Syria: Hail the Insurgent People Fighting for Freedom!


Defend Greater Idlib against All Attacks! International Solidarity with the ongoing Liberation Struggle of the Syrian People against the Assad Regime and its Imperialist Masters!


Greetings on the 8th anniversary of the Syrian Revolution from the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), 15 March 2019,




Brothers and Sisters in Syria, in the Refugee Camps abroad and in the Diaspora!


The RCIT sends you its warmest greetings in this difficult hour! You are heroically revolting against the criminal regime of Bashar al-Assad since eight years! You have given hundreds of thousands of martyrs and myriads of scarifies for the cause of liberation from the tyranny!


We send our greetings to the steadfast men and women in the Greater Idlib area, to the courageous youth in Dar’a demonstrating again on the streets and to the heroic mujahideen in the ribat!


Today, your resilience is tested again by the renewed attacks of the Assadist and Russian killing machinery which is merciless bombing civilian areas in Idlib city, Saraqib, Kafr Zeita, Khan Sheikhon, and other towns.


The RCIT – like all authentic socialists and democrats, all righteous men and women – has supported the Syrian Revolution since the very first hour in March 2011. Our solidarity continues irrespective of our political opposition to the dominating forces in the liberated areas in the North. And our solidarity will continue because the cause of liberation remains a just one!


Only traitors have left the battle field in the past years and dropped the legitimate liberation struggle! We denounce the Stalinist and Bolivarian forces which drag the name of “socialism” through the mire by supporting the criminal regime of Assad!


We repeat our warning against the Astana and Sochi conspiracy by the regimes of Russia, Iran and Turkey. The recent installation of a “joint coordination centre” of Russia and Turkey represents a massive danger for the Syrian Revolution! Make no mistake: Erdoğan is preparing to sell out the Syrian people in order to receive some favor from Putin!


The RCIT emphasizes that the liberation struggle must be based on democratically-elected workers and popular councils and militias. It must not rely on any Great Power (like U.S., European or Russian imperialism) nor on any regional power. It must seek the revitalization of the liberation struggle in the territories occupied by the Assad forces. And it must strive to internationally link the Syrian Revolution with the popular struggles of the heroic people fighting against foreign occupiers and dictatorships in Palestine, Algeria, Sudan, Yemen, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Tunisia, etc.!


Victory to the popular liberation struggle against the criminal regime and its imperialist masters!


For an international solidarity movement with the ongoing Syrian Revolution!


For a free Syria, a socialist Syria – a Syria which respects the national and religious rights of all people!




International Bureau




* * * * *




The RCIT has published a number of booklets, statements and articles on the Syrian Revolution which can be read on a special sub-section on this website: