World Perspectives 2018: A World Pregnant with Wars and Popular Uprisings


Theses on the World Situation, the Perspectives for Class Struggle and the Tasks of Revolutionaries


By Michael Pröbsting, International Secretary of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT),



This book has been discussed, amended and approved at a meeting of the International Executive Committee of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency on 10 February 2018



Note of the Editorial Board: The following document is an extensive study of the present state of the world situation and the global class struggle. It contains 23 figures , 9 tables and 2 maps. The figures and maps can only be viewed in the pdf version of the document below for technical reasons.


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I.  The Reactionary Offensive of the Ruling Class Inevitable Provokes

Political Crisis, Conflicts, Wars and Popular Uprisings


Main Characteristics of the Current World Situation


Domestic Crisis and Aggressive Foreign Policy


Like the situation before the Balkan Wars 1912-13


The Most Explosive Focal Points of the Current World Situation


Changes in the Current World Political Phase




II. Excurse: Different Types of Wars in the Present Period

and Consequential Revolutionary Tactics


The Importance of Dialectic


Revolutionary War Tactics


Relationship between War and Revolution




III. The State of the World Economy:

Delaying the Eruption of Accumulated Contradictions


Delaying the Beginning of the Next Recession


Why the Next Recession will be Worse




IV. Accelerating Rivalry Between the Imperialist Great Powers


The Decline of the U.S. and the Rise of China in Numbers


Russia Expanding its Influence


“Make China Great Again”


The Aggressive Strategy of the Trump Administration




V. Middle East and North Africa:

Reactionary Offensive, Wars and Popular Uprisings


A new Sykes-Picot Agreement?


Wars with different characters


The Middle East as a powder keg of social-economic contradictions


Wars and Rivalry in the Middle East


The Syrian Revolution: In danger of annihilation


A new revolutionary upsurge of popular uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa




VI. The Korean Peninsula:

Imperialist Aggression, Capitalist Restoration and Revolutionary Defensism


Capitalist Restoration in North Korea and the ruling Stalinist-Donju Class


South Korea: an Imperialist State


Amid Sanctions and War Threats: Defend North Korea! Defeat U.S. Imperialism!




VII. Building the Revolutionary World Party in the Present Period




Appendix: 6 Points for a Platform of Revolutionary Unity Today


1) Recognition of the Accelerating Rivalry between the Imperialist Great Powers – the US, EU, Japan, Russia and China


2) Consistent Struggle against Imperialism and for the Liberation of the Oppressed People


3) Continuing the Revolutionary Struggle in the Middle East and North Africa against Reactionary Dictatorships, Imperialism and Zionism


4) Revolutionary Struggle against Reactionary Attacks on Democratic Rights


5) Application of the United Front Tactic in all Mass Struggles


6) Start Building a Revolutionary World Party Now!