Austria: Fight Racism and Fascism! Report from the Demonstration against the Akademikerball 2016


Report (with Photos and Videos) from an anti-fascist demonstration by the Austrian section of the RCIT, 10.2.2016,




Several thousand people marched on 29 January against a the so-called “Akademikerball” – a “social event” of right-wing, racist and fascist forces in Vienna. It is organized by the Freiheitliche Party of HC Strache and has been visited in the past years by figures like France’s Marie Le Pen and similar racists.


The Austrian section of the RCIT (Revolutionary Communist Organization LIBERATION) participated in the demonstration with a militant and multi-national contingent. Comrade Johannes Wiener, a leading member of the Austrian section, gave a short speech in which he linked the struggle against racism with the struggle of the Palestinian people for national liberation.


See photos and the video clips at the following link: