The Present Realities in Venezuela

By Corriente Comunista Revolucionaria (RCIT Venezuela), January 25th 2017,








1. Capitalism entered a new historical cycle of crisis, characterized by the dramatic decline in productive forces and increasing contradictions inherent to the system. The class antagonism between capital and labor continues to deepen, making economic, political and social explosions inevitable.


2. Actually the world is dominated by big monopolist powers that oppress and exploit to working class. Latin America is a region of semi-colonial countries which are super-exploited by these big monopolist powers that, as a result of this spoliation, have subjected popular masses to hardest poverty levels and have led these countries in region to severe debt crisis, devaluations, bankruptcy and inflation.


3. For that reason, the impact of inner-imperialist contradictions (mainly between US, EU, Japan, Russia and China) becomes more evident and severe the crisis of capitalist system. Consequently, increases the capacity of super-exploitation and oppression that imperialist monopolies have in semi-colonial countries. It is not possible to completely solve these fundamental problems if the working class doesn’t destroy capitalist system.




Venezuelan capitalism




4. Venezuela is a semi-colonial capitalist country that is immersed in a structural crisis which is a consequence of its inability to overcome the rentier character of its economic model marked by dependency on a single raw material industry and imports in all other sectors. The current cycle of Venezuelan crisis is marked by two general elements:


* A non-diversified economy dependent on oil revenues and,


* The monopoly by bourgeoisie on main means of production.


5. Remaining within capitalism’s limits, Venezuela depends entirely on the price movement in the world oil market and the policies dictated by OPEC. Strategic economic sectors were abandoned such as agriculture and industry or reduced in their importance by replacing production with imports.


6. The bourgeoisie in Venezuela strongly linked to US imperialism and its dictates has the monopoly over means of production. This gives them the power to manage the market at their whim, reduce supply of products and generate shortage with consequent increase in prices. These methods are traditionally used by the parasitic bourgeoisies in states where they cannot have direct political domination.


7. The Venezuelan bourgeois appropriated all surplus value which is steals from the working class and does not reinvest it to strengthen its own productive apparatus, resulting in important consequences for the general capacity of production. The Maduro government could not reform the economy as it failed to establish control over the economy and to prevent the bourgeoisie from strangling it. This is the result of the governments’ terrible illusion that such reforms could be sustainable, something which is impossible as long as the capitalist class controls the means of production. For that reason, it has created the “National Council of Productive Economics” with the intention to negotiate and try to reach agreement with the bourgeoisie. This has, by the way, not worked either.


8. All these factors have created an awful situation in which the working class is directly attacked and has to pay the consequences: shortages and endless lines to find food, rampant speculation, precarious and insufficient wages due to inflation (which exceeded 475% in 2016 and forced Maduro’s government to make changes in the monetary system). Today, more than ever, Venezuelan working class is faced with the alternative "socialism or barbarism".




PSUV and MUD: Contradictions and power




9. MUD and PSUV have exacerbated their contradictions and entered a new stage in the struggle for power. On the one hand, PSUV tries by all possible means to maintain dominion over the state which internally has deep contradictions through a "leftist" government that uses "socialist" rhetoric while applying reforms that do not directly attack structural problems affecting the masses, trapped within capitalism limits. On the other hand, MUD takes advantage of the control that the bourgeoisie associated with the right-wing parties has over the means of production to induce higher levels of crisis. MUD has succeeded in materializing this advantage in electoral victories despite its internal disagreements over the distribution of power and influence and constantly prepares reactionary attacks aimed at overthrowing Maduro's government.


10. Recent history has shown that "progressive" or "leftist" governments like the one in Venezuela have failed to break with capitalism, making themselves unable to prevent their countries from becoming victims of deep recessions. In fact, all these governments have a populist or popular front character and have yielded economic power to the capitalist class or have allowed the latter to conserve it. By this they are condemning the working class and oppressed to continue suffering in the bourgeois system. However, a right-wing government would represent a serious setback for working class. Their programs of adjustments, privatizations and austerity are designed to annihilate all social and democratic conquests achieved by popular masses in struggle (just like Macri did recently in Argentina and Temer in Brazil). The central task for Venezuelan working class consist of need to find full political independence to overcome dramatic leadership crisis and neutralize reactionary offensives of ruling classes.




Class independence and revolutionary party




11. The crucial task for the working class in this period of reaction and exacerbation in class struggle is to establish its political independence. The workers' vanguard and all true revolutionaries must break with reformist, populist or centrist organizations and tendencies. These deviations block the advance of socialist cause.


12. The Revolutionary Communist International Tendency calls for Venezuelan working class to form an independent revolutionary combat party with a clear program based on concrete perspectives for abolition of capitalist exploitation relations and liberation of exploited and oppressed, that determines the way until final conquest of power.




No future without socialism!


No socialism without a revolution!


No revolution without a revolutionary party!




Corriente Comunista Revolucionaria (RCIT Venezuela)