Greetings from the RCIT to the Pan African Women's Day 9.8.2019



Introduction: The following message has been read out at an event in support of Pan African Women's Day. It was organized by the Young Socialist League in Kenya.




* * * * *




Dear comrades, brothers and sisters!


All of us women from the working class and the poor – we live in a system, which exploits us, which oppresses us for what we are.


We are paid less money by the capitalists although we do the same work like men. As women in regions like Black Africa, Latin America, South and Central Asia we suffer from imperialist exploitation.


We are put under pressure to care for the household, for husbands and children and all others … excluding ourselves.


As women we are told to do put energy into looking beautiful and lovely.


At the same time we are under danger to be attacked, to be forced to submit our bodies to the things some violent men want us to do. We are told to be nice and to remain silent because this is what “good girls” do. And you know what? This is bullshit!


Silence gives our capitalist oppressors time and space and power.


We are told to be caregivers, and we will give care. We will give care to all of our exploited and oppressed brothers and sisters in the world! We as women of the working class and poor are the ones to change the course of history. We are the ones to fight for the liberation against imperialism! We are the ones to smash the class system! Not just in one village, one city or one country – but all around the world!


The Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT) salutes all brothers and sisters fighting to end women’s oppression. We fight for the socialist revolution and, comrades, there will not be a revolution without women like us! Aluta continua!




Almedina Gunić,


International Women’s Secretary of the RCIT