For Socialist Revolution in Nigeria and on the African Continent!


Platform of the Revolutionary Socialist Vanguard (Nigerian Section of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency), October 2018, and




The Revolutionary Socialist Vanguard (RSV) is the Nigerian Section of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT). We base ourselves on the program and strategy of the RCIT. In particular, we consider the RCIT's "Manifesto for the Revolutionary Liberation of Black Africa" as a relevant document for the liberation struggle in our country.


The RSV supports all mass struggles in defence of social and democratic rights. However, we are aware that the exploitation and misery which is caused by capitalism can not be overcome via reforms within the system. Freedom and prosperity for everyone can only be achieved if the working class, in alliance with the poor peasants and the urban poor, takes power via a socialist revolution. Such a revolution in Nigeria has to be part of the international liberation struggle in Africa and beyond.


The Revolutionary Socialist Vanguard fights for:


1.             Nationalization of core sectors of the economy


2.             Demands relevant for work place


3.             Nationalization of large agricultural estates - demands for peasants


4.             Demands for women (e.g. wages, against violence)


5.             Jobs and education for all youth!


6.             Free health system for all


7.             For a free and quality education at all levels


8.             No to acceptance fees on our campuses; it's daylight robbery


9.             Against victimization of students and staff activists


10.          We demand immediate and unconditional reinstatement of all victimized students' activists


11.          No to proscription of students unionism; For an independent students unionism on all campuses with democratically elected students representatives


12.          Democraticratizarion of all decision making body of our campuses to include representatives of Staff and Students Unions


13.          Full Democratization of our work places


14.          Public investment and employment plan to improve infrastructure


15.          Against corrupt state bureaucracy


16.          Full equality and rights for all ethnic and religious groups - against backward tribalism


17.          Against Boko Haram! Against state repression


18.          Against all capitalist parties! For an Independent Workers Party


19.          Demands for trade unions and other mass organizations of the workers, poor peasants and urban poor


20.          Workers and oppressed need to organize in committees of action or popular councils


21.          For a government of the workers and poor, based on popular councils and militias! For a free and socialist Nigeria!


22.          Liberate Africa from the yoke of imperialist exploitation!


23.          Down with the interference by all Great Powers like U.S., EU and China!


24.          For African Revolution and United Socialist States of Africa


25.          For international solidarity with the struggle of all oppressed


26.          Only socialism can ensure overcoming misery


27.          Support the RCIT! For a Revolutionary World Party!Join the Revolutionary Socialist Vanguard!