Was the People's Democratic Republic of Yemen a Deformed Workers State?

By Yossi Schwartz, Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), August 2015, www.thecommunists.net



Yossi - State Capitalism in South Yemen_
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Part 1

Workers’ State


Part 2

The Confusion of the Fourth International



The Confusion over the Question of the Deformed Workers State versus State Capitalism

Marxist Theory


Part 3

Yemen: Deformed Workers’ State or State Capitalism?




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The RCIT supports the just struggle of the Houthis against the Saudi Arabian-led coalition of monarchies and the Egyptian military dictatorship backed by US imperialism. We think that the only way to win this struggle is not by compromising with the old regime but by fomenting a working class revolution supported by the peasants and led by a revolutionary workers’ party. [1]


Our opponents will ask “A socialist revolution in a country like Yemen?” Yes, a socialist revolution in a country that went in the direction of a deformed workers state in the 1960s. Had there been a revolutionary working class leadership then, the revolution in Yemen would have established a healthy workers’ state which could change the course of history.


In this article we will first deal with the theoretical questions regarding the nature of a deformed workers’ state and then we will examine whether Yemen was indeed such a state.




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