Compilation of all RCIT documents on Putin's War against the Ukraine & the NATO-Russia conflict

[BOOK] Anti-Imperialism in the Age of Great Power Rivalry

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[MANIFESTO] Ukraine War: A Turning Point of World Historic Significance

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Ukraine War: International Workers Aid Campaign (incl. the Sunflower Convoy)


[PAMPHLET] Ukraine: A Capitalist Semi-Colony

English   Español   Francais   русский   한국어   українська


[PAMPHLET] The Peculiar Features of Russian Imperialism

English   Español    русский   한국어    Deutsch


Spalakh (Ukraine) Joins the RCIT!

English   українська   русский    Español   Francais   Italiano   한국어   Português   Deutsch  


National Platform of the Marxist Group "Spalakh" (Ukraine)

English   українська


Russia: National Platform of the Socialist Tendency

English   русский


Two Blindfolded Try to Hit Each Other (On the split of the “Trotskyist” RRP in Russia)

English   русский   Italiano   Português


Ukraine: Rapidly Growing Escalation in the War with Russia

English   українська


Declaration of Fraternal Relations between Spalakh (Ukraine) and RCIT

English   українська   русский   Español   한국어   Português   Francais   Deutsch   Polski   Italiano


Joint Statement of Spalakh (Ukraine) and RCIT on Wars in Ukraine and Gaza

English   українська   русский   Español   Francais   Italiano   한국어   Português   Deutsch


The PO (Argentina) and the Ukraine War: Continuing the Debate

English   Español


Presidential Elections in Russia: Putin's Fifth Attempt

English   русский   Español


Ukraine: Brief Overview of the Political Situation (February 2024)

English   українська


Russia: Report on the Main Events (Winter 2023-24)

English   русский


Once More on the PO (Argentina) and the Ukraine War

English   Español


Ukraine War: Two Years after the Invasion

English   українська   Español


Manifesto on the First Anniversary of the Ukraine War

English   Español   Francais  Italiano  русский   한국어   Polski   Português   українська  Deutsch


Russia: The Death Agony of the Putin Regime and the Perspectives for the Class Struggle

English   русский   українська   Español   Português   Francais   Italiano   Deutsch   한국어


Marxist Tactics in Wars with Contradictory Character

English   русский   українська   Español   Português   Francais   Türk   Deutsch   한국어


Russia: On the Death of Navalny and the Imprisonment of Kagarlitsky

English   русский


Ukraine War: Reply to another ill-considered Polemic of PO (Argentina)

English   Español


Towards a Turning Point in the Ukraine War?

English   Español   Francais   русский   Português   Deutsch


A Disillusioned Diplomat on the Prospects for U.S. Imperialism


Russia: Zyuganov’s “Disciplined Party Members" (Critique of RRP)

English   русский


Russia: Report on Latest Events (Autumn 2023)

English   русский   Español 


U.S. Prepares for Sell-Out of Ukraine

English   Español


Ukraine’s Zelensky Cheers the Zionist Oppressor of the Palestinian People

English   Español   한국어


BRICS+: An Imperialist-Led Alliance

English   Español   Português   русский   Deutsch   Svenska


Russia: The Meaning of Prigozhin’s Death

English   русский   українська   Español   한국어   Deutsch


Prigozhin’s Coup Attempt in Russia: A Quarrel between Thieves

English   русский   українська   한국어   Português   Francais   Español   Italiano   Deutsch 


NATO Integration: An Imperialist Trap for the Ukrainian People!

English   русский   українська   Español   Português   Francais   한국어   Italiano   Deutsch


Russia: Solidarity with Boris Kagarlitsky!

English   русский   українська   Español   Português   한국어


Armenia-Azerbaijan: Another Outburst of the Reactionary Conflict

English   русский   Español


NATO Official Suggests Ukraine Should Trade Territory for Membership

English   Español 


Ukraine War: What Does the U.S. Offer in its Secret Negotiations with Russia?

English   русский   українська   Español   한국어


Russia: Not to Police Repression against Muslim Migrants!

