist gangs, puppets of NATO's imperialist interests in the region must be stopped. Only a workers' government, made up of workers' and popular militias, will be able to put an end to the violence perpetrated against oppressed nationalities. Only this can guarantee the sovereignty and independence of Ukraine against the imperialist aspirations of both Russia and all Western powers, coalesced in form of the NATO.












Videos of the rally:


Ukraine: The Capture of Berdyansk or the True Goals of the Kremlin's Military Company

Article by Ingmar Vshtyrsky, RCIT supporter in Ukraine, 28 February 2022, and


Yesterday, on the 27 February, the Russian army entered Berdyansk. It is a seaside resort town in the south of the Zaporozhye region and in the South of Ukraine.


A video is published on the web showing soldiers with white armbands standing in front of a building, presumably the building of the city council. Indignant local residents join them in masses, singing the anthem of Ukraine, confronting the invaders with their last words, i.e. showing them that they are not welcome in every possible way.


The Ukrainian media post this out of patriotic motives, as an indicator of the patriotism of the city's inhabitants. At the same time, they do not focus on the fact that the city is most likely surrendered or will soon be under full control by Russian troops. Most of the attention in the media and social networks is given to the sorties of the enemy’s sabotage groups in the capital and Kharkov. Ukrainian persons savor the burnt equipment, the surrendering Russians, and funny hat-bearing memes. They say that 4 days have passed, but Kyiv has not been taken. At the same time, it is forgotten that for example in the Donbas region, Ukraine lost Stanytsia Luhanska and several other small settlements in the Lugansk region. Mariupol in the south of the Donetsk region risks being surrounded. Volnovakha is already surrounded with a humanitarian catastrophe happening in the city. This is all developing while victorious reports are given, fascinating so many.


Before falling into blind optimism, it is worth asking the question: do we correctly understand the goals of the enemy? Even before this phase of the war, the Russians made no secret of the fact that they could use a land corridor to Crimea, cut off by annexation from "mainland" Ukraine.


This was no secret to the media and experts: back in 2015, the capture of part of the south of Ukraine, including Mariupol, was indicated among the scenarios for a future war. Why has everyone forgotten about this by 2022?


More surprising is the amnesia on Donbass. Literally, on the eve of the war, with the recognition by the Russian Federation, the goal was actually proclaimed: the borders of the Donetsk People's Republic and Luhansk People's Republic should be expanded to the territorial-administrative boundaries of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions. Thus, parts of the Donbas which are now controlled by Ukraine should also come under the control of the Kremlin proxies.


Therefore, it is worth understanding, admitting the thought: are these strange raids of small groups and selective shelling of Kyiv and Kharkov just a cover for a larger operation in southern Ukraine with offensives in the Donbass?


Украина: взятие Бердянска или истинные цели военной компании Кремля

Ингмар Вштырский, сторонник РКИТ в Украине, 27 февраля 2022,


Вчера, 27 февраля, российская армия вошла в Бердянск. Это приморский курортный город на юге Запорожской области на Юге Украины.


В сети публикуют видео, как солдаты с белыми повязками стоят перед зданием, предположительно, зданием горсовета, а возмущенные местные жители массово выходят к ним, поют гимн Украины, кроют захватчиков последними словами, т.е. всячески показывая то, что им не рады.


СМИ Украины постят это из патриотических мотивов, как показатель патриотизма жителей города, но при этом не сосредотачивают внимание, что город, скорее всего, сдан или скоро будет под полным контролем. Большую же часть внимания в медиа и соцсетях уделяют вылазкам ДРГ противника в столице и Харькове. Украинцы смакуют сожжённую технику, сдающихся в плен россиян и кидают смешные шапкозакидательские мемы. Говорят, прошло 4 дня, а Киев не взят. При этом забывается, что на донбасском направлении, к примеру, Украина потеряла Станицу Луганскую и еще несколько мелких населенных пунктов в Луганской области, а Мариуполь на юге Донецкой области рискует быть окружен. Окружена уже Волноваха, в городе гуманитарная катастрофа. Это все просиходит под победные реляции, под власть которых попадают многие.


