Collection of Articles on the Syrian Revolution


Save the Syrian Revolution!


Idlib/Syria: For the Immediate Release of the Journalist Bilal Abdul Kareem!


[VIDEO] Idlib/Syria: Release of the Journalist Bilal Abdul Kareem!


Idlib/Syria: Martyrdom Operation against Russian-Turkish Joint Patrol on M4


Idlib: Syrian Protestors Stop Russian-Turkish Joint Patrol on the M4 Highway


Characteristic Supporters of the Kurdish YPG


Idlib: Putin-Erdoğan Deal is a Sell-Out of the Syrian Revolution!


Open Europe’s Borders for Syrian Refugees - Now!


Syria: On the Turkish-Russian Confrontation in Idlib


Syria: How Much Does the Pentagon Pay for the YPG?


Syria: Don’t Let Idlib Die!


Report (with Pictures and Video): Syria: Rally in Solidarity with Idlib (26 January 2020)


[VIDEO] Defend the Syrian People in Idlib against Assad & Putin! (26.1.2020)


Defend Idlib! Defeat Assad and the Russian-Iranian Occupiers!


[VIDEO] Stand with Idlib in these Difficult Times! (4.1.2020)


Report (with Pictures and Video): Syria: Rally in Solidarity with Idlib (4 January 2020)


Syria: Assad Regime and Kurdish YPG Strike a Reactionary Deal


No to the Turkish Invasion in North-East Syria!


Syria: US Imperialism Deserts the Kurds … Once Again


Syria: For the Immediate Release of Ahmad Rahhal and Mohammed Jadaan


Syria: The Fall of the Martyr City Khan Sheikhoun


Stalinism: Assad’s Best Friends Forever


Syria: The Shameful Alliance of the Saudi Monarchy and the “Left-Wing” YPG


Report (with Pictures and Video): Rally in Support of the Syrian People in Idlib


Syria: Heroic Rebel Fighters Wage Bold Counter-Attack


US Official: “We Worried that the Assad Regime Might Finally Collapse"


[VIDEO] Syria: Defend Idlib against the Butchers Assad and Putin!


Report (with Pictures and Video): Syria: Rally in Solidarity with Idlib


Syria: Defend Idlib against Assad and Putin!


Report (with Pictures and Video): Rally at the 8th Anniversary of the Syrian Revolution


On the 8th anniversary of the Syrian Revolution: Hail the Insurgent People Fighting for Freedom!


Obituary: The Tragic Death of Lorenzo Orsetti


Syria: Is the Reactionary Sochi Deal Collapsing?


Syria/Idlib: How to Assess the Official Statement of HTS on the Sochi Surrender Deal?


Syria: Who is Responsible for the Civilian Death Toll from March 2011 to September 2018?


Syria/Idlib: Turkish Army Attacks HTS in Implementing the Sochi Surrender Deal


OGN: Interviews with Syrians in Idlib on their Opinions about the Sochi Deal


Syria/Idlib: For a Broad Rejectionist United Front against the Sochi Surrender Deal!


How U.S. Strategists View the Syrian Revolution


Syria/Idlib: News Confirm that the Sochi Deal Means Surrender!


Syria/Idlib: Down with the Sochi Surrender Deal!


Syria: Mass Rallies in Idlib against the Regime and Russia (with Pictures, Videos and a Map)


Report (with Pictures and Videos): Rally in Solidarity with the Syrian People in Idlib


[VIDEO] Solidarity with the Syrian People in Idlib!


[VIDEO] Defend Idlib against the Assad Tyranny!


[VIDEO] Speech in Support of the Syrian People in Idlib on 08 September 2018


Erdoğan Offers “My Dear Friend” Putin to Disarm the Syrian Revolution


High-Ranking U.S. Delegation Meets Assad’s Security Chief


U.S. Imperialism Wants to “Re-Engage” with the Assad Tyranny


63,000 Russian Troops back up the Reactionary Assad Regime in Syria


Syria: Towards the Final Battle in Idlib


[VIDEO] No to US Listing of Syria's HTS as "Terrorist Organization"!


Denounce the US terror listing of Syria’s Hayyat Tahrir al-Sham!


PAMPHLET: Syria and Great Power Rivalry: The Failure of the „Left“


On Trump’s attack on Syria


Syria attack, Salisbury: Down with Imperialist Warmongering of All Great Powers!


Syria: Another Chemical Attack Massacre by the Assad Regime!


Matrix: The Just Liberation Wars and the Reactionary Wars of Powers in Syria


Syria/Idlib: The Attack of the Astana Conspirators could be repelled thus far


Syria: Turkey's hidden war against HTS in Idlib


Hundreds Demonstrate in Vienna in Solidarity with East Ghouta


Syria: Assad’s Massacre in East Ghouta and the Western Hypercritics


Syria: Assad opens once again a Corridor for ISIS/Daesh


Syrian Liberation Fighters Shot Down Russian Warplane – A Small Victory


[VIDEO] Speech in Protest against the UN-sponsered Syria Conference in Vienna


Syria: No to Turkey’s Attack on Afrin! Defend the Syrian Revolution against Annihilation!


