Free Syria: For the Immediate Release of Ahmad Rahhal and Mohammed Jadaan!


Emergency Statement of the RCIT, 13 September 2019, 


1.                   In the last days the security apparatus of Hayyat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) has arrested two media activists, Ahmad Rahhal and Mohammed Jadaan. Both are prominent journalists in the free territories of Syria in the North and have been supporters of the Syrian Revolution since the beginning.


2.                   While the reasons for Jadaan’s arrest are not known at the moment, it is clear why Ahmad Rahhal has been detained. Rahhal published a video statement of an important HTS commander Abu al-Abed Ashidaa in which the latter strongly criticized the central leadership.


3.                   The RCIT, as an international organization, has supported the liberation struggle of the Syrian people against the tyranny of Assad and Putin from the very first hour. We continue to defend the ongoing Syrian Revolution irrespective of our political criticism of the current leadership of this struggle. We defend the right of free speech of the supporters of the Syrian Revolution.


4.                   We demand the immediate release of Ahmad Rahhal and Mohammed Jadaan!


International Bureau of the RCIT