Прежде чем впадать в оптимизм, стоит задаться вопросом: правильно ли мы понимаем цели противника? Еще до этой фазы войны россияне не скрывали, что им не помешал бы сухопутный коридор в Крым, отрезанному аннексией от "материковой" Украины. Это не было секретом для СМИ и экспертов: среди сценариев будущей войны еще в 2015 указывался захват части юга Украины, включая Мариуполь. Почему же к 2022 году все забыли об этом?


Более удивительна амнезия по Донбассу. Буквально, накануне войны, когда РФ признала ЛДНР, фактически была провозглашена цель: границы ДНР и ЛНР должны быть расширены до территориально-административных границ Донецкой и Луганской областей. Таким образом, под контроль кремлевских прокси должны перейти и подконтрольные ныне Украине части Донбасса.


Потому стоит понять, допустить мысль: не являются ли эти странные рейды малых групп и выборочные обстрелы Киева и Харькова всего лишь прикрытием более масштабной операции на юге Украины с наступлениями в Донбассе?


Defend Ukraine against Putin’s Invasion! Defeat Russian and NATO Imperialism!


War Platform for Socialists in Russia and the Ukraine


Issued by Russian and Ukrainian Activists of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), 1 March 2022,




The Russian invasion in the Ukraine is a turning point of world historic significance. We call all socialists in the Ukraine and in Russia to join the RCIT on the basis of the following principles.


1. Defend the Ukraine! Defeat Russian imperialism!


2. For popular militias to defeat the Russian invaders!


3. In Russia, we say: “The main enemy is at home!” Support the anti-war activities in Russia! Russian soldiers: Turn the guns around! For the transformation of the imperialist war into a revolutionary crisis of the Putin regime!


4. In the Ukraine, we say: Victory for the just war of the Ukrainian people! No political support for the Zelensky regime which is a lackey of NATO imperialism! For a Workers’ Government! Join VTO and other militias to fight against the invasion by Russia! Fight for the transformation of the VTO into independent popular militias!


5. For an independent and socialist Ukraine which recognizes the rights of all minorities!


6. Neither NATO nor Russia! Down with imperialist warmongering by all Great Powers! No to the imperialist policy of sanctions!


7. For an international popular solidarity campaign with the Ukrainian national resistance – independent of any imperialist influence!


8. Support the formation of an independent workers party in the Ukraine as well as in Russia!


9. Forward in the struggle for international socialism!


10. If you agree with this, join the RCIT in building a Revolutionary World Party!




Все на защиту Украины от вторжения России! За поражение империализма России и стран НАТО!


Военная платформа для социалистов России и Украины


Издана российскими и украинскими активистами Революционного коммунистического интернационала (РКИТ), 1 марта 2022 года,




Российское вторжение в Украину является поворотным пунктом всемирно-исторического значения. Мы призываем всех социалистов на Украине и в России присоединиться к РКИТ на основе следующих принципов.


1. Все на защиту Украины! За поражение российского империализма!


2. За народное ополчение, за победу над российскими оккупантами!


3. В России мы говорим: «Главный враг - дома!» Поддержите антивоенные акции в России! Российские солдаты: Поверните оружие! За превращение империалистической войны в революционный кризис путинского режима!


4. В Украине мы говорим: «Победа справедливой войны украинского народа! Никакой политической поддержки режиму Зеленского, который является лакеем империализма НАТО! За правительство трудящихся! Вступайте в Территориальную оборону и другие ополчения для борьбы против вторжения России! Боритесь за преобразование Территориальной обороны в независимое народное ополчение!»


5. За независимую и социалистическую Украину, которая признает права всех меньшинств!


6. Ни НАТО, ни Россия! Долой империалистическую подстрекательскую политику всех великих держав! Нет империалистической политике санкций!


7. За международную кампанию народной солидарности с украинским национальным сопротивлением - независимо от любого империалистического влияния!


8. За создание независимой рабочей партии на Украине, как и в России!


9. Вперед в борьбе за международный социализм!


10. Если вы согласны с этим, присоединяйтесь к РКИТ в создании Всемирной революционной партии!


Defenda a Ucrânia contra a invasão de Putin! Derrotar o Imperialismo russo e da OTAN!


Plataforma de guerra para socialistas na Rússia e na Ucrânia



Emitido por Activistas Russos e Ucranianos da Corrente Comunista Revolucionária Internacional (CCRI/RCIT), 1 de Março de 2022,





A invasão russa na Ucrânia é um ponto de viragem do significado histórico mundial. Chamamos todos os socialistas na Ucrânia e na Rússia para se juntarem ao CCRI/RCIT com base nos seguintes princípios.



1. Defendam a Ucrânia! Derrotar o imperialismo russo!



2. Pelass milícias populares derrotarem os invasores russos!



3. Na Rússia, dizemos nós: "O principal inimigo está em casa! " Apoiar as atividades antiguerra na Rússia! Soldados russos: Virem as armas ao contrário! Para a transformação da guerra imperialista em uma crise revolucionária do regime de Putin!



4. Na Ucrânia, dizemos nós: Vitória para a justa guerra do povo ucraniano! Nenhum apoio político ao regime de Zelensky, que é um lacaio do imperialismo da OTAN! Por um governo operário! Junte-se ao VTO e a outras milícias para lutar contra a invasão da Rússia! Lutar pela transformação do VTO em milícias populares independentes!



5. Por uma Ucrânia independente e socialista que reconhece os direitos de todas as minorias!



6. Nem a OTAN nem a Rússia! Abaixo o belicismo imperialista de todas as Grandes Potências! Não à política imperialista de sanções!



7. Por uma campanha de solidariedade popular internacional com a resistência nacional ucraniana - independente de qualquer influência imperialista!



8. Apoiar a formação de um partido de trabalhadores independentes na Ucrânia, bem como na Rússia!



9. Avançar na luta pelo socialismo internacional!



10. Se você concorda com isto, junte-se ao CCRI/RCIT na construção de um Partido Mundial Revolucionário!

¡Defender Ucrania contra la invasión de Putin! ¡Derrotar al imperialismo ruso y de la OTAN!


Plataforma de guerra para los socialistas en Rusia y Ucrania


Emitido por activistas rusos y ucranianos de la Corriente Comunista Revolucionaria Internacional (RCIT), 1 de marzo de 2022,




La invasión rusa en Ucrania es un punto de inflexión de importancia histórica mundial. Llamamos a todos los socialistas de Ucrania y Rusia a unirse a la RCIT sobre la base de los siguientes principios.


1. ¡Defender Ucrania! ¡Derrotar al imperialismo ruso!


2. ¡Por milicias populares para derrotar a los invasores rusos!


3. En Rusia, decimos: “¡El principal enemigo está en casa!” ¡Apoyar las actividades contra la guerra en Rusia! Soldados rusos: ¡Den la vuelta a las armas! ¡Por la transformación de la guerra imperialista en una crisis revolucionaria del régimen de Putin!


4. En Ucrania decimos: ¡Victoria de la guerra justa del pueblo ucraniano! ¡Ningún apoyo político al régimen de Zelensky que es un lacayo del imperialismo de la OTAN! ¡Por un Gobierno de los Trabajadores! ¡Unirse a las VTO y otras milicias para luchar contra la invasión de Rusia! ¡Luchar por la transformación de las VTO en milicias populares independientes!


5. ¡Por una Ucrania socialista e independiente que reconozca los derechos de todas las minorías!


6. ¡Ni la OTAN ni Rusia! ¡Abajo el belicismo imperialista de todas las Grandes Potencias! ¡No a la política imperialista de sanciones!


7. ¡Por una campaña internacional de solidaridad popular con la resistencia nacional ucraniana, independientemente de cualquier influencia imperialista!


8. ¡Apoyar la formación de un partido obrero independiente en Ucrania y en Rusia!


9. ¡Adelante en la lucha por el socialismo internacional!


10. ¡Si estás de acuerdo con esto, únete al RCIT en la construcción de un Partido Mundial Revolucionario!