English   русский


NATO-Russia Cold War: Sabre-Rattling at the Polish-Belarusian Border

English   Português


Supporting Ukraine without Dual Tactic Leads to Social-Imperialism

English   한국어 


Ukraine War: Platonic Supporters

English   русский   Español   Italiano   Deutsch   한국어 


Ukraine War: What Are the Results of the NATO Vilnius Summit?

English   русский   українська   Español   Português


Ukraine War: Secret Negotiations between U.S. and Russia Have Started

English   Español   Português   한국어   Deutsch


Russia: Zyuganov’s KPRF and some “Trotskyists” on the Prigozhin Coup

English   русский  


Western Powers and the Prigozhin Coup in Russia

English   русский   Francais   Português   한국어


Once Again on the Worries of Western Powers after the Prigozhin Coup in Russia

English   русский 


[VIDEO] Russia: On Prigozhin's Attempted Coup


Western “Solidarity” with the Ukraine: A Cynical Example


The Pro-Bourgeois Opportunism of LIS/MST (Part 1: Ukraine)


Ukraine War: The Logic of Annihilation in Theory and Practice


Is Ukraine About to Become NATO’s “Israel” in Eastern Europe?

English   русский   українська   Español   Português   Francais   Italiano 


Ukraine War: The Inner Contradictions of the ‘Proxy War’ Theory

English   русский   한국어


Kissinger on Great Power Rivalry and Ukraine War

English   Español   Deutsch


Report on Political Situation in Russia for May 2023

English   русский   Español 


Dmitry Petrov: An Anti-Imperialist Fighter Has Fallen

English   Español    Francais   Português   Italiano  


Russian Missile Lands in Central Poland

English   русский 


Ukraine War: “Wall Street Journal” Reveals Western Governments Eagerness to Push for Ceasefire


Russia: The RRP and its “War Socialism"

English   русский   Português   Italiano


Russia: The RRP's Loudly Proclaimed Opportunism and Deafening Silence

English   русский   Português   Italiano


The Ukraine War is Highly Profitable for Russia’ Billionaires

English   русский   한국어


Lula Meets Lavrov and Xi – We Say: Neither Washington nor Moscow and Beijing!

English   Español  Português   Francais


Where is Russia hiding its money?

English   русский  


Medvedev claims: “We need a Big Great Russia”


Report on Political Situation in Russia for April 2023

English   Español   русский  


Polish Left-Wing Party Razem Supports NATO and EU Militarisation


Russia: Medvedev’s “Anti-Colonialism for Idiots”


Cynical Doubletalk (The IMT and the Ukraine War)

English   한국어


Ukraine War: The “Manifesto for Peace”, Pacifism and European Imperialism

English   Español    한국어  


Anti-Imperialism versus Pro-Western Liberalism (Russian Socialist Movement and Ukraine War)

English   русский   한국어  


Russia: Friends Among Themselves (Zyuganov meets Putin)

English  Español


Ukraine War: Mutiny of National Minority Battalions in the Russian Army

English   Español  русский   Português 


Our Solidarity is with the Ukrainian People! (Joint Declaration of the Anti-Imperialist Conference of Revolutionary Socialists)

English   Español   Francais  Italiano  русский   한국어  Português   українська


Report: Joint Anti-Imperialist Initiative of Revolutionary Socialists in Russia

English   Español   Francais  Italiano  русский   한국어  Português   українська


The Ukrainian War and Russian Imperialism (New Book in Korean Language)


Many Western Corporations Continue to make Business with Russia despite the official Sanction Policy


Report from a Socialist Soldier in the Armed Forces of Ukraine

English   Español   Italiano  русский 


Report on the Political Situation in Russia for January 2023

English   Español   русский 


Russia: A Mirror of the Future (World situation, Global Class Struggle, Revolutionary Regroupment)

English   Español   Francais   한국어  Português  


Socialists Should Support the Transfer of Russian State and Oligarchs Assets into Ukrainian Hands!

