Tel Aviv: Mass Demonstration against Israel's Apartheid Law


Report (with Picture) by Boris Hammerschlag, Internationalist Socialist League (RCIT Section in Israel / Occupied Palestine), 12.8.2018,




Last Saturday, Tel Aviv saw an impressive mass demonstration of tens of thousands of Palestinian Israeli citizens protesting a law passed last month that discriminates the non-Jewish citizens and decrees that Jews - domestic and foreign - have exclusive national rights.


Thousands of people chanted “We are not second class!” and raised banners like: “Nation-State Law - Official Apartheid” (both Arabic and Hebrew). The demonstration saw no violence as the police refrained from provocations and there was no right wing counter-protest.


Supporters of the Internationalist Socialist League (RCIT Section in Israel / Occupied Palestine) participated in the demonstration. One of our signs read “Equality without the right of return = racism and arrogance. Jewish OR Democratic.” (See picture below)


The demonstration was called by the official Palestinian leadership of Arabs who are Israeli citizens – the Higher Arab Monitoring Committee. While this ensured a mass participation of Palestinian Israeli citizens, it also resulted in several political limitations as this official leadership tries to avoid an open confrontation with the Zionist state.


The organizers tried to make sure that the slogans chanted at the demonstration were mostly pacifist and non-militant. They also asked for a "non-partisan" demonstration which meant that no one raises any flags, no Israeli flags, no Palestinian flags. By such opportunistic measures the organizers hope to accommodate the Zionist public opinion.


Nevertheless, a courageous small minority of militants did raise Palestinian flags and shouted classic Palestinian Liberation slogans such like “With spirit and blood we shall redeem you, Palestine!” or “Millions of martyrs march towards Al-Quds!”, etc.


This made the Zionist media go berserk! The headlines say "Palestinian Flags in the Middle of Tel Aviv!!!". The Zionist right is happy because it sees this as proof the Arabs want to destroy Israel, the Zionist left is mad at the Palestinians for ruining their chance to replace Netanyahu.


However, as the Internationalist Socialist League we congratulate these Palestinian brothers and sisters for their courageous act which challenges the Zionist public opinion as well as the opportunist leadership in our own ranks!


We will continue our struggle for against the Zionist Apartheid system, for the defense of all democratic rights of the Palestinian people and for a socialist future!


For the right of all Palestinians to return!


For a Single State from the River to the Sea!!


For a Free Red Palestine!