Theses on Capitalism and Class Struggle in Black Africa

Document of the International Secretariat of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), 13 April 2017


Note of the Editorial Board: The following document contains 5 figures, 4 tables and one map. The figures and the map can only be viewed in the pdf version of the document below for technical reasons.


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Part I

Some Background Notes on Black Africa’s Modern History: How Colonial Plunder and Oppression Blocked Independent Development
Popular Struggles against Colonialism Led to Formal Independence
Formal Independence as Disguised Imperialist Dependency
The Reactionary Role of White Settlers


Part II

Is Capitalist Black Africa Rising?
Africa in the Grip of Imperialism
China as a new Imperialist Great Power Challenging the Western Domination


Part III

The Working Class and the Oppressed
Rising Class Struggle


Part IV

Key Lessons for a Revolutionary Strategy in Black Africa
Imperialist Domination and Authoritarian Regimes Remain in Place despite Formal Changes
Breaking the Capitalist Chain – The Program of Permanent Revolution
The Revolutionary Struggle against Imperialism
Imperialist Chauvinism and the Anti-Imperialist Patriotism of the Oppressed
The Independence of the Working Class and the Struggle against the Popular Front
The Struggle for Pan-African Unity
The Revolutionary World Party and its African Sections