English   Español   русский   한국어  українська


On Russia’s War Economy

English  한국어


The Gigantic Destruction of the Ukrainian Society


Ukraine War: The Liberation of Western Kherson Oblast and the Danger of a Great Power Deal

English   Español   Francais   русский   한국어  Português   


Ukraine War & Great Power Rivalry: On the Missile Incident in Poland

English   Español   Francais  русский   한국어  Português  


Russia: A Disguised Support for Imperialist Armament (Critique of RRP)


Ukraine War: Spontaneous Protests of Soldiers of the Russian Army

English   русский 


Ukraine War: Former Russian Members of Alan Woods‘ IMT Speak Out

English   Заявление о войне и наша позиция: интервью с активистами, покинувшими МТ //
Интервью с бывшим членом Марксистской тенденции из Саратова //
Интервью с бывшим членом Марксистской Тенденции из Москвы


Less Than 9%. Many Western corporations continue to make business with Russia despite the official sanction policy


Russia: So-Called “Communists” against LGBT+

English   한국어


“Left” Stalinism and the Program of Russian Social-Imperialism (Critique of RKRP)

English   русский   한국어


Said Kaba - 1985-2022 (Obituary for a Russian comrade)

English   русский   한국어


Nothing Learned and Nothing Forgotten (Critique of IMT)


Against Russia’s War without Internationalism and Anti-Imperialism? (Critique of RRP Russia)

English   русский


Zelensky: A Nuclear Nitwit?

English   한국어


Putin Announces Colonial Annexation of Ukrainian Territories

English   한국어  


Ukraine War: On Spontaneous Protests of Soldiers of the Russian Army

English   русский  


For A Struggle against the Great Powers in East and West on an Internationalist and Anti-Imperialist Basis! (Declaration of Fraternal Relations CT and RCIT)

English   Español   Francais  русский   한국어  Português   Deutsch  українська


Russia: Revolutionary Tactics in the Struggle against Putin’s Mobilisation

English   русский   한국어  


An Inspiring Internationalist Rally against Russian Imperialism (25.9.2022)

English   Español   русский   한국어  Português   Deutsch   لعربية


Do Ukrainian People in Occupied Territories Really Want Annexation by Russia? (IMT & Putin’s Mobilisation)

English   русский   한국어


Ukraine War: An Action Program for Authentic Socialists

English   Español   Francais  Português   Deutsch  


An Important Step Forward in Revolutionary Unity! (Fusion of CT and RCIT)

English   Español   Francais  Italiano  русский   한국어  Português    Deutsch   українська


Support the Ukrainian People against Putin’s Invasion! Down with Russian and NATO Imperialism! (Joint Statement with CT Russia)

English   Español   Francais  Italiano  русский   한국어  Português   Deutsch


Support the Ukrainian People against Putin’s Invasion! Down with Russian and NATO Imperialism! (Statement for Mayday 2022 Conference in Lviv)

English   Español   Francais  русский   한국어  Português  Polski  Deutsch 


Russian Empire Escalates its Colonial War against the Ukraine


Ukraine War: Join the International Solidarity Campaign – Support the Sunflower Convoy!

English   Español   Francais  русский   한국어  Português  Polski  Deutsch    لعربية

Open Letter to all Socialists in Russia: Unite in Fighting Russian Imperialism!

English   русский   한국어


Defend the Ukrainian People against Putin’s Invasion! Down with Russian and NATO Imperialism!

English   Español   Francais   Italiano  русский   한국어     Português    Deutsch   


Russia: Zyuganov Calls for “General Mobilisation” to defeat the Ukraine

English   한국어   


The Ukraine War after the Liberation of the Kharkiv Region

English   Español   русский   한국어     Português  


A Ukrainian Socialist Reports on the Successful Offensive against the Russian Occupation Forces

English   Español


“Self-Determination for Donbass”: A Reactionary Slogan in the Service of Russian Imperialism

English   Español   Italiano  русский   한국어  Português   Deutsch


Russia’s Monopolies: An International Comparison

English  русский   한국어  


Russia: Report about the Current Situation (1.9.2022)

English   Español    русский 


Zyuganov’s Servants (IMT Russia)

English   русский 


Interview with Russian Trotskyist on the Ukraine War (18.8.2022)

English   русский   한국어


[VIDEO] Defend the Ukrainian People against Putin’s Invasion!


“Socialism” a la Putin and Zyuganov

English   русский   한국어 


Russia: Brief Report about the Current Situation (12.7.2022)

English   Español   русский


The Ukraine in the Imperialist Debt Trap

English   Español   русский   한국어


Russia: Brief Report about the Current Situation (14.6.2022)

English   Español   русский 


Only 6 out of 16 (The Finnish “Left Alliance” & the parliamentary vote about NATO membership)

English   Español   한국어


Sweden and Finland Seek NATO Membership: Down with all Imperialist Powers!

English   Español   русский   Português  한국어


Interview with a Ukrainian Socialist serving at the Joint Force Operation (JFO)

English   русский 


Why Socialists Should Not Support Imperialist Sanctions or the United Nations

English   한국어


Sinking "Moscow" Cruiser: A Significant Blow to Russian Military Prestige

English   Español   русский 


A Revealing Document of Great Russian Totalitarianism (RIA Novosti)

English   русский   한국어   Deutsch 


Defend Ukraine! Defeat Russian & NATO Imperialism! (War Platform for Socialists in Russia & Ukraine)

English   Español   Français    русский    Português   Deutsch


Ukraine War: RCIT Leaders Speak at a Public Online Event (19.3.2022)

English   Español   Português  


LIT-CI “Would Undoubtedly Defend Russia”

English   Español   русский   한국어   Português 


No to Workers Boycott against Russia but Yes to Boycotting the Ukraine? (Critique of PTS/FT)

English   Español   Francais  русский   한국어   Português   Deutsch


[VIDEO] War in Ukraine: Interview with Russian Socialist


[VIDEO] A Revolutionary Socialist from Russia Speaks Out in Solidarity with Ukraine


Ukraine: No Changes of the Labor Laws during the War!

English   русский 


Down with Putin’s Imperialist War against the Ukraine!

English   Español   Francais  русский   한국어   Polski   Português   українська  Deutsch


The Ukraine War and the Second Sino-Japanese War: A Historical Analogy

English   Español   한국어   Deutsch


[VIDEO] Support the Ukrainian People against Putin’s Invasion


Ukraine War: Dockworkers Boycott Imperialist Russia

English   Español  русский   한국어    Português 


Can Socialists Support Imperialist Sanctions?

English   Español   Português   


The IMT and the Ukraine War: A Shameful Betrayal

English   русский   한국어   Introductory Notes on the Russian Translation


Dozens of Nazi groups support the invasion of Ukraine

English     Español   русский


Ukraine: The Capture of Berdyansk or the True Goals of the Kremlin's Military Company

English     русский




Argentina: Rally in Support of the Ukrainian People (16.3.2022)

English    Español  русский


Britain: Demonstration against the Russian Invasion of the Ukraine (5.3.2022)

English   русский


Defeat the Russian invasion with popular militias independent from NATO

English   Español


Convergencia Socialista (Argentina) organizes Rally against Russian invasion in Front of Embassy (26.2.2022)

English     Español   русский


A new turning point in Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine

English   Español   Francais   한국어   Português    Deutsch


Interview with Kharkiv Socialist about the War in the Ukraine

English   русский 


NATO-Russia Conflict: Platform of Socialists in Russia and the Ukraine

English   Español   русский   한국어    українська  Deutsch


The Current NATO-Russia Conflict and the Anti-Imperialist Tasks of Revolutionaries

English   Español   Francais  русский   한국어     Português    Deutsch


PAMPHLET: Putin’s Poodles (Pro-Russian Stalinists and their arguments in the current NATO-Russia Conflict)

English    Deutsch   한국어 


Putin’s Recognition of Donbass “Republics” – A Major Escalation in the Inter-Imperialist Conflict

English   Español   Francais  русский   한국어    Português    Deutsch


The Ukraine and the looming Russian Invasion

English    한국어   


NATO-Russia Conflict: Platform of Socialists in Russia and the Ukraine

English   русский   한국어   Português   українська  Deutsch


NATO-Russia Conflict: Is this the Beginning of the War in the Ukraine?


NATO-Russia Conflict: “Trotskyists” in the Camp of Russian Imperialism

English   Español   Português


NATO-Russia Conflict: The “Party of the European Left” as Government Adviser for EU Imperialism

English   한국어


NATO-Russia Conflict: The Anglo-Saxon ‘Marxist’ Tendency


Neither NATO nor Russia! Down with all Imperialist Warmongers!

English   Español   Francais   Italiano  русс