Austria: Hands Off Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas!


The Austrian government aids the state terrorist regimes in Israel and Egypt!


Statement of Michael Pröbsting, Spokesperson of the RKO LIBERATION (Austrian Section of the RCIT), 9. November 2020,




Austria’s police have announced that they carried out a massive raid against Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas today. They searched 60 houses and arrested 30 people. Among them is Ibrahim Ali, the main spokesperson of the Egyptian migrant community and an organizer of numerous protest demonstrations against the military dictatorship of General Sisi.


Since the government can not accuse the people concerned of any “terrorist” activity, it justifies its repression by denouncing the political ideology of these two organizations. Such says the minister for “integration” (an involuntary self-parody) Susanne Raab. „This strike against Muslim Brotherhood shows that we mean serious business in the struggle against radical, extremist ideologies. We do not accept that extremist idea are spread in Austria and we will continue to act intransigently against such.“ (Our translation)


The RKO LIBERATION (Austrian Section of the RCIT) condemns this raid as an unprecedented attack against fundamental democratic rights! These high priests of freedom of speech suppress people without any shame just because they share a religion and political ideologies different from the government and its right-wing extremist friends of the FPÖ!


As revolutionary socialists we do not share the political ideology of Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas. But as part of our fundamental democratic outlook, we defend these organizations against the brutal and totally unjustified policy of repression by the government of Kurz and its instigator Kickl!


In fact, the Kurz government serves Macron, Israel and the Sisi regime in Egypt. As we emphasized repeatedly, Kurz and Nehammer have become uncritical supporters of Macrons crusade against the Muslim world.


Hamas represents the Palestinian liberation struggle and is considered by Israel as an arch enemy. Israel is an Apartheid state, based on the expulsion of the Palestinian people, and it can keep power only by terror and expulsion.


The same is true for the military dictatorship in Egypt which overthrew the government of Morsi – the only one which ever has been democratically elected – via a coup d'etat in July 2013 and has persecuted its supporters in the most brutal way since then.


We demand:


* Stop the persecution of Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas!


* Free Ibrahim Ali and all other arrested!


* No to Islamophobic Racism!





* * * * *




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