Compilation of all RCIT documents on Putin's War against the Ukraine & the NATO-Russia conflict


Campaign of the RCIT: International Workers Aid for the Ukraine


[MANIFESTO] Ukraine War: A Turning Point of World Historic Significance

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Ukraine War: An Action Program for Authentic Socialists

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Fusion Declaration between Socialist Tendency (Russia) and RCIT

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The Struggle of Revolutionaries against Imperialist Wars of their “Own” Ruling Class (with Pictures &Videos)

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Putin Announces Colonial Annexation of Ukrainian Territories


Russia: Revolutionary Tactics in the Struggle against Putin’s Mobilisation


Russian Empire Escalates its Colonial War against the Ukraine

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An Inspiring Internationalist Rally against Russian Imperialism (25.9.2022)

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[PAMPHLET] Is Türkiye a (Sub-)Imperialist Power?

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The Ukraine War after the Liberation of the Kharkiv Region

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Armenia-Azerbaijan: Down with the Reactionary War!

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Do Ukrainian People in Occupied Territories Really Want Annexation by Russia? (IMT & Putin’s Mobilisation)

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A Ukrainian Socialist Reports on the Successful Offensive against the Russian Occupation Forces

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Russia: Zyuganov Calls for “General Mobilisation” to defeat the Ukraine

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Ukraine War: A Mistaken Polemic (Reply to Critique of FT/PTS)

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NATO Leader Warns of “Civil Unrest” in Europe

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Ukraine War: Acknowledgement of a Putinist

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The G-7 Oil Price Cap: A New Stage in the Great Power Rivalry


Putin’s “Civilizing Mission” (On the Kremlin's New Foreign Policy Doctrine)


Russia: Report about the Current Situation (1.9.2022)

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Open Letter to all Socialists in Russia: Unite in Fighting Russian Imperialism!

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The Fundamental Meaning of the Ukraine War (Key Test for Revolutionary Strategy in the coming Period)

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Declaration of Fraternal Relations between Socialist Tendency (Russia) and RCIT

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Ukraine War: Joint Statement of the Socialist Tendency (Russia) and the RCIT

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Ukraine War: Join the International Solidarity Campaign – Support the Sunflower Convoy!

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Website of the Sunflower Convoy


RCIT Declaration for Lviv Conference in Solidarity with the Ukrainian People (1.5.2022)

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[PAMPHLET] World Situation: In the Midst of a Global Political Tornado (April 2022)

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“Self-Determination for Donbass”: A Reactionary Slogan in the Service of Russian Imperialism (Theses)

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Speech by Medina Gunić: International Solidarity during the War in Bosnia 1992-95 and the Ukraine War today

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Joint Statement on the Ukraine War (UIT-CI, LIT-CI & RCIT)

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Zyuganov’s Servants (IMT Russia)

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The World Situation will change soon enough


C днем независимости Украины! За свободную социалистическую Украину!


Western Boycott of Western Sanctions?

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Interview with Russian Trotskyist on the Ukraine War (18.8.2022)

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The Marxist Slogan “The Main Enemy Is At Home” and its Social-Imperialist Distortion

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[VIDEO] Defend the Ukrainian People against Putin’s Invasion!

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Argentina: Rally in Solidarity with the Ukrainian People (2.8.2022)

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Ukraine War: Mr. Woods Warns Authentic Socialists (Critique of IMT)

English   русский


Ukraine War: Reply to Russian Stalinists

English   русский   український


A Confirmation, Unfortunately (Critique of ISA)

English   русский   한국어


ISA: A Kautsky-Type of International

English   русский


Russia and the Theory of “Lesser-Evil” Imperialism

English   русский   한국어


Ukraine War: Revolutionary Defensism and Non-Revolutionary Defensism (Critique of LIT-CI)

English   Español   Português


Ukraine War: The Outcome of the Stalino-“Trotskyist” Conference

English   Español   русский


Russia: Brief Report about the Current Situation (12.7.2022)

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“Socialism” a la Putin and Zyuganov

English    русский   한국어


Borrell: “We are not winning"



The Ukraine in the Imperialist Debt Trap

English   русский   Español   한국어


A Leading Ideologist of Russian imperialism on Nature and Consequences of the Ukraine War

English   русский 


Is Europe’s Ruling Class About to Declare a War Economy?


Ukraine War: Stalino-“Trotskyist” Chamber of Horrors

English   Español   русский


Boycotting the Ukrainian Resistance Is Neither Internationalist Nor Socialist! (Critique of ISA)

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Ukraine War: Closet Putinistas (Reply to PO Argentina)

English   Español   Português   Deutsch


Ukraine War: Supporting Western Sanctions Is Impermissible for Socialists! (Critique of LIT-CI)

English   Español   Português   русский


Russia: Brief Report about the Current Situation (14.6.2022)

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СОЦИАЛИСТИЧЕСКАЯ ТЕНДЕНЦИЯ: Обращение к интернационалу


Ukraine War: Interview with UIT-CI on International Workers Solidarity

English   Español


Ukraine War: Interview with CSP-Conlutas (Brazil) on International Workers Solidarity



Only 6 out of 16 (The Finnish “Left Alliance” & the parliamentary vote about NATO membership)

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Sweden and Finland Seek NATO Membership: Down with all Imperialist Powers!