[VIDEO] No to the Imperialist-Sponsored Conferences on Syria!


The Imperialist-Sponsored Conferences on Syria are Charades! Report (with Pictures and Video) of a Protest Rally


Syria: Counterrevolutionary ISIS/Daesh attacks again the Liberation Forces with the Help of Assad’s Army


[VIDEO] Report of Meeting on the Syrian Revolution with Speech of Michael Pröbsting (03.11.2017)


Syria: The Russian-Sponsored Conference in Sochi – Another Charade!


Syria: What Putin Has to Say about the Astana Deal and Role of the U.S.


The Revelations of a U.S. General on Washington’s Allies in Syria


Syria: Assad's Army and ISIS Act Hand in Hand against the Liberation Forces


Russia’s Air Force supports Daesh against Syrian Liberation Fighters


Syria: A Very Instructive Episode - ISIS collaborates with Assad against the Revolution


Syria: The Turkish-Russian Invasion against Idlib has begun!


Syrian Revolution: The Moment of Truth is Approaching!


Syria: Defend Idlib against the Great Powers!


Syria: The Astana-Deal Struggle Intensifies - Some Notes on Recent Developments in the Syrian Civil War and the Dangers for the Liberation Struggle


We Condemn the Astana Deal as an Attack on the Syrian Revolution!


Syria: Condemn the Reactionary Astana Deal!


Down with the Assad Tyranny! Victory to the Syrian Revolution! For a Workers and Peasants Republic! Draft Platform of Syrian Revolutionaries in Political Solidarity with the RCIT


Syria: Was the Chemical Attack a “False Flag” Operation?


Syria: No to Trump's Missiles Strike! Drive all Great Powers out of Syria! Victory to the Syrian Revolution!


PAMPHLET: Is the Syrian Revolution at its End? Is Third Camp Abstentionism Justified?


Out on the Streets to Protest against the Chemical Weapons Massacre by the Assad Regime!


Raqqa: Defeat the US Imperialist Offensive! An assessment of the US/SDF/YPG war against Daesh


Defeat the Imperialist Invasion in Syria – Victory to the Revolution!


The Revolutionary Struggle against Daesh and the Imperialist Aggression in the Middle East


The Syrian Revolution and the Assassination of the Russian Ambassador to Turkey


The Looming Kerry-Lavrov Agreement – A Great Power Conspiracy against the Syrian Revolution


Joint Statement: Solidarity with Aleppo! Hands off Syria!


Rally in Solidarity with Aleppo


Syria: For an Independent Revolutionary Road!


Syria Solidarity Campaign on the US Friendly Fire incident


The Revolution in Syria won a Tactical Victory! Down with Assad the Butcher!


Austria: Rally in Solidarity with the Syrian Revolution


Defend the Syrian Revolution – Defeat Assad – Drive the Russians, NATO, and All Other Foreign Aggressors Out of Syria!


Why Revolutionary Marxists Oppose Daesh/ISIL


The Imperialist Counterrevolution Threatens the Syrian Revolution! 


Great Powers Aim to Liquidate the Syrian Revolution!


Defend the Syrian Revolution against Russian Imperialism! 


Israel, Syria and the International Refugees Crisis 


Down with the Dictatorships in Egypt and Syria!


The Druze in Syria and the Perspectives of the Revolution


Down With the New Imperialist Attack on Iraq and Syria!


Syria, Israel and Palestinians: Free Abdel Qader Altlitha!


The Myth of Assad’s Syria as an Anti-Imperialist Regime


Syria: The Butcher in his own Words


Syria: Down with the Imperialist Geneva Accord!


Austria: Report from Rally against NATO Attack on Syria


Síria: Contra Assad e Contra o Imperialismo - Vitória da Revolução!


RKOB-Flugblatt: Syrien: Gegen Assad und gegen den Imperialismus – Für den Sieg der Revolution!


Syria: Against Assad and Against Imperialism – Victory to the Revolution!


Class struggle and religious sectarianism in Syria


Syria: After the defeat in Qusayr and ahead of the Battle for Aleppo


ISL-Leaflet: Victory to the Revolution in Syria!


Syria: Urgent Appeal to Free Ali Shihabi


Israel: Hands Off Lebanon and Syria!


Victory to the Revolution in Syria! The second anniversary of the uprising in Syria


Austria: Report from a Demonstration in Solidarity with the Syrian Revolution on 15.3.2013


No military intervention of Turkey/NATO in Syria!