Report of the African Revolutionary and Progressive Organisations Meeting held on 9th May 2020, via Zoom




As the effects of the COVID-19 crisis become more apparent, the need to organise more speedily becomes all the more imperative. The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the weaknesses of the current neoliberal system, and the tasks of progressive movements and organisations becomes clear at this moment; agitate, organise and mobilize against the counter-revolution being waged against the people by our regimes.


It is due to this that representatives of various organizations in Africa and beyond held a meeting via zoom on the 9th of May from 12pm to 2pm GMT.


The agenda of the meeting was;


1) Reports from organizations about their assessment of the present situation and activities;


2) Planning of joint activities in the present situation and International coordination of those;


3) Discussion of a short political platform;


4) Nominating of one representative of each organization for coordination of joint activities.


The attendants of the meeting were representatives from;


1) Revolutionary Socialist League (Kenya)


2) Revolutionary Socialist Vanguard (Nigeria)


3) All-African People's Revolutionary Party


4) Social Justice Centres Working Group (Kenya)


5) Tanzania Socialist Forum (JULAWATA)


6) Kenya-Palestine Solidarity Movement


7) Socialist Youth League (Zambia)


8) International League of People's Struggle.


9) Pan-Afrikan Consciousness Renaissance (Nigeria)


10) Amilcar Cabral Ideological School Movement


11) Federation of Informal Workers of Nigeria


12) Revolutionary Communist International Tendency




Having heard reflections from the participants regarding the state of the COVID-19 pandemic and the tasks at hand, the meeting resolved to;


1) Adopt a joint platform through which we can conduct a joint campaign as revolutionary and progressive African organisations.


2) Set up a Preparatory Committee comprising of representatives from the organizations to finalize the platform and present it at the next meeting. The committee can also discuss further campaigns to conduct.


3) Hold our next meeting on the 23rd of May, 2020, via zoom from 12pm GMT.


The draft platform was shared at the meeting, pending any additions/editions by the preparatory Committee before adoption by the organisations. The draft is shared below;




YES to Jobs, Food and Health! NO to Lockdown, State Repression and Poverty!




People in Africa and around the world are experiencing a gigantic wave of attacks. The crisis of global capitalism throws many millions of people into poverty, the lockdown and expansion of state repression threatens the limited democratic rights which have existed in parts of the world and the COVID-19 pandemic endangers the health and lives of many people.


As a matter of fact, the ruling classes all over the world utilize the COVID-19 pandemic in order to cover their economic and political attacks against the popular masses.


We say:


* No capitalist way out of the economic crisis at the expense of the working people!


- No sackings, no wage cuts, no undermining of labour rights, etc!


- Food for those in need!


- Cancellation of all public and household debts!


- Immediate and unconditional economic aid from the rich for the poor countries!


* No to chauvinism and authoritarianism!


- Against mass lockdown and suppression of democratic rights (like public assemblies and demonstrations), against the expansion of the police and surveillance state, no army on the streets!


- No to racism and xenophobic nationalism against migrants and refugees!


- Against the Great Power rivalry between the U.S. and China!


* No to the incompetent and pro-elite handling of COVID-19 pandemic!


- For free mass testing! Quarantine of those infected with adequate and free  supply of medical products! Free treatment for all and free hospitalization of serious cases!


- Upgrade and expansion of the public health sector!


None of these demands will be given to us! In order to achieve them, the workers and poor people have to unite and fight! We need to build Solidarity Action Committees in workplaces, neighbourhoods and villages with the view of building regional and national coordination between them.


Divided we fall – united we win!