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“Athens Declaration” on Ukraine War of the "Progressive Internationale": A Disorientation Smoke Grenade

English   Español   한국어   Deutsch 


Against Pro-NATO Social-Imperialism in the Name of Solidarity with the Ukraine

English   Español   Português   Deutsch


The Program of Great Russian Totalitarism (Patrushev Interview)

English   русский


Ukraine War: RCIT Leaders Speak at a Public Online Event (19.3.2022)

English   Português   Español


Interview with a Ukrainian Socialist serving at the Joint Force Operation (JFO)

English   русский


[VIDEO] Ukraine on MayDay 2022: Michael Pröbsting speaks at ILNSS Conference

English   Español

G-20: Inter-Imperialist Rivalry on the Diplomatic Terrain

English   한국어


Russia’s Monopolies: An International Comparison

English   한국어   русский


Once Again on Russian Imperialism (Reply to Critics)

English   Português


Why Socialists Should Not Support Imperialist Sanctions or the United Nations

English   한국어


Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov claims Hitler was a Jew


On the Breakdown of the Russian Army


Centrists, Learn to Think!


The ISA opposes delivery of weapons to Ukraine to fight Russian imperialism


Sinking the "Moscow" Cruiser: A Significant Blow to Russian Military Prestige

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Brazil: Debate about Ukraine War and Russian Imperialism (Video)


For the fraternization of Russian and Ukrainian soldiers!

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A Revealing Document of Great Russian Totalitarianism (RIA Novosti)

English   русский   한국어   Deutsch


LIT-CI “Would Undoubtedly Defend Russia"

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No to Workers Boycott against Russia but Yes to Boycotting the Ukraine? (Critique of PTS/FT)

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[VIDEO] War in Ukraine: Interview with Russian Socialist


[VIDEO] A Revolutionary Socialist from Russia Speaks Out in Solidarity with Ukraine


Racist Zionism and the Ukrainian refugees – Continuation

English    Deutsch 


On the attitude of revolutionary Marxists to Imperialist War

English   русский


A Servant of Imperialism Replaces the Master (CPUSA supports Washington against Russia)

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Japan: Stalinist JCP Supports Western Sanctions against Russia

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Rally on the 11th Anniversary of the Syrian Revolution 2011 (also in Solidarity with the Ukrainian People)

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[VIDEO] Support the Ukrainian People against Putin’s Invasion


Argentina: Rally in Support of the Ukrainian People (15.3.2022)

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Defend Ukraine! Defeat Russian & NATO Imperialism! (War Platform for Socialists in Russia & Ukraine)

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Down with Putin’s Imperialist War against the Ukraine!

English   русский   український   Español   Português   Francais   Deutsch   한국어   Polski 


A new turning point in Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine

English   Español   Português   Deutsch   Francais   한국어


The Ukraine War and the Second Sino-Japanese War: A Historical Analogy

English   Español   Deutsch   한국어 


What do we know about Zelensky’s government?

English   Deutsch


Ukraine: No Changes of the Labor Laws during the War!

English   русский  


UK: Demonstration against the Russian Invasion of the Ukraine

English   русский


MTC (Costa Rica): Putin is a War Criminal!

English   Español   русский


Ukraine War: Dockworkers Boycott Imperialist Russia

English   русский   Español   Português   한국어


Can Socialists Support Imperialist Sanctions?

English   Español   Português


Interview with a Ukrainian left-wing activist in Kyiv

English   русский   український   Español 


The IMT and the Ukraine War: A Shameful Betrayal

English   русский   한국어   Preface to the Russian Translation


Dozens of Nazi groups support the invasion of Ukraine

English  Español  русский


A statement by the ISL on the Russia-Ukraine War


Ukraine: The Capture of Berdyansk or the True Goals of the Kremlin's Military Company

English   русский




Interview with Kharkiv Socialist about the War in the Ukraine

English   русский


Racist Zionism and the Ukrainian refugees

English   Deutsch 


Neither NATO nor Russia! Down with all Imperialist Warmongers!

English    русский    Español    Português    Francais    Deutsch    한국어    Italiano


The Current NATO-Russia Conflict and the Anti-Imperialist Tasks of Revolutionaries

English   русский   Español   Português   Francais   Deutsch   한국어  


PAMPHLET: Putin’s Poodles (Pro-Russian Stalinists and their arguments in the current NATO-Russia Conflict)

English   Deutsch   한국어 


PAMPHLET: The Peculiar Features of Russian Imperialism

English   русский   Español   Português   Deutsch    한국어   Preface to the Russian Translation of the Pamphlet


The Ukraine and the looming Russian Invasion

English   한국어 


Putin’s Recognition of Donbass “Republics” – A Major Escalation in the Inter-Imperialist Conflict

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