Compilation of all RCIT documents on Putin's War against the Ukraine & the NATO-Russia conflict


Campaign of the RCIT: International Workers Aid for the Ukraine


[MANIFESTO] Ukraine War: A Turning Point of World Historic Significance

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Ukraine War: An Action Program for Authentic Socialists

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Fusion Declaration between Socialist Tendency (Russia) and RCIT

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[PAMPHLET] Ukraine: A Capitalist Semi-Colony


Our Solidarity is with the Ukrainian People! (Joint Declaration of the Anti-Imperialist Conference of Revolutionary Socialists in Russia)

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Report: Joint Anti-Imperialist Initiative of Revolutionary Socialists in Russia

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Socialists Should Support the Transfer of Russian State and Oligarchs Assets into Ukrainian Hands!

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The Struggle of Revolutionaries against Imperialist Wars of their “Own” Ruling Class (with Pictures &Videos)

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Report from a Socialist Soldier in the Armed Forces of Ukraine

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[PAMPHLET] The Poverty of Neo-Imperialist Economism (A critique of Ted Grant and his school in CWI, ISA, IMT)

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Report on the Political Situation in Russia for February 2023

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Report on the Political Situation in Russia for January 2023

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Ukraine War: Once More on Military Aid and Inter-Imperialist Rivalry (Debating RSOP/DC/SRS, FT & LIT)

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[BOOK] 'The Ukrainian War and Russian imperialism' in Korean Language


Leader of Russian mercenaries admits the popular character of the Ukrainian resistance

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Ukraine War: The Liberation of Western Kherson Oblast and the Danger of a Great Power Deal

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Threats of Nuclear War between Great Powers

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Russia: A Mirror of the Future (World situation, Global Class Struggle, Revolutionary Regroupment)

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A Peculiar and Explosive Combination (Notes on the current World Situation, October 2022)

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Henry Kissinger’s Desperate Call for Imperialist Peace

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Ukraine War & Great Power Rivalry: On the Missile Incident in Poland

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On Russia’s War Economy

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The Gigantic Destruction of the Ukrainian Society


Anti-Imperialism: The “Right to Resist” … and the Duty of Marxists (Critique of CWI, IMT and ISA)

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Spare the Dummy … and Trotsky! (Critique of Alan Woods’ IMT)


Great Power Rivalry: Deepening of Differences between Stalinist Parties (On XXII IMCWP & “Paris Declaration”)


Russia: A Disguised Support for Imperialist Armament (Critique of RRP)


Ukraine War: Spontaneous Protests of Soldiers of the Russian Army

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Putin Announces Colonial Annexation of Ukrainian Territories

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Russia: Revolutionary Tactics in the Struggle against Putin’s Mobilisation

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Ukraine War: Former Russian Members of Alan Woods‘ IMT Speak Out

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С годовщиной Великой Социалистической Революции! Долой войну!


Protests in Iran and Ukraine War: The ISA’s Double Standarg

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Russia: So-Called “Communists” against LGBT+

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“Left” Stalinism and the Program of Russian Social-Imperialism (Critique of RKRP)

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Said Kaba - 1985-2022 (Obituary for a Russian comrade)

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Nothing Learned and Nothing Forgotten (Critique of IMT)


Against Russia’s War without Internationalism and Anti-Imperialism? (Critique of RRP Russia)

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Zelensky: A Nuclear Nitwit?

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Shall Socialists Call for “Nuclear Disarmament”? (Critique of LIT-CI)

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Russian Empire Escalates its Colonial War against the Ukraine

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An Inspiring Internationalist Rally against Russian Imperialism (25.9.2022)

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[PAMPHLET] Is Türkiye a (Sub-)Imperialist Power?

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The Ukraine War after the Liberation of the Kharkiv Region

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Armenia-Azerbaijan: Down with the Reactionary War!

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Do Ukrainian People in Occupied Territories Really Want Annexation by Russia? (IMT & Putin’s Mobilisation)

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A Ukrainian Socialist Reports on the Successful Offensive against the Russian Occupation Forces

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Russia: Zyuganov Calls for “General Mobilisation” to defeat the Ukraine

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Ukraine War: A Mistaken Polemic (Reply to Critique of FT/PTS)

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NATO Leader Warns of “Civil Unrest” in Europe

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Ukraine War: Acknowledgement of a Putinist

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The G-7 Oil Price Cap: A New Stage in the Great Power Rivalry


Putin’s “Civilizing Mission” (On the Kremlin's New Foreign Policy Doctrine)


Russia: Report about the Current Situation (1.9.2022)

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Open Letter to all Socialists in Russia: Unite in Fighting Russian Imperialism!

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The Fundamental Meaning of the Ukraine War (Key Test for Revolutionary Strategy in the coming Period)

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Declaration of Fraternal Relations between Socialist Tendency (Russia) and RCIT

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Ukraine War: Joint Statement of the Socialist Tendency (Russia) and the RCIT

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Ukraine War: Join the International Solidarity Campaign – Support the Sunflower Convoy!

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Website of the Sunflower Convoy


RCIT Declaration for Lviv Conference in Solidarity with the Ukrainian People (1.5.2022)

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[PAMPHLET] World Situation: In the Midst of a Global Political Tornado (April 2022)

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“Self-Determination for Donbass”: A Reactionary Slogan in the Service of Russian Imperialism (Theses)

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Speech by Medina Gunić: International Solidarity during the War in Bosnia 1992-95 and the Ukraine War today

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Joint Statement on the Ukraine War (UIT-CI, LIT-CI & RCIT)

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Zyuganov’s Servants (IMT Russia)

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The World Situation will change soon enough


C днем независимости Украины! За свободную социалистическую Украину!


Western Boycott of Western Sanctions?

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Interview with Russian Trotskyist on the Ukraine War (18.8.2022)

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The Marxist Slogan “The Main Enemy Is At Home” and its Social-Imperialist Distortion

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